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“He” had mutated from the bulky form he used against Abels and Moyan Luohou to a much leaner physique that stood far above the average man, albeit still being a galaxy away from “human”. Mayhap it was due to the difficult of remodifying his bones, but only his forehead maintained its huge size, giving him a bobble head appearance. Although his skin was now smooth, his two eye sockets still sunk in, while his reconstructed nose sat virtually directly under his eyes and a mile away from his sharp teeth.

He no longer moved on all fours as the blood of Pangus four sons overrode the side effect of consuming an excessive volume of mutated beasts blood.

When Gewu first absorbed Baidizis blood, he experienced what he would refer to as his blood being incinerated and flames scorching his meridians. Following each successive absorption, the pain abated. By the time he got around to sapping Black Feathers Shuyu of its blood, it was no different to drinking water.

Despite his nightmarish appearance and deviation from being human, he was pleased, very pleased.

“Hehehe, never imagined youd be in this state, did you, Ming Feizhen” Gewu flashed a corner of his spiky teeth. “I dont blame you for not recognising me.” The second time he spoke, it was distinctly his throat voice instead of the voice that was indistinguishable between man and woman. “You recognise me now, dont you”

Ming Feizhen tilted his head. “No. Who are you”

“… This old one is Gewu.”

Ming Feizhens eyes grew double their size. “Gegewu What happened to you How much did you eat to grow that… fat”

Gewu gusted up dust with a stomp and splintered rocks with lightning bolts. “Ming Feizhen, you are the one who did this to me, yet youre still making a fool of me. I wont be done with you even after I rip you to pieces!”

“Man, youve changed a lot. I crippled you, only for you to come back stronger than before. Howd you do it”

“Heh, scared already I dont blame an ignorant fool for his ignorance. Did you know the leader of six evils, Pangu, was already honoured as a divine beast before Mystical Era Now that I possess his sons powers, I have surpassed human limits and begun my apotheosis. After I maul you, Ill take back Shaman Faith and conquer Nanjiang. I now have an unmatched lifespan; I have all the time in the world to conquer the Central Plain to become the man among men, god among gods!” Besides smoke coming out of his huge head, Gewus skin turned redder as his the thrill built up.

“You ate its sons Must be some of the messed up stuff Sky Palace came up with, then. Their messed up stuff can produce some miraculous outcomes and deviate from the standard definition of martial arts. Otherwise, you wouldnt have been able to eat them.

“I doubt the creator ever imagined somebody would be lucky enough to have four of Pangus sons, let alone in one sitting. Ill hedge my fortune on you being the only one to ever achieve this with the disicpline. I feel sorry for the man who created it.”

“If youre scared, you can beg for mercy. If Im feeling merciful, I can grant you a painless end, and Ill save you the misery of witnessing your loved one die tragically. Frankly, the very sight of you irks me. Its a win-win situation if I kill you first. What do you say”

“… How did his head grow so big Might as well call him Bighead Ge from now,” Ming Feizhen muttered.

“What was that”

“Say, Bighead Ge, y-”

“You asked for it!”

“Chill. Judging from your appearance, you mustve first ingested blood from beasts that breathed the miasma. Well, you wouldnt have been able to absorb so much blood and essence from Pangus kids without going insane if you didnt.”

“Hahaha, you can feign astonishment all you like. It isnt going to stop me from killing you. Youre defenceless now. Your mouth wont save you.”

“I take that back. You were insane in the first place.”

“You have to get through me first.” Shen Yiren woke Yujing slowly, covering any possible openings.

Skill, strength, speed and all other variables that make up martial prowess were compromised if you didnt get enough rest. Shen Yiren had been fighting without sleep for four days now, while Gewu just finished absorbing Black Feathers Shuyus blood and essence. Even so, her spirit was enough to impel Gewu to put a fight behind him.

Gewu would need to be wary against a Divine Realm warrior until he figured out the secret of Enlightenment, but anybody below their level was just a punching bag. For some reason, though, the sight of Yujing instilled fear.

Gewu forgot Yujing took Baidizis head off clean. Luo Ming passed on to Shen Yiren the intent behind his historic slash.

“Boss, that sword draw looked wicked. Looks like youve really improved recently.”

Shen Yiren wouldve loved to turn around to kick Ming Feizhen for his useless commentary, but she didnt have that luxury.

“Oh, you even doing the whole flashy thing now.”

Shen Yiren concentrated solely on the threat standing before them.

Gewu pressed his hands together, spawning a fireball between them out of thin air.-

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