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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1162: Ten Years

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Ten years was the final chance of survival that Lu Yun could create for the denizens of the world of immortals. The planet itself wouldnt be destroyed as the yin spirits only wanted to kill what was alive in it.

Under the full power of the Timelight Tower, time in the outer realms flowed faster. Ten years in the cosmos meant fifteen years in the space around the world of immortals.

Although it was only five additional years, those five years were exceptionally valuable.

It wasnt hard to speed up time in one area, but the outer realms were too large. They included an inner cosmos, which was the night sky visible from the world of immortals. The Timelight Tower had to act in conjunction with Mount Vastspace to cover all of the outer realms.

Lengthening ten years to fifteen was the most that Jing Huaci and the Yin Prince could do at the moment.

Time was still a taboo as there was no concept or power of time within the chaos and Hongmeng. It only existed within the worlds, and not because the worlds were more primitive, but because they were stronger than the chaos and Hongmeng.

In the eyes of the fourth realm, the chaos and Hongmeng were just cages. They werent actual realms, but the worlds—weakest of them all— was a true realm. The cause for that was due to the existence of time.

Time and space were the two great taboos that supported the worlds.


In these precious ten years, the world of immortals released all of its potential and improved at a furious pace. All sorts of resources were unsustainably excavated and exploited. Many precious spirit roots, even of solitary specimens, were completely dug up and none left for regrowth.

None of that was important. It was imperative that the immortals grew stronger so they could contend against the dead spirits in the cosmos.

Hellfire still blazed in the cosmos. Any yin spirits that darted out of the crack, no matter their cultivation realm, were reduced to ashes the moment they ventured out.

Lu Yun sat motionlessly within space during these ten years, as if hed died by the World Gates. In reality, he was operating formula dao with all of his strength and deriving all possible futures.

However, the future of the world of immortals remained a hazy fog no matter what he tried. He couldnt see anything—a situation thatd only ever occurred when he tried deriving the great war a hundred thousand years ago.

“Seriously, what is with that great war! Why cant I determine anything about it even now” Lu Yuns brows knit together.

Not only he, but Tianqi—someone whod personally experienced that war—couldnt remember whatd taken place. He didnt even know whod forested the world of immortals with all those tombs.

Most of the ancient tombs in the world had been excavated, but there was still a sizable thirty percent that remained untouched. Danger and opportunities too great were nurtured inside.

Lu Yun repeatedly tried to calculate the future, but he ran into the same inconclusive result again and again. This was certainly the hand at work of an existence too strong to be comprehended.

Lu Yun was now the sacred prince of Inception Palace and acknowledged by the highest orders of the chaos. The seeds of immortal dao had taken root in the chaos and were slowly assimilating into all chaos beings. There was nothing in the chaos that he could not calculate.

If there was, then it originated from the third realm.

Someone had purposefully allowed the creation seeds to fall to the chaos. Eleven of them had resulted in nine beings of the third realm. The remaining two had ended up with the little fox and Qiu Luoyu.

If all eleven seeds had given rise to eleven sacred lands, then it would be the sacred lands who were the masters of the chaos now.


Lu Yun didnt want to come face to face with beings of the third realm yet. Though hed created a backup plan in the fourth realm already, he didnt want to give up the world of immortals if he didnt have to. It was his home.

A blood-red lamp floated silently next to him; the pea-sized Sanguine Flame had grown to the size of a palm. During these ten years, the Tome of Life and Death had finally incorporated that flame into itself, giving rise to a sheen of bloody light over the ancient bronze book thatd originally sparkled with black.

However, the Sanguine Flame was too weak. Though itd recovered from being an ember to a flame, it wasnt able to deploy a sea of hellfire or communicate with the Sanguine Hell.

All Lu Yun could do for the moment was to carefully meld his immortal force into the Sanguine Flame and use his energy to nurture it. Hed tried dozens of methods to raise it, even karmic fruits and the Hadal Flame. In the end, it responded to only his personal immortal force.

However, he was just an empyrean immortal at the moment. Though he was strong, he was far from the apex. Who knew how long itd take before the Sanguine Flame could communicate with its hell

Ten years passed by very quickly, upon which Lu Yun immediately retrieved hellfire back into the Tome of Life and Death. If he let it keep burning, it would rage out of control and out of the treasures grasp. It would turn this part of space… all of the worlds into a new Hadal Hell.

When the fires vanished, the boundless yin spirits immediately darted back out and pounced on the world of immortals. Lu Yun didnt stop them this time; he retreated without a word.


In the one hundred and thirteenth year of the Xuanhuang calendar, the yin spirit tides thatd disappeared for ten years spilled out of the cosmos again.

But over the past ten years, the immortals had organized their experiences fighting the yin spirits and found the best ways to counter them.

The moment the hordes descended, the half repaired World Gates erupted with pillars of white light that blasted into space. They carried terrifying power of the worlds that annihilated all yin spirits in their path.

Crystal cannons!

These cannons had been completely redesigned by academy geniuses, who integrated weapons of war into the crystal cannons. What they burned for fuel now were earthen veins instead of immortal crystals.

Earthen veins ran with and nurtured the energy of the world. When they burned, they exploded with terrifying power of the land—which so happened to be the bane of the yin spirits.

When the world of immortals had been made whole with the thirty-three layers, itd agitated with such ferocity that all sorts of precious materials, earthen veins, dragon veins, ancestral veins, and heavenly veins had formed as well.

Only twenty-three years had passed since that period, so an incredible variety of resources could be found in abundance.

The World Gates burned a million earthen veins and ten thousand dragon veins to obliterate the initial tide of yin spirits. This first salvo was almost on par with Lu Yun burning the cosmos with hellfire.-

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