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Ten of the “rogues” among the many “rogues” who were invited out of the underbelly of the world to Baimus royal palace were granted entry into the throne room. Howbeit, only one man was granted his own study - Hero Li.

While Hero Li never explicated who he was, if one were to observe the respect others gave him, theyd discern he was likely their master. Why anyone would call their master “Hero” was beyond Ah Neath, but, since he called the shots, she didnt have an issue with providing him a room. The situation started to derail, though, due to Shen Yirens absence.

Hero Li started replicating his life back home. His personnel went to and fro his room every day to discuss political affairs and their Nanjiang campaign; he even made time to go through reports. Military personnel lined up on the right. Civil officers lined up on the left. All officers lined up according to rank. The only thing they had yet to do was say, “Long live Your Majesty.” Ah Neath couldnt fathom how come his daily schedule was more jam-packed than hers.

Immediately following his discussion on a business transaction between the Central Plain and Nanjiang with Abels, Luo Siming came in to converse with Hero Li.

Neither Dugu, Hero Lis bodyguard, or Lyu Yaoqin, Hero Lis maid, said a word when Luo Siming entered. Hero Li continued going through reports until he heard Luo Siming express, “Greetings, Hero Li,” in which he looked up for a second before returning to writing.

“Have a seat,” Emperor Yuansheng said.

“Siming is grateful; however, Siming is not worthy of sitting before you. Siming shall accept the thought with gratitude, nevertheless.”

“You like Yiren, dont you”

Luo Simings feelings seared through his cheeks: “… It is true that nothing escapes your wise eyes, Hero Li.”

“Heh, confessing without any hesitation. A true man, huh. How about,” Hero Li raised his head, grin slapped across his face, “I betroth Yiren to you”

Words failed Luo Siming.

Emperor Yuansheng wagged his hand. “Im just putting it out there. I cant bear to marry Yiren off.”

I still cant get used to speaking to His Majesty… Hang on. Isnt Miss Shen engaged Why would His Majesty even bring this up

“That said, judging from your reaction just now, perchance you were overwhelmed and flattered, but I dont think there was joy. It appears you dont like her that much.

Luo Siming held his hands in a cupped-fist salute. “Due to the drastic changes, Siming does not have a desire to have a family at the moment.”

“Youre honest. This brings us to the main subject. Your father, the Heavenly Swordsman confining himself to the carriage, is needed for this campaign in Nieyao. Unfortunately, he has been in low spirits ever suffering defeat at the hands of Empyrean Zha; he has not said a word since. He seems to have lost motivation for revenge. You know why I summoned you now”

“Understood. Siming shall dispense every effort to convince his father to make up for his errors.”

“Glad you understood. Now go.”

Emperor Yuansheng heaved a big breath after finishing the reports he hadnt finished. “Have agents deliver these back. For emergencies, have hawk soldiers send them.”

Emperor Yuansheng didnt have any qualms decreeing despite Lyu Yaoqin also being there because she could be trusted, and the ordeals they went through together made it easier to open up.

Emperor Yuansheng stared at the letter remaining on the cleared table. Mount Daluos disciples had to decipher the letter that was secretly delivered from Mount Daluo.

“… Per the letter, Constable Ming wants us to march into Wanyu together. Whats your opinion, Dugu”

Dugu opined, “Baimu and Xiuyu are neighbours. Therefore, His Highness Green Prince could promptly come to our aid if anything happened. Wanyu, on the other hand, is the strongest state in Nanjiang in addition to being far from His Highness fief. There may not be enough time for him to provide support should we encounter any problems. Perhaps Brother Ming means well, but he has overlooked the challenges we will face once we mobilise.”

While Emperor Yuansheng brooded over Dugus input, more reports started to make their way onto his desk. He opened the most important letter and smiled. “Lets head to Wanyu, then. There are no more concerns.”

Dugu blurted, “What makes you say so, Hero Li”

“See for yourself, hahaha. Destiny is on our side!”

According to the letter, Bai Laimu was finally on his way back to them after completing his assignment.

“Navagraha Magic Star Ceremony has finally arrived.”


My feet kissed the rug made from beast fur. The basins of fire on the ground kept me warmer than the warmth in spring. My long couch melted the tension out of my body. There was a pot of lamb on the desk to my left, a pot of tea on the desk to my right. After travelling north for several days, putting on exhibitions and polishing my name, I needed the recovery.

“Your Majesty, does this feel good”

“Your Majesty, is this the right spot”

“Your Majesty.”

The fourteen female followers massaging me from head to toe with their tender hands took me back to a certain place in Beiping, except their skills were a far cry from the service in Beiping.

“Dont fight. Dont fight. Only three people can help me with my arms. Keep it up. Man, Im so sleepy.”

Just as sleep was starting to set in, Yangyang came in and yelled, “Brother Your Majesty, you have two guests!”

“Huh Who”

“They said they are your wife and sister-in-law.”

“Tell them to go away.”

I shut my eyes and tried going to sleep again…

Wait a sec…

By the time I opened my eyes again, two ladies endowed with arresting beauty were already at the entrance of my tent.

Why are you two here! Stop! Stop! I can explain!

“I didnt mean th-, stop! This massage isnt what you think! Stop! Stop! Help! Help!”-

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