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“Why Are you silly You can get this role for nothing, but you dont want it”


I wanna play the supporting lead! I studied the script carefully; the role for that sad character, Qin Xueyao, is quite interesting.

Itll greatly hone my acting skills.”

The manager rolled his eyes.

She smiled and frankly admitted, “I like challenging roles.”

He did not know whether to laugh or cry at his artistes answer.

“Theres a good character for you to play, yet you dont want it and like the challenging role of a villain, instead Do you know that its a typical vicious supporting character Its a very unappealing character; are you sure that you want to play that”

“Its rare to get a challenging character.

Please let me act it!” She blinked her eyes at him.

He had no idea what to do with her.


Ill settle this with Director Gu in the afternoon.

Dont regret it once its finalized!”

Hence, this matter was settled just like that.

Li Dongliang was discharged from the hospital on this day.

He had been living in trepidation for the past few days at the hospital, constantly plagued with worry about what awaited him after having offended Master Mu!

Although he had some influences behind him, those connections were all built on interests.

No one would offend Disheng Financial Group for his sake.

Just like he feared, upon his discharge, he received an invitation, which made him shudder.

Apparently, Mu Yazhe had arranged a banquet at Yongye private clubhouse to make amends with him.

Make amends!

Did he get it wrong

He nearly fooled with the mans woman, but he wanted to make amends with him, instead!

Surely, this was a mistake.

However, the mans personnel told him that he should show some concern with his present state.

Even though he found it to be queer, he did not dare not to show up.

How would he dare to refute the mans face

Hence, he rushed to the private clubhouse without a moments delay.

As soon as he arrived, he realized that every attendee of the dinner party that day was here.

Among them, a few were famous producers and investors; even Sun Hua was present.

He sensed that this was no ordinary banquet when he glanced at his surroundings.

Its an ambush!

Feeling suspicious, he turned to leave.

Alas, as soon as he lifted his leg, he bumped right into the man who had just entered the room.

The moment the mans tall figure showed up, the large living room suddenly became a lot narrower.

The man was tall and slender.

Standing by beside Li Dongliang, their height difference only became apparent.

He was dressed in a dark-red shirt today, which made his handsome face even more alluring.

Even though the termalluring did not seem appropriate when used on a man, it was exceptionally apt when used on him.

The average person would appear very tacky in clothes of such colors; however, it was very classy on him and made his dashing features stand out above the rest.

Li Dongliang dazedly looked at the man; this was his first time meeting such a noble figure like him.

He inexplicably felt guilty as he recalled what had happened several days ago.

A strange smile appeared on Mu Yazhes cold face at the sight of him and he raised his handsome brow slightly.

“What Are you leaving already”

“Master Mu… youre here! I-I was wondering if I should welcome you at the entrance!” He passed it off like this as he broke out in a cold sweat.

The man only gave a cold laughter in reply.

“Ha ha! Theres no need to do so.

Youre injured so take a seat first!”

Min Yu, who was standing behind the man, could not help chuckling quietly.

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