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Chapter 359 – Girl and returning from the kingdom – Part one

We’re back from the Kingdom of Migha, but there was a lot of commotion on the way, as we were bringing people back with us.

…They say that Gaius in his wolf form is a god.

Apparently they just sort of figured out that he’s related to us, and kept saying they wanted to see this god.

But now that we’re back in the village, Miss Lan and the others are discussing whether or not to explain everything.

It’s a fact that Gaius can turn into a wolf, and Gaius himself accepts this.

But we need to think about how to reveal this information.

We don’t want to think about this, but the new villagers we brought from Migha could turn hostile towards us.

I remember what happened with Mister Roma.

There are people in this world with ways of thinking I don’t understand, and we need to take that into consideration when we act.

I’m happy to see the people that stayed in the village after being away for a while.

It was fun going to Migha for the first time, but it also made me realize even more that this is my place to come back to.

“Being in the village really makes me feel relaxed.”

“Me too.

Being in a country of humans made me feel tense, so I’m glad to be back.”

Gaius and I say to each other.

Here in the village, Gaius can just be a beast person and one of the ‘knights of the miko’.

I don’t think the people that came from Migha with us will let us be just a human girl and a beast boy to them… But that can’t be helped.

I’m the miko, and he’s a ‘knight of the miko’.

The people we’ve been living with all this time are one thing, but we might need to appear before the newest arrivals as those two titles.

…That sounds hard when I really think about it, but I think it’s going to be necessary.

While we were in Migha, the people that stayed in the village visited the ruins again, and expanded our area of activity.

Development in the forest is also advancing slowly, and the people who came with us from Migha will be staying in this newly developed land for now.

We knew we were going to bring new people from Migha, so the people that stayed in the village have been preparing new homes.

These new people were surprised when they first got here.

I guess things that are normal for us are surprising for people that don’t live here.

Now that I think about it, it must be weird for people from outside the village that all sorts of people, from different races even live here together.

When I got back, Doanea came to greet me with ‘pikiiiii’, and a lot of people were taken aback.

They couldn’t believe it when they saw me having a friendly conversation with a dragon and gryphons.

I’m sure they’ll be even more surprised when they hear the whole story, but I don’t know when that will be.

Freinet and Wea are flying around because they’re happy about being with the other spirits again.

Seeing them fly back to their respective spirit trees when we came back was a very mystical sight.

Kayu and the other kids are really happy that we came back safely too, and they’ve been asking lots of questions about what we did there.

I’ve been telling them all about what we saw there, and they’ve been telling us about what happened while we were gone.

“I want to try going to a country of humans too! From what you’re telling us, there’s so much interesting stuff there! Just thinking about all the people there makes me excited, because I could show off a lot!”

“You’re good at moving your body, Kayu, and you’ve been learning how to dance with Phyto, right”

“Yes! I’m not as graceful as Phyto, but it’s fun.

There are going to be more and more people here in the village, but I still want to stand out among everyone else!”

Kayu is right, more people are going to come as this village turns into a town and a country.

That also means having more people I don’t know… And more people are going to get lost among everyone else.

I think everyone here is my dear friend, but it feels kind of lonely to think about having more and more people I don’t know as the village turns into a country.

Kayu is probably going to still stand out even if it happens.

I smile as I imagine that.

What about me I’m the miko, so I’m going to stand out whether I want to or not.

But I’m sure it’ll be fine as long as I have everyone with me.

How is the village going to be affected as its population grows

It makes me worried, but I’m looking forward to it too.

—Girl and returning from the kingdom – Part one

(The miko feels at ease as she returns from the Kingdom of Migha.)



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