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The aggressive mentality Six Evils was as mysterious as the reason for their existence and why they were so violent. Nevertheless, not holding the answer to those questions didnt deter people from trying to tame them.

Shaman Monarch Palace had more experience than the majority of people on how to control Six Evils. They did everything they could to research Six Evils ever since they obtained their first dragon from Demon Realm and spent decades to recreate Nieyaos tragedy, thus landing themselves in Demon Realms good graces and attaining further support.

Although it wasnt ever his intention, Gewu fulfilled his duties as Great Spirit Shaman - whilst continuing to impede the growth of Beussents scions. As a consequence, he veered farther and farther off track.

Qiushuis mockery of Le Kuangnu being a snake tamer at the border wasnt baseless; he was actually the greatest beast tamer in Xiacang Anxi fifty years ago. Regardless if the creature was found underwater, in the sky, underground or on land, he had a way to tame them. Alone, however, he didnt have what it took to control a beast of calamity.

The man with a twisted hatred for the world was turned into a pawn since he came in handy. While Gewu searched for taming methods among the old collection of Shaman Faith, Le Kuangnu went directly to the mutations of the calamitous beasts to research a method. Gewu, therefore, was involved in every experiment Le Kuangnu conducted in one way or another. As such, Gewu was arguably more educated on the minds of the beasts than any other soul.

Among the decades investing in experiments, Gewu used live humans many times. He would have them perform simple tasks, such as drinking the dragons blood. Consequently, theyd turn into mindless-bloodthirsty freaks who sounded no different to some wild animal bellowing whenever they opened their mouths. Gewu coined the phenomenon beastbrain mutation. Once the test subjects exceeded their potential - the longest being four hours - theyd burst into bits and pieces. The reason he never used great guyas in the experiments was due to the risk of him failing to beat them.

People who gained the strength of an evil beast gain unimaginable power, so an elite who gained its power would be awfully dangerous and difficult to subdue. Even though they eventually exploded, they wouldve left a trail of destruction behind already. By those accounts, Gewu couldnt fathom how Ming Feizhen hadnt gone on a bloodbath yet.

Although Gewu wasnt aware of how Ming Feizhen obtained a Fengpengs power, the fact was that Ming Feizhen wasnt an offspring of the Fengpeng, so he shouldve died on the same day he obtained its power, let alone gain from it.

Ever since bearing witness to Ming Feizhens slash out of a fantasy story, Gewu couldnt curb the temptation to seize the power of an evil beast for himself; merely seeing Ming Feizhen conjured the ultimate version of himself in his mind.

“Great Spirit Shaman, you look surprised. Is it unfortunate I am getting along with our four esteemed envoys”

At this point, Gewu would have to be inane to not have realised he fell for Ming Feizhens ploy. In the same vein, it dawned on him that Ming Feizhens act was designed to bring the various states leaders to the mountain so that he could pressure Shaman Monarch Palace.

Hes got a big appetite at such a young age. First you demand three months of authority, then take a thousand and five hundred of my followers and now you want to take even my mountain

Gewu had played charades so many times in his time on the planet that it was a natural skill to him now. “Not at all, Your Majesty. If you can mend your relationship with them, we are blessed.”

Ming Feizhen needed a moment to get over the surprising speed at which Gewu adapted.

Qingqius envoy raised a hand. “This one needs to express his appreciation first, Your Majesty.” Though his voice was devoid of displeasure, he kept his body turned away from Ming Feizhen. “Howbeit, this ones Queen did inexplicably die not long ago, and our entire state is in mourning. This one did not come here for a vacation. This one brought all of his states hopes here for two things. The second one is to retrieve his Queens body to put her to rest with the blessings of the Divine Sun. The priority for this journey is to avenge her.” Though he didnt raise his voice, his fire and sorrow came through unmistakably.

“We shall avenge our King!” the other three envoys shouted in synchrony.

Ming Feizhen ambled back to his iron throne and propped himself in it loudly, much to the chagrin of Wanyus King. Wanyus King had been exhausted enough ever since the four monarchs vanished, and now a nutcase was practically putting his state treasure in peril. No matter how well-natured he was, his limits were being tested.

Wanyus King planned to monitor the situation and react accordingly, but Ah Neath kept mum the entire time. If anything, she behaved herself more than all the older people present.

“I understand. In saying that, you cannot make baseless accusations. Do you have any evidence to incriminate me for the deaths of your four monarchs and sacred beasts”

Ming Feizhen wasnt truly as calm as he projected outwardly. Underneath his cool smile was a burning sensation coursing through his meridians. The reason for frost covering the fengqi shenmu house was the wood suppressing the roiling Fengpengs true qi inside him. Being able to show a relaxed appearance took a lot of practice. The bloodbaths he created owing to failures in the past shaped him into the Ming Feizhen before the audience today.

Qingqius envoy contended, “My King said that if he cuts off daily contact, then misfortune has befallen him. They commuted to Sanggongmo to see you. What other reason besides death would explain the sudden lost contact”

“That is some odd reasoning. Being imprisoned can be considered misfortune. Losing a limb qualifies as misfortune. Interrogation without physical abuse counts as misfortune, too. Why are you so certain that misfortune equals death”

The four envoys turned to each other, hoping someone would have more concrete proof, since they came to the conclusion based on declarations that their monarchs were beheaded. Their rulers did suddenly cut off contact, indeed, and Shaman Monarch Palaces image had always been that of villains. Moreover, Shaman Monarch happened to turn up recently. Hence, they determined Shaman Faith was out for Beussent blood again. While their logic was sound, there was no corroboration to establish their logic, witnesses or testimonies of the assassination.

Qingqius envoy got to his feet. “And you havent proven yourself innocent. If… If you can resurrect my King, I… Im your slave until the day I die!” By the time he was done fulminating, his voice was hoarse.

“Took you long enough.”-

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