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Does it concern the future leader of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect

Does he have to choose between me and Tang Chi

Han Muye had never thought that he would become the target of nurturing in the sect.

Ive always been uncivilized, okay

However, Lu Hao was right.

There was no retreat in this power struggle.

Lu Haos voice could be heard again.

“Go back and prepare.

Our Nine Mystic Sword Sect is about to reach the designated garrison location.”

With that, he paused and turned into a sword light.

“Dont think too much.

This kind of selection is like a sorting-out process.

Youve only won one round temporarily.” Li Three patted Han Muyes shoulder and flew away like a stream of light.

Indeed, Sect Master Jin Ze was still in charge of the sect.

Even if Sect Master Jin Ze abdicated, there was still Tuoba Cheng, who was extremely scheming.

It would probably take at least two to three hundred years for Han Muye to take that position.

Why should he care what happened two or three hundred years later

“Han Muye.” A voice came from behind.

Han Muye turned around and saw Yang Dingshan from the Bright Mountain Sword Sect.

“Sect Master Yang.” Han Muye cupped his hands.

“Thank you, Sect Master Yang, for helping our Nine Mystic Sword Sect out of trouble yesterday.”

The day before, Yang Dingshan had taken action to suppress the troublesome Spiritual Imperial Sword Sects Lu Changze.

In that situation, it was not good for the Nine Mystic Sword Sect to take action themselves.

They really needed someone to mediate.

“Its only right.” Yang Dingshan waved his hand, his gaze landing on Han Muye.

Then he whispered, “Is Mingxuan alright”

Yang Mingxuan.

Yang Dingshans grandson.

Han Muye nodded and told him about how Yang Mingxuan had entered the Sword Pavilion to seek death and had been provoked by Jiang Ming to cultivate the Sword Pavilion sword technique.

Hearing that Yang Mingxuan was courting death, Yang Dingshan frowned.

When he heard that Yang Mingxuan had started cultivating, excitement flashed across his face.

When he heard from Han Muye that Yang Mingxuan had already cultivated the Sword Nurturing Technique and the Military Sword Technique, Yang Dingshan smiled.

“Hehe, Jiang Ming dares to say that hell collect my corpse.” After Han Muye finished speaking, Yang Dingshan laughed and looked into the distance.


“If that day really comes, ask him to come and collect my corpse.”

Without waiting for Han Muye to reply, a thick sword light flashed across Yang Dingshans body, wrapped around his body, and turned into a flying rainbow.

Han Muye shook his head and stopped.

He rode on the light of a flying sword and flew down the mountain.


Over there was the defensive base of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect.



In the sky, the sound of drums could be heard.

The demonic qi in the distance boiled over like water, and then countless demonic beasts rushed towards Cloud Nest Ridge.

These demon beasts were the lowest-level beings among the demons.

Their cultivation and combat strength were only at the Qi Condensation Realm.

However, even if their combat strength was limited, it would be hard to withstand the surging tide of their advance.

In the Southern Wasteland, these low-level demon beasts were only vassals of the demon race and did not care about their lives at all.

“Stop these demon beasts—”

“If we cant stop them today, all of us will die here!”

“I, Tang Chi, will live and die with you!”

In front of the battle line guarded by the Nine Mystic Sword Sect, Tang Chi, who was wearing a white robe and holding a sword, shone with sword light.

Sword Qi surrounded him.

Beside him were a group of itinerant cultivators and Earth Realm experts from small sects.

Behind them, teams of nervous cultivators gripped their swords and Dharma artifacts tightly and waited.

Demonic beasts surged over like a tide.


Tang Chi let out a loud roar.

The sword in his hand radiated a 100-foot sword beam as he slashed at the oncoming demon beast.


The 30-foot-tall tiger was cut in half.

Tang Chis sword light did not change as he led the Earth Realm experts behind him to charge into the demon beasts.

They were like a long saber that cut the demonic beasts in half.

Standing on the hill behind, Han Muye watched all of this.

Tang Chis commanding methods were not bad and his combat strength was strong.

He was indeed the best candidate to lead these cultivators.

Han Muye turned around and saw that he was surrounded by disciples of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect.

These disciples of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect gathered sword Qi on their bodies and held their sword hilts, waiting for an accident to happen in front of them to rush up and remedy it.

In such a situation, it was really not up to them to decide whether they lived or died.


Tang Chi, who was charging forward, was blocked by a black light.

A black-armored, eight-foot-tall, tiger-headed man held a long saber and slashed, shattering Tang Chis sword light.

An expert among Earth Realm Soul Awakening experts, and a tiger with a powerful bloodline.

This burly mans combat strength was no weaker than Tang Chis.

With this burly man blocking, Tang Chi and the Earth Realm experts behind him were restrained.


Countless roars resounded as those demonic beasts rushed to the front of the human cultivators.

They roared violently and flew forward.

Sword light and spiritual light greeted these demonic spirits.


Blood light and spiritual light exploded, and red blood qi soared into the sky.

Some human cultivators bodies were torn apart by the demonic beasts, and their spiritual energy dissipated.

At that moment, there was only the most primitive killing before the battle formation.

Han Muye looked neither sad nor happy as he watched quietly.

He knew that if not for his max-level comprehension and being a Sword Caretaker of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect, he would probably be like those low-level cultivators and have no choice.


Tang Chis battle with the black tiger man became more and more intense.

No human or demonic beast could enter the battle circle within a thousand feet.

“He can only fight for his life,” Li Three said coldly, holding a black sheathed sword.

Fighting for his life, Han Muye mused.

