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Chapter 1575: Imperial Seal

Hadal Bonefire wasnt a Blood Sovereign creation, it was something hed obtained from the Hadal Hell.

The Hadal Hell was formed out of nine Hongmengs thatd grown to the level of the fourth realm. One who possessed the Hadal Bonefire was the master of a Hongmeng world—at least a Nihil World Sovereign.

After the blood demon severed his past and started anew, the Hadal Bonefire naturally became his personal treasure; it was one of the strongest flames in the Hongmeng. The blood demon had further created a powerful replica after finding the Hadal Bone Method within the flame. When the replica appeared, it easily blocked the Fog Sovereigns attack.

“I am alive, Fog Sovereign, and you are dead. That makes you less than me!” howled the Blood Sovereign as he scattered into bloody light.

He didnt waste time conversing with the Fog Sovereign since the man was dead. It wasnt the real sovereign in front of them, just the dead spirit of his great dao. To guard the tomb of the original emperor was his only motivation and duty.

The Blood Sovereign was weaker than the Fog Sovereign, but the former was unfettered and sentient. That was something that the Fog Sovereign could never measure up to.

“Bastard!!” raged the giant face.

Lu Yuns black lightning bombarded the sovereigns core essence and sought to shatter his great dao, but the Fog Sovereigns great dao was a ball of undefined fog to begin with. Lu Yun could kill the zombies skulking inside it, but he was hard pressed to harm the sovereign himself.

It wasnt that the black lightning wasnt strong enough, but that Lu Yun was so much weaker than the sovereign.

Once the last bolt of lightning smote the fog, Lu Yun brought out the Glacial Fire Hammers again and activated the sequence of time. Purple chains interlaced with each other and churned toward the Fog Sovereigns face.

Thirty-six golden warriors appeared at the same time, infusing Lu Yun with their strength.


The door to the sequence of time creaked open another inch, permitting more purple chains to stretch out from the mysterious world. Lu Yun could see clearly this time that thirty-six thousand purple chains rushed out of the world of time.

“I think a thousand chains came out to shatter the face in the world of treasures, so this means Im thirty-six times stronger than before.” Lu Yun suddenly understood that the combined effect of all the golden warriors was to temporarily strengthen him thirty-six times greater than his usual level of power.

The Fog Sovereign roared with indignity. Chains encircled his massive face and were dragging him into the world of time. Alarm bells rang in his mind and he shook violently, summoning billows of gray fog from all directions and condensing them into a hulking body beneath his face.

Four heads, eight arms, and thirty thousand meters tall!

This was the Fog Sovereigns true form.

His eight arms opened wide and dug into the void.


The void remained whole; the chains wrapped around his head began to tear.

“What!” Yun Zhongzi and the Blood Sovereign were flabbergasted. As powerhouses of the original Hongmeng, theyd all set foot into sequence and knew what the purple chains represented.

But the Fog Sovereign could break free of them! This wasnt the strength of a Nihil World Sovereign anymore!

In fact, the Blood Sovereign was frightened out of his wits. Once the chains of order caught their target, only absolute strength or an even stronger order could break them.

The implications were too horrific.

“Hes… recovered his strength” The Blood Sovereign suddenly looked at Yun Zhongzi. “What have you been doing here that hes recovered his strength”

“I… I dont know why either.” Yun Zhongzi was just as lost.

He knew full well how strong the Fog Sovereign had been in the original Hongmeng—this had been one of the strongest powerhouses by the emperors side. Yun Zhongzi wouldnt be afraid of him if he was in peak condition, but as of now, he was only a Nihil World Sovereign.

The Fog Sovereign didnt continue attacking after he struggled free; he merely looked frostily at Lu Yun and the other two.

Lu Yun wasnt faring as well as his opponent—his golden armored warriors shattered to pieces and he reeled with grave injuries. He was as pale as a sheet and the doors slammed shut on the world of order.

He stared fixedly at something behind the Fog Sovereign. Two other figures were slowly coming into view—also men with four heads, eight arms, and thirty thousand meters tall. The Corpse Sovereign and Shadow Sovereign!

They remained quietly on the spot, neither attacking nor moving.

“Blood Sovereign, are you sure that you wish to betray His Imperial Majesty” the Fog Sovereign asked coldly.

"His Imperial Majesty has fallen and I am merely carrying out his last wishes!” the Blood Sovereign bit off his words. He brimmed with scarlet light, likewise revealing a body with four heads and eight arms. However, he didnt seem to compare to the other three.

Theyd somehow returned to their prime in the original Hongmeng, whereas the Blood Sovereign was just a Nihil World Sovereign whod cultivated the orders of the fourth realm anew.

“Let him go if he wishes to go,” came another voice. A slender figure gradually resolved itself in the gray fog released by the Fog Sovereign.

When Lu Yun saw the figure, his heart skipped a beat and he inwardly cursed to himself.

Longshan Yin!

Hed obtained the legacy of the tomb!

If hed only received the inheritance of the Hallowed Emperor and attained the potential of a Nihil World Sovereign, that would place him on equal footing with Lu Yun. They would be peers and could still be friends.

But since hed received the legacy of the original emperor—the only emperor of the original Hongmeng, his family was worthy of being called the Di Clan by itself! No longer just an offshoot, he denoted the main clan.

Longshan Yins mentality had likely undergone certain changes as a result of this and he now loftily regarded Lu Yun from above.

“We meet again, World Sovereign.” Longshan Yin appeared as he had before, yet he regarded Lu Yun with a markedly different attitude. Condescension hadnt crept into his gaze, but none of his previous humility could be found either.

Most importantly was that a seal of pure gold hovered over his head. Nine coiled dragons were etched on it, so vivid it was as if they were alive. One character was emblazoned into the void beneath it—di for emperor!

This character was cursed in the Hongmeng. There were those who called themselves king, potentate, sovereign, saint, and others, but no one dared call themselves emperor!

The great emperors of the first realm were colossal jokes—bloody corpses strewn over their worlds dao. The source of all this was this emperor—the great emperor of the original Hongmeng!

Someone had cursed him and all of his descendants.

“Greetings to the young emperor!” The Fog Sovereign and other two respectfully withdrew their forms when Longshan Yin appeared and took a knee on the ground as humans.

They were alive again.

In the past thirty-three cycles, Lu Yun had used the seal over Longshan Yins head to resurrect the powerhouses of the great wilderness. The latter now used the same treasure to revive the Fog Sovereign, Corpse Sovereign, and Shadow Sovereign.

“Longshan Yin.” Lu Yun frowned at the man.

“No, I am not Longshan Yin.” He shook his head. “From now on, I am Di Yin, the only heir of the original emperor!

“World Sovereign, you will take your men and leave Imperial Clime. The descendants of the original emperor will not be the pawns of another.”

etvolare's Thoughts

Okay, although we knew this was coming, I'm still sad it's come to thus. I'd thought maybe, mayyyybe Longshan Yin would still be on friendly terms with Lu Yun...-

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