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She suppressed the nausea inside her and picked up the bath sponge to rub her body hard.

She scrubbed fiercely and hardly like never before.

Her skin was extremely sensitive where a slight pinch could easily leave a red imprint.

With her rubbing so rigorously now, it was as if she were trying to scrape a layer of her skin.

Soon, bright, ruddy streaks, which looked terrifying when seen from afar, started appearing on her body.

Chaos ran amok inside her head.

‘Ha ha ha! Thats good! Since you claim to be Mu Yazhes f*cking woman, Ill take you as his woman! This comes at the right time, too! I wanna see what kind of experience I can receive from his woman!

‘You are just a plaything to him! Do you really think he loves you Why would a man with a lofty status fall for a woman like you Do you think that the Mu family will welcome you with open arms Even if I kill you, he wont bat an eyelid!

‘D*mn it! You ungrateful thing, why cant you give me what you can give other men Are you looking down on me!

Her breathing became rapid; she shut her eyes tightly, only to see his hideous face floating before her!

‘You are only an actress—an actress doesnt have dignity!



Really, really dirty…

She looked at the kiss marks, pinch marks, and colored bruises covering her body.

As her eyes took in all the unsightly wounds on her, the nightmarish scenes flashed across her mind once more!

‘Come and be my lover! I can give you whatever you want – money, status, and even power! I can give you whatever you want!

‘I want you; I want you…

She bit hard on her teeth as if she wanted to smash them with her bite!

The nightmare inside her head continued to swell.

Finally, reaching a meltdown, she desperately covered her ears and screamed wildly, “Ahh! Shut up! Shut up, shut up, shut up! Speak no more! I dont want! I dont want!

The man was standing in front of the window when he faintly heard a scream coming from the bathroom.

His heart jumped and he dashed straight toward the sound.

The scene he saw shot daggers at his eyes and caused his heart to twitch in pain!

She was sitting inside the bathtub with her body covered in puffy red marks like blood vessels running all over her.

Blotches of petechiae had appeared on those spots she had trampled over and looked simply terrifying!

She was desperately covering her ears as her face scowled in agony.

When she opened her eyes again, she started scrubbing her skin anew with even greater force!

The water traces on her had dried by then, so when she started to scrub it, new rows of puffy red marks began to show!

He rushed forward, reached over, and held her wrist aloft, preventing her from continuing.

“What are you doing! Have you gone crazy”

“I want to scrub clean! I want to remove all those dirty things on me, but… but I just dont find myself clean enough somehow! Its dirty… wuu wuu wuu… so dirty!” She broke down in tears, which flowed ceaselessly from her eyes.

Her words stabbed his heart brutally like a knife.

He scolded her angrily, “Are you taking a bath or torturing yourself now Stop scrubbing!”

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