The loser struggles to save his own life.

This battle lasted for six hours.

Only when the demonic beast corpses piled up in front of the formation became a short wall to stop the enemy did the subsequent demonic beast attacks stop gradually.

Tang Chi, who was leading the Earth Realm experts around him, did not rest.

Instead, he let the cultivators who were not at the front line clean up the battlefield.

The flesh and bones of demon beasts were spiritual materials.

After processing them, they could be exchanged for spiritual rocks.

Those cultivators who had suffered casualties also had to be counted.

Their corpses had to be collected and the injured had to be treated.

It was not until sunset that the exhausted Tang Chi straightened up and turned to look at the hill behind him.

On the other side, Han Muye, who was carrying the green and red swords on his back, stood on the limestone with a calm expression, as if this bitter battle had nothing to do with him.

Tang Chi gritted his teeth and lowered his head.

He should have been the one to stay out of it.

The title of Exiled Immortal should also be his.

However, if he lost that round, he could only fight for his life in front of this formation.

“Dont worry.

Soon, the blood sacrifice will be completed.

What belongs to you will return,” an old man in a black robe beside Tang Chi whispered.

Tang Chi nodded and turned to walk towards the front of the army.


On the hill, when the afterglow of the setting sun had finished, an inner sect disciple of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect in a white robe walked to Han Muye.

Han Muye knew him.

Top 10 of the inner sect, He Xuanqi.

At this moment, He Xuanqi was carrying two swords like him.

“Senior Brother Han.”

He Xuanqi looked up at Han Muye, then whispered, “Can you teach me a two-handed sword technique”

A two-handed sword technique.

The sword technique He Xuanqi cultivated was called Fate Wood.

It was a powerful sword technique from the wood lineage.

However, this sword technique also had a complementary set of sword techniques.

The techniques goal was to attempt the impossible.

With the combination of the two sword techniques, ones combat strength would increase and one could fight above ones level.

Back then, Han Muye had suggested to He Xuanqi that he find a fellow junior brother who cultivated the Impossible Sword Technique to come to Fengshou Mountain.

Han Muyes gaze fell behind He Xuanqi.

Over there, there was a sword that didnt belong to him.

“Junior Brother Wang Hui died.”

Lowering his head, He Xuanqis voice was filled with uncontrollable emotions.

“He helped me block a fatal spell.”

He Xuanqi raised his head and stared at Han Muye.

“Senior Brother Han, please teach me how to use a two-handed sword.”


Han Muye had two swords on his back, both sharp.

Looking at He Xuanqi, who was suppressing his sadness, Han Muye nodded and said softly, “Alright, Ill teach you a two-handed sword.”


He raised his hand and beckoned.

The Destiny and Purple Flame swords were in his hand.

“The two swords cross but never meet.

They seem to be of the same origin, but they will never meet.”

“The body follows the heart.”

Muttering to himself, Han Muyes long and short swords swayed erratically.

The two swords swam after him, light and shadow like a dream.

Looking at the two swords in Han Muyes hand, tears fell from He Xuanqis eyes.

He was still a mortal after all.

Why couldnt he cry

“Junior Brother…”

“Its my fault.”

He Xuanqi pulled out his swords with both hands.

Sword Qi filled the air.

Han Muye raised his hand and guided the sword Qi in his hand, twisting He Xuanqis sword light and practicing with his two swords.

On the hill, countless Nine Mystic Sword Sect disciples turned their heads and looked at the two people practicing sword techniques.

Back then, when the Nine Mystic Sword Sect pushed He Xuanqi and Wang Hui to combine their swords, the name,Impossible Technique, was resounding among these disciples.

None of the disciples of theNine Mystic Sword Sect who came to the Fengshou Mountain did not recognize it.

At this moment, seeing He Xuanqis two swords being guided by Han Muye, they couldnt help but tremble.


A figure seemed to appear in He Xuanqis sword light, as if a young man in white had reached out and grabbed the other sword in He Xuanqis hand.

“Junior Brother…”

He Xuanqi let out a low cry, and the two swords suddenly crossed.


On the two swords, a dazzling halo shone and turned into a dragon, a golden carp with dragon scales.

It exploded and scattered infinite golden light.

Looking at the sword light, Han Muye was stunned for a moment before saying softly,

“It turns out that theres another concept.”

Looking at He Xuanqi, who did not need his sword Qi to guide him, Han Muye sighed.

He could deduce the limit of sword techniques with his heaven-defying comprehension.

But he did not understand the human heart.

He Xuanqi and Junior Brother Wang Hui had a deep brotherly relationship.

Wang Hui died in his place and his remnant soul remained.

Their sword techniques became one and changed the original sword technique.

Sword techniques were ultimately dead.

It was just that people gave sword techniques concepts and auras.

Thinking of this, a roar came from Han Muye.

He Xuanqi, who was originally dancing with his sword, retracted his sword light and was about to take a step forward when a voice suddenly sounded.

“Han Mus ambition has been enlightened.

Ill guard him.

Those who come 10 steps closer, Li Xixis sword will be ruthless.”

Li Xixi, who was holding a sword, stood 10 feet in front of Han Muye.

A faint sword light flashed on her body.

At this moment, if someone approached, she would not hesitate to attack.


This was an epiphany that cultivators in the world could only dream of!

All around the hill, everyone looked enviously at Han Muye, who was standing there with sword light surrounding him.

Could comprehending swords be so simple they wondered.

At this moment, the 128,000 sword Qi that had already condensed into sword intent exploded in Han Muyes dantian.


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