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Su Jin became nervous again when she heard this.

She did not expect the devil to trick her.

If she did not call him hubby, she would not be able to sleep tonight.

Su Jin wouldnt be able to take that.

After a moment of silence, Su Jin replied seriously,

“Actually, its better to call you hubby.

Ill call you hubby now.

Listen carefully.”

Su Jin was ready to call Xi Chenxiao hubby.

Once shes done, shed be able to rest tonight.

However, before Su Jin could say it, a voice called out in surprise,

“Sister Su, Sister Su, youre here.

Its all thanks to you that my mom had a successful surgery this time.

Thank you so much!”

Su Jin was extremely embarrassed at this moment.

She almost shouted hubby just now.

But since Yu Haiyang was here, she didnt need to do it anymore.

She immediately turned and looked at Yu Haiyang quizzically,

“How is it all thanks to me”

Could Yu Haiyang have discovered something Did he know that the miracle-working doctor Grandpa Mou mentioned was her How was this possible Grandpa Mou seemed to have never said it out loud before.

Yu Haiyang smiled as he said,

“If you hadnt invited the head of the research institute, no one would have dared to operate on my mom!”

Su Jin was relieved when she heard this.

Fortunately, no one had discovered anything.

Otherwise, if the demon king asked, how would she explain it This wasnt something that she could explain easily.

Su Jin replied with a smile,

“Its nothing.

Its a small matter.

Dont mention it.”

The few of them returned to Xi Xiaoxiaos ward.

After Xi Chenxiao sat in the ward for a while, he lost his patience and went home with Su Jin.

There wasnt much they could do now except to wait for Xi Xiaoxiao to recover.

Su Jin jumped into the shower the moment she got home.

After coming out of the operating theater, she felt that the smell of blood on her body was especially strong.

Su Jin had completely forgotten about calling Xi Chenxiao hubby.

After her shower, she turned on her laptop and started writing.

In order to stay up tonight, Xi Chenxiao went to work in his study the moment he got home.

The two of them did not mention the hubby matter and worked until dinner time.

After dinner, Su Jin suddenly remembered about her company, so she took out her phone and sent a message to Xiao Lin,

“Xiao Lin, how are things at the company”

At this time, Xiao Lin was hard at work on her computer.

When she saw the message from Su Jin, she felt very angry.

How long had it been since the boss asked about them Xiao Lin replied quickly,

“Hi stranger! Boss, you still remember that you have a company How long has it been since you contacted me”

Su Jin smiled awkwardly when she read the message from Xiao Lin.

She had been too busy recently and had indeed forgotten about Xiao Lin and the others.

She did not expect Xiao Lin to have such a big grouse.

Su Jin typed,

“Xiao Lin, when Im not around, the company has you.

I believe in you!”

Xiao Lin saw the message and immediately laughed.

This was an affirmation of her capability, especially since her boss rarely praised others.

Xiao Lin felt energized now and replied happily,

“Of course, Im Xiao Lin! Boss, let me tell you, I feel super capable recently.

We keep receiving orders to the point that we cant cope.

Everyone at the company wished they could clone themselves!”

Su Jin was a little stunned when she read this.

Wasnt her company only dealing with the devils company They didnt do any publicity, so how did they suddenly become popular Su Jin typed in disbelief,

“How is that possible Our company is so new.

How did it suddenly become so popular”

Xiao Lin saw Su Jins message and knew that Su Jin was worried that something was wrong.

Xiao Lin had checked everything carefully and there was no problem.

She quickly typed an explanation,

“Boss, dont worry.

Xi Corporation recommended these clients to us.

I think its because Xi Corporation is happy that we protected them so well that they are willing to refer clients to us!”

Su Jin did not think so.

Su Jin felt the matter a little strange, but she couldnt put her finger on it.

No matter how well they did, given the devils personality, there was no way they would refer clients to Xiao Lin and all!

At this moment, Xi Chenxiao walked out of the bathroom wearing only a towel.

When he saw Su Jin sitting on the bed and staring at her phone blankly, he immediately walked over, looked at her in confusion and asked,

“Darling, what are you doing”


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