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Even her father, who had braved many storms in the business world, was scared witless and deemed his gaze as simply sinister and cold.

The elderly man hurriedly pulled her behind him and tactfully pleaded, “Master Mu, he he… My daughter is indeed at fault, but you… Could you be magnanimous and let her off this one time Shes still a kid and a greenhorn; naturally, shes insensible.

If in any way, she has offended you and Yun—oh, no—offended Miss Yun, I give you my humble apologies, but… please dont take my daughter seriously! I am already getting on in years and only have this precious daughter…”

Raising his brow, Mu Yazhe turned to stare at him and ordered, “Shut up!”

With an ashen face, the old man quieted immediately.

The man laughingly questioned, “Do you think that only your daughter is the most precious!”

How about his woman

Did she deserve it if something were to happen to her

Lost for words, the elderly man only heard the latters order.

“Get lost.”

“No, Master Mu… Im begging you.

Im pleading on behalf of more than three hundred thousand Kong Groups staff; please let us off!”

The man suddenly revealed a cruel and blood-thirsty smile as he casually remarked, “Ill naturally spare the Kong Group, but the same may not apply to you two.”

Pushing away her father, Kong Xiaoqian shielded him and mustered up her courage to raise her head and meet the mans cold eyes.

“Im to be blamed for this matter, and its all on me; it has nothing to do with my father at all! I also know that its my fault for failing to recognize Yun Shishi and offending someone whom I cant afford to offend; I brought this upon myself! Thats why, if Master Mu is unhappy, I request that you deal with me alone! Dont target my father and the Kong Groups business! I… admit my crime!”

Although her words seemed awe-inspiring, she sounded reluctant.

“Xiaoqian…” The fathers heart was filled with grievances as he reached out to pull her back.

She stubbornly insisted, though.

“Dad, dont mind me! I deserve it! I cant implicate the Kong Group!”

She then turned around and firmly stated, “Master Mu, Ill accept whatever punishment you wish to deal with me, but please spare the Kong Group!”

“How filial.” He lightly laughed as his hand abruptly reached out for her throat.

Like a callous and merciless Danava 1 , his emotionless voice sounded blood-thirsty.

“What if I want you dead”

She did not expect him to be so ruthless.

Surprise colored her face for a moment before it soon flushed red from suffocation as her brows knitted tightly from her uneven breathing.

The old man gasped in shock at the sight and immediately rushed forward to pry his hand away.

He was getting on in years.

Besides, having undergone professional training, Mu Yazhes physique was not something ordinary people could compare.

His hand remained firm despite this old man prying at it so profusely for a long time.

Seeing his daughters face turning increasingly green, he was horrified to realize that the man had the intention to kill her!

Given the mans status and means, there was no doubt that he could cover up the murder of his daughter even if Kong Qixian exhausted his entire assets to pursue justice!

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