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Swordsmen and martial artists were assigned a different progression system due to the differences in their progressions.

The martial world was in a period of historic growth. Therefore, there was no shortage of renowned swordsmen. According to Black and White Reflection, Mount Lu Sword Sanctuarys patriarch (Wordless Sword Deity), Li Clans elder and sentry of Broken Sword Imperial Tomb, as well as East China Seas scholar (Sword Sage), were the three most prominent swordsmen of the current era, although the three were more symbolic than actual swordsmen at this point since they had retired from the pugilistic world.

The likes of Demon Sects guardian, Impermanence, and Luo Clans Heavenly Swordsman were already held in high esteem as swordsmen. As for Kunluns Yi Wangyou, Mount Huas Jia Yunfeng and so forth, they all had one foot in the next realm of swordplay despite their old age - relatively speaking.

Among the younger generation, six of the Seventeen Jiaos were swordsmen. There were disciples of sects that didnt principally focus on swordplay whod learn swordplay, such as Cold Mountain Temples Drunkard Sword Monk. Shen Clan was another one of many clans that made a name for themselves as a clan of swordsmen.

Mount Lu Sword Sanctuary had been lying low while they paved their way back to their heydays. The next time they held a convention, they would definitely stir the pot just as the introduction of many new faces in the pugilistic world did at the martial arts community event two years ago.

In the event two years ago, Wudangs disciple came out on top with a single wooden sword, earning them the top spot as a “way of the sword” institute. Their champion swordsman and his junior, Huan Xinglai, were considered the backbone of Wudangs new generation. At the moment, it was believed that only Yu Feiyuan or Qilin Guards Yi Ya had a chance against them.

What happened to Mount Daluo Well, they were excluded. People argued that, despite Lian Zhuiyue possessing stellar swordplay, he was a master of swordplay, not the way of the sword. Likewise, the majority would argue Hero Shenzhou didnt count as the greatest swordsman, preferring to elevate his success in martial arts over his progress in the way of the sword. Most people would agree that there was a huge difference between someone who treated a sword as a tool versus someone who treated a sword as part of them. Nevertheless, anyone who was there to witness the sword qi stirring the atmosphere in Nieyao would tell doubters that Mount Daluo should be considered a “way of the sword” institute.

There was no loud sound at the moment of impact. There was no blinding flash of white light; it was as though Shadow Lady absorbed it straight into her body. There was no sight of fingers digging into her body or skin splitting, yet her blood pooled at her feet.

Shadow Lady would need half a month to recover if she was stabbed. With supplements from Sky Palace, shed be able reduce that to days. Unfortunately, Ming Suwens stab passed through her true qi armour to damage her meridians. As a result, shed need three to five months to be back at full health.

Shadow Lady sealed her damaged meridians with her frigid energy as soon as she could. “… Tell me: you ate a blow from me to catch me with this stab … Its a risky gamble, isnt it Why didnt you use this strength from the beginning” Despite being caught, Shadow Lady didnt show any indications of anger while questioning Ming Suwen.

“Im not sure if youre trying to make me admit my inferiority, but Ill go along. If were both Divine Realm martial artists, Im no match for you. By conventional standards, my style is unorthodox. On the other hand, you followed a proper progression to reach your level. If we were to fight all out, youd likely kill me within two hours. If I didnt give you a free hit, you wouldnt have lowered your guard against me.”

“… Youre crazy. You gambled with your life.”

“And I won.” Ming Suwen dimpled. “How can you be on the field and off the field at the same time You managed to stay level-headed even in the heat of battle. Nevertheless, nobody can be emotionless in a fight. Your biggest mistake was letting me see that you wouldnt kill me due to the complications that would consequently arise. The more you tried to avoid, the easier it was for me to rope you in.”

“I see. Thank you for elucidating.”

Shadow Lady got to her feet, unfazed as though Ming Suwens attack didnt register. She picked up a random Nanjiang-model broadsword from the sleeping victims behind her and got a feel of it. In spite of the meridians on her right-hand side being practically sealed, she declared, “Im fine. Lets continue.”

“Continue” Ming Suwen scrubbed her head. “You want to keep going”

“No.” As a result of her casual whip, Shadow Lady cut down a tall tree in the distance. “My mission is to kill everyone here, but I cant kill you. I can no longer defeat you without killing you since you have reached Divine Realm. Effectively, I have failed.”

“What did you take up a weapon for, in that case”

Shadow Lady raised her head and simpered. “… Im peeved I got deceived.”

As soon as Shadow Lady moved from her spot, Ming Suwen called, “Overarching Heaven!” The quaint sword zipped to her hand while she moved forward to meet it and thrust immediately.

Instead of intercepting Ming Suwens blade or Moyan Luohous, Shadow Lady slashed diagonally at the side of Abels deltoid.

Though Abels prepared himself when he saw Shadow Lady start her offence, he didnt think the swing aimed at Moyan Luohou was a ruse and that he was the target when he was twenty metres away. He cast Evil Eminence Powerfield as fast as he could. Alas, Shadow Ladys slash smashed his field apart, knocking the blood out of him.

Ming Suwen was hot on Shadow Ladys tail when, suddenly, the latter hopped up and chopped down effortlessly, yet it came out with force rivalling Ming Suwens ultimate attack. Ming Suwen had no alternative but to defend the attack. In their successive dozens of attacks, both couldnt find each other or their weapons. When they finally connected with each others blades, Ming Suwen cleaved Shadow Ladys blade in two.

Ming Suwen and Shadow Lady disengaged, keeping up their stances - unmoving. While Ming Suwen was perspiring and had her mouth open, Shadow Lady had yet to finish her warm-up.

Shadow Lady cast aside her broken weapon. “Falling for your ploy ruined my mission, not because youre better than me. Dont forget that.”

A loud thud suddenly came from behind Ming Suwen. Before she could spin around, blood burst from Moyan Luohou. The only window Shadow Lady couldve inflicted the wounds was during her blazing-fast exchange with Ming Suwen; had she aimed for Ming Suwen instead of Moyan Luohou, it wouldve been Ming Suwen who was teetering between life and death.

“Be glad I dont like going back on my word.” In a flash, Shadow Lady had put over twenty metres between them. By the time her last word was audible, she was out of sight.

Ming Suwen peered into the distance and just… kept staring.

Xiao Huangquan quietly called, “Miss Ming…”

Like a hose, Ming Suwen let a mouthful of blood out as she convulsed uncontrollably - a symptom of true qi flowing in the wrong direction.

A loud yelp rang out all of a sudden from far away. Within seconds later, a navy, winged creature descended from the firmament. Correct, it was Pangus eighth son - Black Feathers Shuyu!-

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