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Once he finished transferring all the contents into Shen Yirens wrist, Ming Feizhen looked up to check on her.

Following an astonishingly hard heartbeat, Shen Yiren felt her body heat up to extreme temperatures. She could even feel it in her left hand that she hadnt felt in a while. Whilst at the mercy of skin-splitting pain, she saw a cluster of ruins - the shape of the world before its creation - and Pangu descend from heaven. One flap of its wings generated infernos and oceans.

Ming Feizhen, holding onto Shen Yirens hand, was relieved to see Shen Yiren lose awareness after a cry.

Shen Yiren once trained in her dream, so she could carve out a dimension to avoid the aggression of Six Evils inside. Else, this slumber would be her last. In addition, losing conscious would reduce her pain significantly. The rest of the pain she had to bear was the price she had to pay for repairing her left hand.

“Ming Feizhen, what is the purpose of deliberately making her pass out” Gewu questioned.

“… Bighead Ge.”

Cross, Gewu ramped up the output of his lightning-fire ball.

“Theres one thing youre right about.”


“I cant beat you right now… As a matter of fact, I couldnt beat an aggressive dog. Thing is, old habits die hard. Youre always snooping around like a wuss. You dont have the balls to take risks. When you mutated, there mightve been a point to fighting you. You decided to make a comeback because you gained a little power. If you werent afraid I still had something up my sleeve, you wouldnt still be hesitant to attack and standing so far away with your fireball. If you came for my head upon sighting me, I wouldnt have been able to do anything, but you didnt have the balls. Youre scared of me even when Im on the verge of death. Thats why youll never have your revenge, and you deserve your misery. Its too late to kill me now.”

Indeed, Gewu feared Ming Feizhen had some sort of trick to go down with him as that was something Divine Realm adepts could cast their Enlightenment for as long as they still had a fragment of energy. Gewu had been on the receiving end of Ming Feizhens tactics and power more than once to know better. This time, though, he decided to call out Ming Feizhens bluff.

“Lets find out how late this old one is!”

Lightning bolts emanated from the raised fireball. Gewu cracked a smile in anticipation of Ming Feizhens painful demise.

Ming Feizhen covered Shen Yirens ears. “You have a grudge with life or something”

The fireball exploded, launching the condensed energy into the ether, stealing the thunder of the bonfire at the campsite. The fire dragon reduced all in its path to cinders for the lightning dragons to blast to smithereens. They continued their rampage inside the forest, scorching the entire forest.

The explosions shockwave travelling back toward Gewu almost blew him off balance, yet it didnt reach Ming Feizhen. The ravenous flames that took the life of so much foliage didnt even graze Ming Feizhens clothing. The lightning split off in different directions as if it was denied when it shouldve zapped them.

It was only his first glimpse, but Gewu discerned that the spear the youth in white was armed with possessed a similar ability to Mount Daluos Dragon-Slaying Formation. He was clearly trained and could do a lot more than just suppress the powers of Pangus sons. After all, he had the ability to use it as an offensive tool.

Even though everything that transpired and everything visible was impressive, it was the techniques Tianhu performed that stole the limelight. It had rarely been seen in the last three decades, but Gewu had the fortune of feasting his eyes on it once, and that was the time it proved itself a supreme spearplay in the Central Plain.

“Lend me eight hundred flying swords to slay a city of demons. Lend me three thousand clear winds to purge a mountain. Lend me a hundred thousand banners to slaughter all of you. Im the demon slayer.”

Gewu blocked with both arms, but his defence didnt even decelerate the thrust. Instead, Tianhu took off both arms as well as half of Gewus body. Gewu couldnt manifest any desire to fight; his will to live went with his severed parts.

Driven by the sentience of Pangus sons, Gewu howled at the same time flesh wings sprouted from his back. Their sentience propelled him toward the forest. Perhaps out of an instinctual fear, he even gained Black Feathers Shuyus camouflage abilities. Gewu couldnt intentionally utilise Black Feathers Shuyus abilities, yet they activated when he was in danger.

Tianhu let Gewu go since he had a special mission to take care of. Maintaining a posture to spring at the drop of a hat, he looked down to Ming Feizhen. Every micro-movement, every micro-expression and even every pore, Tianhu didnt let any piece of visual information go to waste. Divine Realm granted martial artists the ability to see details that may otherwise be missed. At the same time, the subject of their visual recon would be able to sense themselves being placed under a microscope.

Ming Feizhen could read what Tianhus gaze conveyed, so he wore on a straight face. “Bro, got cake Give me a bite.”-

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