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Chapter 233 – Girl and the winged people’s god – Part five

Mister Douroean speaks, and I nod.

I have to keep this in mind.

He says if I care about the people around me, I shouldn’t let them rely on my power too much.

This really makes me feel that the miko isn’t all-powerful.

I was only thinking about the present and how I want everyone to be happy, and I wasn’t thinking about what it will be like after I die.

But I have to think about that too when I act.

It’s all for the sake of the people I care about… But it still feels like it’s so far in the future, I can’t imagine it.

“Mister dragon, the flow of magic energy in this mountain is very nice.

Is that your doing”

“Yes, it is.

A long time ago, there was a great disturbance in the magic energy of this mountain.

It was ruined to the point where no living beings could live here for a period of time.

I lived around here before this, so I began to correct the magic energy in this place.”

“…I see.”

“So you can take disturbed magic energy and make it this clean…”

“This place always had a good flow of magic energy, so it was not so hard to put it back in order.”

Making the flow of magic energy nicer… If I could do that too, would it help I think while still sticking close to mister dragon.

“Mister Douroean, today, hum, it’s getting dark, so I didn’t get to hear a lot from you, but I want to hear more.

Can I come back, another time”

Time passed very fast while I was listening to Mister Douroean.

Gaius and the others are waiting for me too, so I should get back, but I want to hear more and ask more questions when they pop into my head.

“Yes, you can come back.

Ah… I know, wait.”

Says Mister Douroean as he tells us to step back a little, and we do as he says.

The scales felt nice… Will he let me stick close to them again

As I think about this, Mister Douroean suddenly spits something out.

Is that an egg Eh Dragons spit out eggs What is this egg I’m so confused, I start blinking rapidly.

“E-egg! W-what”

Freinet is even more surprised.

She starts flying around and then hides behind me.

“ Mister Douroean, what…”

“Ah, my split body will be born from it.”

“Split body Not a child”

“No, this is different.

It is best described as a technique to create a new, different being that will have my knowledge once he becomes like me.

Having that said, he will only have my knowledge at birth, it will not be the exact same…”

“Eh… You can create something like that That’s incredible Mister Douroean.”

This world really is full of mysterious things.

I want to widen my world, but it’s still very narrow, and full of things I don’t know.

Every time I feel it widening I’m surprised and happy.

This egg is thirty centimeters in diameter and has a pattern of black spots.

Mister Douroean’s separate body, a being with the same knowledge will be born out of this.

“I will leave this separate body with you Lerunda.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask him.”

“Really… Thank you, but I still want to visit you, so can I come back from time to time”

“I do not mind.”

“Then, I’ll come back, from time to time.

Thank you for the egg.

What do I do, with it”

“Send magic energy into it.

If you do so, it will eventually hatch.”

“What about the name Since it’s a separate body, should I use the same name”

“Do as you wish.”

“And can I form a contract as soon as it hatches”

“Yes, that is no problem.

He will have my memories, and if he really is against it, he can break off the contract even if he has to do so forcibly.”

…Break off the contract forcibly That sounds a little scary.

Should I use Mister Douroean’s name Hmm, I have to think about it.

Still, if I’m going to be with Mister Douroean’s separate body, will he let me touch his scales I want to compare them with Mister Douroean’s smooth scales.

It might be nice to try touching them when they’re next to each other.

“All right.

Thank you Mister Douroean.

I’m happy that I got to learn a lot.

I’ll come back, so if we can talk together again, I’d be happy.”

“I have no issues with you coming here to talk.

You can come again.

I also… Enjoyed talking to you.”


Really I’m really happy about that.

I’ll come back another time.”

I’m so happy that me and Mister Douroean are friends, that I let out a big smile.

I grab the egg while being very careful not to drop it, and head back with Freinet, with Mister Douroean watching over us.

—Girl and the winged people’s god – Part five

(The miko receives an egg from the winged people’s god.)


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