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Shen Yirens answer did not sit well with Emperor Yuansheng. As his niece, she knew of his kind and doting side better than many others. By the same account, she also knew how decisive and rational he could be. If both of those characters were juxtaposed, the latter would be the Emperor.

“I think I can explain,” Feng Xue opined.

Even Ah Neath looked back at Feng Xue with a raised brow. Ever since Emperor Yuanshengs group entered the royal palace at Baimu, Feng Xue avoided meeting with them, opting to protect Ah Neath from the shadows and not involve himself beyond that duty. Even now, he draped a mantle over to veil his appearance.

“Though his approach was rash, in his defence, he had no alternative. Fengqi shenmu is needed to trap a dragon. One formation could save thousands of lives. He filled me in on the details in a letter. His plan does instil confidence. Your Majesty, you need not worry. Should he try to instigate conflict in Nanjiang, I will be the first to stop him.”

Emperor Yuansheng was aware Feng Xue was Nanjiangs Martial Paragon. Nonetheless, suddenly hearing Feng Xues voice did make Emperor Yuansheng jump. He shook his head, then argued, “Although you possess incredible skill, killing four sovereigns cannot be forgiven so easily. Furthermore, how can someone who does not show his true face be trusted…”

As Emperor Yuansheng reached the end of his argument, Feng Xue started removing the hood covering his bitter smile underneath. “And now”

While Ah Neath couldnt justify Feng Xue speaking up for Ming Feizhen, asking him to show his face in order to convince Emperor Yuansheng to trust them was supposed to be impossible.

“It is you! Big Brother, what are you doing here!” Emperor Yuansheng exclaimed.

Everyone else: Huh Big Brother

Emperor Yuanshengs elder brothers had either passed away or vanished off the face off Earth following their defeat in their bid for the throne; where did this “Big Brother” suddenly come from

Forgetting all about Ming Feizhens crimes, Emperor Yuansheng questioned, “Huanger has been searching for you all these years, as has Father-in-law. Have you been in Nanjiang all these years”

Feng Xue heaved a breath that saw his shoulders rise and fall distinctively. “I never planned to return after I left. Why have Huanger and Father not given up”

Shen Yiren was the only person to remember Luoyangs Feng Clans eldest son, Feng Jie, a man once called Zhongzhous best martial artist. He was a man whose love for travelling saw him on the go more than at home. One day, he disappeared without anyone knowing why or how. Emperor Yuansheng had Liu Shan Men and his entourage search for Feng Jie to fulfil his wife and father-in-laws wish. Alas, they were unable to find any clues, leaving it as a cold case.

Emperor Yuansheng inhaled a big breath of air: “Wh-why did you become Nanjiangs Martial Paragon”

“A myriad of reasons that outsiders do not need to know. Your Majesty, you know I do not make baseless statements. Ming Feizhens plan is quite likely succeed. If your plan is to control Nieyao, you must follow his instructions.”

“Wait, wait, whats this about now Feng Xue, youre not Xiacang Anxi” Ah Neath inquired.

Feng Xue smiled. “I was born in the Central Plain, but I am Xiacang Anxi. That will never change. Your Majesty, did you hear what I said”

Emperor Yuansheng was still hesitant when he heard from outside, “If there is anything you do not understand, why not consult me directly”

Ming Suwen stepped inside and swept her gaze over the lost council. She made her way over to Shen Yiren and whispered, “Telling lies to family doesnt suit you,” making Shen Yiren blush. “Your Majesty, Ming Feizhen is also a member of Mount Daluo. If there is anything you are not satisfied with, why not speak to me”

“Miss Ming, did you come back together with Yiren Sanggongmo…”

“Yes, I just rushed here from Sanggongmo because I was afraid you would misunderstand. Ming Feizhen is currently recharging. There is more to the death of the monarchs than the public is aware of. He wishes to explain to you in person on Mount Wanyu in two days time. Please afford him two days. After all, slaying Six Evils is not something that can be done on a whim. He has found a strategy, but we are still far from being able to deploy it. Please exercise patience, Your Majesty.”

Talk about a long confusion-laden day. Nevertheless, since Feng Xue and Ming Suwen assured him it was all right, Emperor Yuansheng put his trust in them for now. “In that case, I shall grant him two days.” Emperor Yuansheng turned back to Feng Xue. “Brother, you must be honest with me: how much longer do you plan on travelling Huanger has been waiting for news on you.”

“Now that I have revealed myself, I have no choice but to go back. Please tell Father that I shall pay him a visit in August this year.”

Shen Yiren breathed a breath of relief that she missed, only for Emperor Yuansheng to order her to call Abels and Beussent in for a meeting. After all the pleasantries, they moved on to discussing Six Evils.

“Mount Daluos undertaking is to slay Six Evils. Brother Luo crossed paths with them ten years ago, so he is most privy. Brother Luo, is the white python the dragon of Six Evils”

Luo Ming looked up at Ming Suwen. “… Yes and no. Miss Ming should know better than I do. Six Evils dragon does not refer to a dragon but a race.”

“A race”

Ming Suwen elaborated, “According to Mount Daluos records, a key line in the dragons profile is,The dragon has nine children, each of which is a different type. Dragons are lazy by nature. Unless necessary, they will not take the initiative to build an army and feast on humans. Only two types among Six Evils have the ability to reproduce, one of which is the dragon. Female dragons can give birth, and they usually give birth to nine. The nine offspring are born more dangerous than mutated beasts by far. The Yanhui is only one of the nine and is the strongest among its siblings.”


Zhongzhou - Now Henan Province.-

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