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Martial King s Retired Life Volume 10 Chapter 104 Two Stories (Part 7)

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Ming Suwen brewed a new pot of tea since the last pot had gone cold during her story. “You must also be thirsty. Have some tea.”

Shen Yiren needed a moment to zone back in. In contrast to Ming Suwens delicate manner of drinking, Shen Yiren wasnt so stiff. Once she hydrated, she closed her eyes to return to the story. “I… didnt know he had such a past. He… mustve been in a lot of pain.”

Ming Suwen replaced herself and Ming Feizhen with “she” and “he” in her story. Nonetheless, Shen Yiren could tell who they were and Ming Suwen substituted their names since she told Ming Feizhen that she wouldnt listen to his secrets if he didnt want to tell her. For the same reason, Ming Suwen never mentioned any of their background details.

Shen Yiren seldom interrupted Ming Suwens story with questions. Gradually, Shen Yiren saw herself living in the moment with them, watching Ming Feizhen defend Ming Suwen and seeing every expression he switched between. It wasnt very hard to match the young boy with the adult version she knew.

“Yeah. I heard that Six Evils might is impossible to estimate, but we know that large beasts cant withstand them, and adepts are as fragile as sandcastles to them. The pain… I witnessed him suffer isnt something a human can bear.

“Overnight, his bones, nerves and skin underwent a drastic transformation at the behest of some kind of energy. His bones broke and regrew repetitively. Even though he wasnt conscious, hed start rolling in bed whenever he had a lapse.

“I doubt you knew about this as its the top secret of Mount Daluo. Feizhen has always been the type to be a victim of tunnel vision as well as preferring to solve things on his own. Hell take it all on his shoulders and then walk off without asking for anything once hes done. You probably wouldnt ever know any of this if I didnt tell you because hes never wanted to talk about it.”

Shen Yiren bobbed her head: “… Im not educated on Six Evils. After he ate it…”

“My cousin says that Six Evils life source is aggressive qi, which actually resembles humankinds true qi. Nobody has wielded their qi, though. It would destroy humans meridians, and the most advanced mental cultivation styles work on true qi, and the drivers are what is compatible with them. Its not easy to find a discipline that can manipulate Six Evils qi.”


Ming Suwen let a winsome smile bloom: “What other discipline besides Wudangs Tai Chi could be capable of refining a mountain of energy into thin needles”

“Patriarch Ming… really stole Wudangs Tai Chi”

“Though Im not privy to the details, it was something like that. Else, Feizhen wouldnt be alive.”

“Huan Xinglai!”

“How do you know that name Oh, he used it in Huzhou.”

Shen Yiren hadnt forgotten the bemusing and unimaginable spectacle. “No wonder why hes so proficient at Tai Chi. Im equally amazed that Mount Daluo and Wudang havent gone to war.”

“Well, youre only saying that because you dont know what sort of man Mount Daluos patriarch is. Theres hardly been anything that he hasnt been able to do when he sets his mind to it. Ive heard several absurd things hes done. Every time he gets married, he turns the martial world on its head and sideways. Hes pretty much always had his way when he wants something or someone. My cousin took him in as a disciple because of his fortune.”

Hah, sounds exactly like Feizhen. Hang on, fortune

“What is Patriarch Mings forrtune reading”

“Oh, I guarantee you didnt expect this. My cousin caught him pinching food before when he wasnt even ten. You know how he explained himself He said he stole the food for my cousin. Intrigued, my cousin decided to read his fortune. The reading said - Devil Incarnate.”

“Devil Incarnate”

“My cousin says he was born with the fate. If left to his own devices, hed plunge the world into chaos. My cousin took him under his wings in hopes that he could use his gifts for good. I dont know how he mentored him, but I suppose my cousin deserves credit for circumventing him leading Demon Sect.”

A while later into their conversation, Ming Suwen stated, “I have another story to tell. This is more recent and without the emotional rollercoaster.”

Ming Suwen nonchalantly gave a recount of Ming Feizhens clash with Jin Wangsun for the patriarch spot, the Imperial Martial Arts Tournament, the story of her offering herself for sale after witnessing him flirt with Princess Jingan and so forth. Shen Yirens nerves were in a bundle the entire time until they reached the part where Ming Feizhen brought Ming Suwen back to Liu Shan Men.

“No wonder why you suddenly had a change of heart and chose to join Liu Shan Men.”

Ming Feizhen did tell Shen Yiren the story, albeit in a much more condensed and censored form.

“I know Feizhen cares about me, but I did that because I didnt think he liked me until today… Im now satisfied with life. I assume you know what I mean.”

Shen Yiren fathomed why Ming Suwen shared her personal feelings and the secrets of Mount Daluo without needing to be told.

“… Let me also tell you a story. There was once a girl blessed with parents who cherished her. One day, someone killed her parents. Although she survived the blaze, she didnt know where to go next. A man saved her and gave her a reason to live. She then tried her best to restore her familys glory, their blood, sweat and tears, and set out to avenge them. Shes sold herself. Half of her heart perished in the inferno with her parents. The other half is dedicated to her saviour.”

“Doesnt sound like a story.”

“Sound like or doesnt sound like, it makes no difference. My body is sold. My heart has been given away. I have no rights to myself. All I can give is an empty shell. I am grateful you appreciate me, but let us end this topic here.”-

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