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The woman stared at him in astonishment but knew deep down that he had lost her appeal to him!

With bowed head, she bit her lower lip and felt somewhat indignant and bizarre.

She could not fathom what had gone wrong when they were getting along well moments ago.

At the same time, she was infuriated with the woman who had just barged into the room.

The atmosphere was just right, and they were about to get on with it, but this woman just had to spoil her plans.

She inevitably felt somewhat depressed about it!

With flushed face, she tugged at his sleeve helplessly and mumbled, “Director Li, whats wrong with you”

Without sparing her a glance, the man yelled, “Get out!”

“Then, my role—”

“Get out!”

Despite her indignation, the helpless woman got up and left the private room.

Yun Shishi sat in her seat with some reservations.

From time to time, she would sneak glances at Li Dongliang, who was sitting on the host seat.

The man had started sizing her up with an odd look not long after she had entered the room.

His greatly disturbing scrutiny made her feel as if he wanted to devour her clean!

She cast Li Quan a pleading but was met with a composed look and a slightly awkward smile.

During the banquet, the topic revolved first around the interests and cooperation between the two companies.

Each of those seated presented themselves cordially while belying hypocritical intentions.

One statement tended to have three meanings and was laid with traps waiting for victims to fall in.

It was rare for her to attend such an occasion, yet how many real faces were there at the table Each of them seemed to have ulterior motives of their own.

Their phony smiles gradually turned lewd after half a round of drinking, and they started talking about stuff that the artiste had never heard of before; some of which were about how much it cost to bed a certain female celebrity or that socialite who had become a mistress.

Li Dongliangs mouth was even more uncouth with his bold comment.

“Dont just look at those celebrities glamorous side on screen; you dont know which rich man they are pleasuring when it gets dark! He he! Their glamorous side is just for show! The truth is theyre all indecent! Do you all know that Hong Kong songstress Do you know why Yang Shoucheng is supporting her”

The crowd was all ears for the gossip.

The man snorted.

“First, their birthdates match, so it brings luck; second, he once brought three women to a dinner party, pointed to a plate of spring rolls on the table, and said that hell support whoever can break a spring roll with their bottom part! He he! She became popular afterward, and we secretly nicknamed herLittle Spring Roll!”

The crowd was flabbergasted at this.

What a crude interest!

Yun Shishi, however, was baffled and could not fathom what he meant bybreak a spring roll with their bottom part.

Suddenly, she felt extremely uncomfortable at their snickering when she surveyed them.

“Its indeed a crude interest; it sounds quite interesting, though!” Another producer laughed.

“Talking about crude interests, who can compete with He Lingxiang”

“Why do you say that”

“Never mind the promiscuous deeds of those, do you all know Miss Hong Kong, Lin Haiyu It wasnt easy for her to hook up with a rich young man from the mainland, but she should know the rules of the rich! To marry into a wealthy family, the first and foremost condition is a compatible social standing; if not, at least a clean background, but that woman, in order to climb up the social ladder, has served countless rich men already!”

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