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The belt left a harsh bloody streak on her arm.

She stumbled a few steps backward and carelessly knocked over a chair, which caused her to fall to the ground.

Her spine and her nape painfully collided with the cold and hard marble floor.

She felt her vision spin.

She was in so much pain that even her senses slightly dulled!

“D*mn it! B*tch, I gave you an inch, yet you really took a mile, huh!”

This middle-aged man continued running off his uncouth mouth as he walked closer to her step by step.

He impatiently moved to strip off his remaining clothes as a vulgar smile crept into his face.

He took off his suit pants and pounced on her like a starving wolf!

She screamed and frantically rolled on the ground to get away.

She tried to get up from the floor but was dragged backward by her hair.

Her scalp was in immense pain from his vicious pull; it was as if he were intending to rip it off.

Clearly, he was not even the least bit merciful!

She groaned; her eyes were wet from sudden tears!

The man gripped her shoulders and subdued her at once.

With a snicker, he patted her cheek using his rough palm and began voicing out his utmost dissatisfaction with her!

“Woman, let me tell you.

Youre definitely going to be mine today! Dont forsake my kindness! Did you think that you could mingle as you like in this industry and be successful with just a pretty face Ha ha! Dont be so naïve! How could you think that things would go your way the moment you entered this industry”

She fought back intensely, resisting until the end!

“Let go of me!”

“Let you go! Ha ha! Dream on!”

He stared at her exquisite face, his brows easing in contentment!

It was no wonder many people were drawn to her as if caught in a wild goose chase!

She was indeed a great seedling!

He had spent so much effort just getting her!

Yun Shishis hands pushed against his chest as she glowered at him steadily.

Her long and narrow eyes filled with tears, yet she still had an air of seduction!

His interest in her increased, and upon meeting her gaze filled with hostility, he squinted his eyes and laughed.

“What Are you still not resigned to this Do you think that youre suffering a loss by being with me”

His one hand then reached for her collar while his other hand grabbed her clothes to rip them apart.

She was aghast.

Gripping his hand in a vice-like grip, she stopped him from having his way!

Amid their struggle, her fingernails scratched the back of his palm!

Li Dongliang quivered in pain.

Furious, he slapped her ruthlessly!

The strength of his slap was brutal.

As her face was hit to the side, her lip got cut by her teeth and bled.

A trail of blood began seeping between her teeth and lips.

She was ashamed, angered, pained, and afraid.

She tried to hold back her tears, unwilling to let a drop fall!

Enraged, his expression turned ugly.

As his irk grew in intensity, he clutched her throat.

He leaned close to her with his cold face and harshly bit her cheek.

He yelled angrily right beside her ear, “D*mn it! You ungrateful thing, why cant you give me what you can give other men Are you looking down on me!”

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