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“Master Lu, why did you come Lu Wanyuan lured you here on purpose.

If something like this happens again, dont come by yourself again.

Call the police directly.

Its safer.”

After surviving the disaster, Ye Nanxis first reaction wasnt that of relief; instead, she was more worried about Lu Zijias safety.

Lu Zijia couldnt help feeling a bit amused about this.

She didnt know if she should call Ye Nanxi stupid or something.

“Go out and call the police first.” Lu Zijia stuffed her phone to Ye Nanxi, obviously wanting to send her away.

Ye Nanxi didnt suspect anything.

She took the phone and walked out of the door to call the police.

“Devil, youre the devil.

Youre not Lu Zijia.

Youre the devil.

Youre the devil, right” Lu Wanyuan, who finally stopped coughing violently, stared at Lu Zijia crazily, as if she could see through the secret hidden under Lu Zijias skin.

Lu Zijia looked down from above and the corners of her mouth curled into a cruel smile.

“Devil Perhaps so!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Lu Zijia raised her hand and moved slightly.

Immediately, bloody gashes appeared on Lu Wanyuans limbs and blood gushed out from them.

Lu Wanyuan didnt even have time to scream before she blacked out and fainted.

“Not killing you doesnt mean that I wont cripple you.” She would just live a life worse than death and take it as atonement for the original host.

Of course, Lu Zijia didnt say that out loud; she said it in her mind.

“Tsk, tsk, little beauty, youre so ferocious, but I like it.” Gu Ying appeared at the window and said with a playful expression.

“You like it”

Lu Zijia suddenly smiled brightly and said in an extremely gentle voice, “If you like it, Ill let you try how it feels to be a cripple.”

Sensing Lu Zijias strong murderous intent towards him, Gu Ying smiled awkwardly and quickly waved his hand.

“Im joking.

I dont like it at all.

Little beauty, dont take it seriously.”

Lu Zijia retracted her gaze coldly and turned around to leave.

She happened to meet Ye Nanxi, who was about to come in.

“Master Lu, Ive already called the police.

We cant leave until the police come,” Ye Nanxi said honestly.

Hearing her hoarse voice, Lu Zijia frowned slightly and raised her hand to put it on her neck, circulating her spiritual power.

“Huh My throat feels so much better!” Ye Nanxi looked at Lu Zijias retracted hand in surprise, as if she was looking at a rare treasure.

“Why are you here” Lu Zijia asked while waiting.

Speaking of this, Ye Nanxi couldnt help feeling a bit guilty.

“Lu Wanyuan called me and said that you colluded with my cousin to steal her money.

She wanted to call the police to arrest you.

So here I am…”

At that time, she was actually just worried and confused.

After hearing what Lu Wanyuan said, she rushed over in a hurry.

But now that she thought about it, she felt a bit stupid.

Master Lu earned tens of millions of yuan each time she worked, and she was the wife of the rich Second Master Mu.

How could she possibly steal the meager sum of money belonging to Lu Wanyuan

And so, she was really stupid.

“Im sorry, Master Lu.

I… Ive implicated you.” Ye Nanxi scratched her head awkwardly and had the urge to find a hole to hide in.

Lu Zijia shook her head.

“I was the one who implicated you.

Dont be so impulsive next time.”

Ye Nanxi shrank her neck guiltily and promised with a sheepish smile that there would definitely not be a next time.

Soon, the police arrived.

Almost at the same time, Mu Tianyan also arrived.


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