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On another end, Lu Jingtians earth-shattering news on Weibo surprised Yun Shishi a little.

She did not feel much when she read those articles roasting the actress.

In fact, she was somewhat unaffected by her downfall.

It was just another piece of news to her; it was over after she read it.

Today, she received a call from Mu Xi whose words could not hide her excitement.

There seemed to be a turning point for the cast selection ofLethal Beauty.

Those investors seemed to be keen on her after they saw her photo and requested that they meet up over a meal to discuss the contract.

Her assistant eagerly said, “Shishi, according to my insider news, Director Gu thinks highly of you and believes that you can pull off the role, so he strongly recommended you to the investors! They, too, think that your image fits the character well after seeing your photo, so they are inviting you for a meal.”


“‘Lethal Beauty has two investors; one is Chengguang and another is Global Pictures; the latter is a well-known production company.

Shishi, would you like to give it a try You may get the role!”

Gu Xiaoyang was apparently very satisfied with her performance in the audition despite kicking her out of the list.

Thus, he strongly recommended her to Sun Hua, the person in charge of Global Pictures.

After watching her audition footage, this person was very satisfied with her performance as well.

Her acting was impactful and her expressions had tension.

Furthermore, the producer sang her praises and acknowledged that her acting skills were much stronger than Lin Zhis.

She had good aptitude and was very photogenic.

Hence, he consulted the situation to the higher levels.

Initially, Global Pictures higher-ups gave an ambiguous answer, saying that they would discuss it further before making a decision.

The producer really liked her, though, and hoped that he could use her.

He, therefore, brought up to themThe Green Apple, the much-anticipated box-office movie of the year.

Her potential was immeasurable despite being a newbie, and with Gu Xingze and Lin Fengtians support, she would inevitably shoot to fame overnight once the movie was released.

By then, her popularity would exceed Lin Zhi, so if they used her,Lethal Beauty would be pushed to the spotlight as well.

Sure enough, the person in charge was very tempted when he heard this.

Indeed, although Lin Zhi was a popular first-tier actress now, it was too difficult to hype her up compared to the newbie actress.

Her reputation and popularity were good since her debut, but her scandals remained perfunctory.

On the other hand, the newbies popularity had been on the rise since her debut.

Her name would also always appear in the trending search list whenever the production crew ofThe Green Apple released the behind-the-scenes photos.

Hence, Global Pictures higher-ups made arrangements to meet the artiste for a discussion of the role selection.

Sun Hua then informed Qin Zhou about this, but the latter rejected it after a moments hesitation.

This person sought Mu Xi in turn.

The assistant was ecstatic when she received this news.

Yun Shishi, however, was a little hesitant.

Dinner party…

The unsightly scene of a young model, in order to gain resources, offered her body to the investors and producer during a dinner party was still fresh in her mind.

As a result, she opposed such an invitation right away.

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