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“Whoa!” Feng Xue disengaged again, but he did it with urgency unlike before. “How…” Feng Xues hands shook as he stared at the overcooked bird in his hand. “How come its burnt again Am I even going to have dinner at this rate” He hurled the bird, then thundered, “You overdid the tiger, lizard and now a bird, too You might as well be called Oversized Frying Pan!”

For the first time, Wazi developed an understanding of how it felt to despise someone close to a “parent”. Because of its past as a humans pet, Wazi could understand what Feng Xue was scolding it for. As such, it harboured a strong desire to eat the heart of the old geezer, prompting it to fire purple lightning at Feng Xue.

Feng Xue intuitively side stepped the lightning bolt again. “Its not going to happen, so quit making a fuss. I told you I wont leave.” He sat down on a rock as if he was bored out of his skin to file his nails with a small knife. “As a dragons son, you wouldnt deign yourself to search for another target. Catch me for a snack. If you cant, well keep playing cat and mouse.”

Wazi glared intently at Feng Xue. How much it understood was anyones guess, but Wazi unquestionably wasnt fond of Feng Xue.

All of Pangus sons had different personalities. Saying they all inherited different special abilities referred to the extent to which they inherited rather than meaning they only had one speciality. For instance, Chichen inherited molten armour and fire, but that didnt mean it only had those two abilities; Chichen merely just happened to have particularly high defence attributes besides a fire ability. Baidizi would be the outlier because it was average in every department besides its leadership attribute.

Although Wazi inherited Pangus lightning control, its intelligence stood heads and shoulders above its siblings. Even though Wazi was cleverer than its siblings, it wasnt smart enough to comprehend mankinds language. With that said, it was smart enough to read human emotions based on the smell they emitted. The smell it picked up on was vague to the point that it was a unique experience even for itself. To put its feelings into perspective, imagine if humans could suddenly read the minds of animals. Wazis siblings could barely say they even had the ability to read human emotions. Wazis intelligence was usually employed for nothing besides circus tricks, so it had little motivation for development. During its scrap with Feng Xue, however, he showed a positive spike in development.

Pangus special ability “Dragon Pupils” granted x-ray vision and the ability read human minds. It was precisely this ability that allowed the beasts to read their opponents intentions and counter. According to Mount Daluos records, Heterochromia Crescent Baihuang, was the son that was supposed to inherit the ability. Besides the name, there was no information on Heterchromia Creasent Baihuang. Wazi didnt directly inherit Dragon Pupils, but it had the most advanced version among its currently present siblings.

Le Kuangnu had the hardest time taming Wazi due to the latters combat prowess. To add, Wazi was too proud to share the same space as its brothers. Even Sky Palaces method didnt work all of the time. As a result, Le Kuangnu had to give Wazi special treatment, ignorant to the fact that Wazi was reading him using Dragon Pupils.

As a consequence of Wazis actions, though, it didnt receive much training. Combat wasnt its forte. Even when enhancing its attributes with lightning, Baidizi and Chichen would still beat it. Its saving grace was it learnt inconceivably fast, even more so in a skirmish situation.

Dragon-Slaying Formation couldnt “reduce” their intellect, physical prowess and special abilities, but it influenced their personality in different ways according to which monster was the subject. Without the formation, Chichens bloodlust was unbridled. In regards to Wazi, it gained calmness.

Suddenly, Wazi chose to do what a human would… It fled. Feng Xue reactively gave chase, though he quickly stopped. What was he supposed to do once he caught up Wazi got tangled in Feng Xues ploy because of its pride. If it wanted to leave, Feng Xue couldnt stall it.

As he was contemplating his options, a sick feeling visited Feng Xues, one that reminded him of the madness from ten years ago, except on a larger scale. “Oi, oi, Feizhen! Damn it, kid, why do you have to pick now of all times!”

Ming Feizhen sorted out Feng Xues priorities for him: Wazi needed to die.

“Your thought is congruent with mine, Elder. Shiba has stopped it!”

Boom! Wazi ran into an unmovable obstacle.

Hes bloody strong for his age. Since when did Mount Daluo have such a splendid disciple

As always, she always drew attention with her appearance. Feng Xue flashed his teeth upon seeing her. “Perfect timing, Niece-in-law.”-

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