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Chapter 259 – The girl wants to learn more about the power of the dance – Part one

Phyto is dancing in front of me.

Her steps are light, and the way she dances really is beautiful.

I’ve tried to copy her, but it’s not even close.

Apparently she’s been learning how to dance and sing since she was young because she was called the daughter of god, but I still think it’s incredible.

It’s hard to describe, but it’s not just that she’s good at dancing, it’s like every single movement is beautiful.

If I look at it for a bit, it’s easy for me to be completely captivated.

When she twirls, the bottom of her dress flutters.

Singing and dancing are very important to her people, so that’s probably why their clothes look great too.

To complement it.

I’ve never really thought about why different people wear different kinds of clothes, but I’m sure if we looked into it we’d find that all of them have their reasons.

“Scifo, Phyto is great.”

“Hihihihihihin! (I want to sing too!)”

“Not now, Scifo.

We’re watching Phyto now.”


(It is a nice dance.)”

“Fufu, do you want to try dancing later, Doanea”


(I do no such thing.)”

Scifo, Doanea, and I are all watching Phyto.

Still, Phyto looks like she’s having fun dancing.

I can tell she dances not because it’s her obligation, but because she really enjoys it.

As I watch her dance, I try using magic to see if it really is easier.

We know Phyto’s dance has the power to affect other people, but we don’t know a whole lot more.

She says when she concentrates on it while dancing, she can feel magic leaving her body.

People say she’s been practicing a lot.

She’s really working hard to help me.

I’m really happy about that.

Watching other people working hard makes me want to do my best too.

Phyto was called daughter of god, and treated like she was special, but the more I get to know her the more I see that she’s a really hard working person.

Like she’s always trying to get better without giving up.


Phyto stops, and walks towards me while catching her breath.

“How was it, Lerunda”

“Yes, it’s easier for me to use magic.

And I think, it’s making it easier to use than before.”

“That’s great.”

She looks relieved.

I think she really wants to polish this power that awakened inside her.

Still, is there a reason why her power is an ability that affects other people I don’t know a lot about this, but maybe these powers sprout from abilities people already had inside them, or maybe it has to do with their wishes.

As I think about this, Phyto sits next to me and we start talking.

“I wonder how I can use my power.”

“I think it has lots of uses.

But I don’t want to use this to attack, unless we have to.

Maybe we won’t have a choice if something bad happens, but… I still don’t want to use it like that.”


We could use these powers to attack someone if we really wanted to, and maybe even control people, but I don’t want that.

Maybe as this place gets bigger, there will be people that want us to use our powers like that… We have to be careful.”


We have to use them, as little as possible, but I want to use them to protect our friends, and the life we have here.”

I say, and Phyto smiles and nods.

I’m sure Phyto’s power can be used in lots of different ways.

But still, I don’t want her to use it to fight unless that’s really necessary.

I think power is all about how you use it.

“And I have to keep learning more about this power.”


We have to ask everyone to help discover more, about how your power affects other people.”

“Yes… We’re not going to learn everything by ourselves.

But… Won’t that be a bother”

“People might get flustered, if we ask all of a sudden, but I think they’ll help if we prepare.

You’re our friend too, so we have to help each other.

They help us, and we use your power to help them too.”

“Yes… Help and be helped.

That’s great.”

We talk for a while, and then go see Miss Lan.

Apparently Scifo and Doanea got bored of listening to us talk, because they started playing.

Scifo put Doanea on his back and started leaning back.

—The girl wants to learn more about the power of the dance – Part one

(The miko and the daughter of god try to learn more about the power of the dance.)


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