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Was she this happy just from getting a supporting role

She was so easily satisfied!

Looking at her beautiful and brilliant smile, he could not help but feel an urge in his heart.

She was so beautiful when she smiled.

Just for her smile, he had this thought to bring her the worlds most beautiful pearls.

“Are you really this happy”

The man chuckled, unable to restrain himself from rubbing her hair.


“Is it a female lead role”

“The female lead was internally decided; I am playing the supporting character,” replied the woman.

“Are you so happy with getting a supporting role”

Mu Yazhe was rendered speechless.

“Whats wrong with being a supporting character Qin Xianhui is a role that will really test ones acting abilities! Even though her character is a little evil and hateful, whoever is despised must have a cause to be pitiful!”

Looking at her satisfaction, the man was a little wistful.

Could she be so easily satisfied

He was planning to invest in the production of a major motion picture to open the international route for her.

If she were to know about this, would she be elated out of her wits

Yun Shishi, of course, had no idea of what he was going on in his mind as she prattled, “This is my first time acting in a drama with an ancient setting! Oh, dear; Im so excited! I wonder If Ill look beautiful in a traditional costume…”

“You are shamelessly showing off your looks,” said the man uncontrollably.

However, seeing her look so joyous and delighted, he could not help but laugh.

He loved it when she was carefree, not scheming, and just eager to chase her dreams.

He loved it very much!

The woman suddenly thought of something and raised her head to ask, “‘The Green Apple has just been completed and is now entering the post-production stages.

When the movie is released, lets go watch it together, okay”

“No.” He pouted coldly.


She was stunned.

“Thats my first ever movie; how can you not attend it”

The man squinted his eyes, his tone sounding a little dangerous.

“You cant be asking your man to a movie theater to watch you kiss another man, can you”

She became unexpectedly silent.

She explained eventually, “Thats just acting.

Why are you treating it like its real”

“I wont allow it even if its acting.

Next time, you are banned from all kissing scenes and bed scenes!” he said in a low voice.

Her expression turned bitter.

When she looked up to examine his expression, she almost tasted the thick sourness in his words.

She acted as if something serious happened when she moved close to his lips and sniffed at them.

The man glimpsed at her.


“So sour!” she muttered, suppressing her laughter thereafter.

“Is somebody… jealous”

He pinched her cheek.

“Youre not allowed to laugh!”

“Ill laugh because I want to do so! He he… Somebody is jelly! Somebody is so, so sour!”

The man was getting a little angry.

He gripped her waist and cornered her at the side of the bridge between him and railings.

She leaned against the railings with the cold icy water behind her.

It was late at night and the evening breeze had picked up.

The cold breeze from the river had gradually begun to rise.

“Stop laughing!” spat Mu Yazhe.

The woman stopped laughing instantly.

He was pleased.

Rubbing her nose, he gave her a small, unexpected peck on the lips.

“Shishi, Ill back you up to be a superstar; do you want that”

She pouted.



Did she just reject him

One must know that many people could only wish but never get a chance to be supported by him, yet she rejected him!

This stupid woman!

“Why not”

“Because I want to rely on my hard work to become a superstar and not depend on unspoken rules!”

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