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Martial King s Retired Life Volume 10 Chapter 09 Collision

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Shen Yiren and Ming Feizhen headed to Luo Mings cell together for only those she personally took there were permitted a visit. Emperor Yuansheng needed to remain out of public eye because he had yet to return from the publics knowledge.

For a reason unbeknownst to Ming Feizhen, Shen Yiren wouldnt engage in conversation with him when he tried to strike up a conversation; her attitude was the same as when he entered the room. He was unaware of the rumours surrounding her and him that were circulating in the imperial courts camp. They all knew he was the one who rescued her, and the two of them were absent from the tournament leading up to it.

When people consulted Su Xiao, he puffed his cheeks, stamped his feet and blasted Ming Feizhen for tricking him. When they consulted Hong Jiu, he put two jugs of wine on the table, accompanying it with a plate of beef, took his time enjoying both as he told the confusing, unhelpful story: “Leader and His Beautiful Superiors 48 Hour Disappearance.”

Shen Yiren noticed people sending well wishes with their gazes, while Song Ou saw them sending him smug “Hang in there, buddy” looks. Once he found out what it was all about, he evolved into the spiteful man he is now, while Shen Yiren erected a wall between her and Ming Feizhen. Walls and Ming Feizhen, though…

“Boss, you know the pork shoulders in the north and south are different First, they choose different types. The taste of pork in the north is refreshing…” Ming Feizhen just kept going and going, seemingly oblivious to Shen Yirens intensifying fire.

Why is he so perceptive except when it comes to this I just want to choke him right now instead of keeping up this indifferent façade.

Ming Feizhen liked to read, but it had to be gossip, or he wouldnt read. His favourites were stories related to the pugilistic world, legends and so forth, but romance was not his cup of tea. The only reason he skimmed the romance sections were to show appreciation as a fan of the magazines.

Shen Yiren never cared what others thought of how she treated her subordinates or what baseless rumours theyd associate her with. Had it been Tang Ye who was walking beside her, she wouldnt have batted an eye, though she mightve scared off those who kept rambling. Ever since the day Ming Feizhen promised to never lie to her again, however, something deep down inside her changed. She could no longer be indifferent to his antics, be relaxed or see him as just another subordinate.

The more people come into contact with each other, the more “ideas” are born. The more we want to understand someone, the closer we try to get to them. The deeper down the rabbit hole we go, the harder it is to pull ourselves out. What sort of emotions develop as a consequence is anyones guess.

Knowing how tough it was to handle the rumours, Shen Yiren was determined to prove them false.

Ming Feizhen cut off Shen Yirens path. “Boss.”

“Why are you suddenly pulling over”

“Youre acting weird. Im getting embarrassed telling these lame jokes, yet you havent even whipped out your inkstone yet. I know youre busy, but you dont need to be contemplating work even when youre walking, do you”

Shen Yiren walked past Ming Feizhen. “… Its none of your business.”

Ming Feizhen went after Shen Yiren. “What are you thinking about Sharing is caring.”

“Its none of your business.”

“Whats for dinner”

“Its none of your business.”

“You could put a bit more thought into your rejection, couldnt you Try another line.”

“… Its none of your bloody business.”

“Hahaha, youre fine, then. I was worried some evil spirit possessed you, but you can still be rude.”

Based on his tone, Ming Feizhen was undoubtedly expressing care and worry even though he expressed it through nonsensical words. The look of relief that came to his lips stole a second of Shen Yirens heart.

I, I cant let my guard down around him!

“G-get behind me. Its beyond the pale for you to walk beside me.” It was an order, yet nothing about it resembled one. If anything, it was meekly delivered.

“Oh, okay.”

Whats with her today

Shen Yiren: Finally. My job will be complete once we reach his cell. Just a little further.

Shen Yiren proudly led Ming Feizhen through the prying eyes around them. When the thought of turning around to him surfaced, she noticed he was staring at her with his arms crossed. From what she could tell, the most likely spot his gaze was on was between her legs. Feeling her hips go numb and body temperature begin to soar, she lost focus on her footing, thereby tripping. She immediately caught herself when Ming Feizhen put a foot forward to catch her.

“Im fine. St-stay where you are.”


Shen Yiren couldnt cull the perception of a ticklish, warm and gentle touch on her hips that was the same size as Ming Feizhens hand despite never remembering him ever touching her that way. The more she imagined the gaze on her backside, the more erratic her gait grew until she decided she had to stop and address it.

“I told you to behave. Wh-what are you doing”


Cheeks rosy, Shen Yiren commanded, “Y-you keep on… behind me… In any event, its unacceptable!”

“How isin any event unacceptable”

“Walk beside me.”

Just what in the world is going on here!

Sitting beside the two rows of buildings at the centre of the estate was Bodhi Abels. “Brother Ming, Miss Shen, its been a while.”

“Hows it going, Brother Bodhi”

“Greetings, Sir Yuying.”

Behind Abels was the room that had been modified into a prison cell for Luo Ming and his conspirators. Emperor Yuansheng took Abels up on his offer to guard Luo Ming because Emperor Yuansheng needed Lai Jingzhens protection. Nobody else besides the new newly-instated second rank Flying Eagle could possibly be more qualified to watch over Luo Ming.

Besides repaying Ming Feizhen, Abels only made the offer because he happened to be there and wanted to get to the bottom of this trap he fell in before leaving Huzhou.

Emperor Yuansheng entrusted Ming Feizhen with persuading Luo Ming to join their campaign to Nieyao City as Luo Ming refused to utter a word, eat, drink or spare anyone a look after waking up.

“Ive been ordered to visit the man inside.”

Abels smiled: “Your master said nobody is permitted to visit him. In saying that, I cant stop you even if he never gave the order.”

“Lets drink after I come out.”

“I shall be waiting.”

Shen Yiren was relieved to see Ming Feizhen enter, only for Emperor Yuansheng to give her a fright when he popped out and told her and Abels to hush. He explained, “Im worried, so Im here to observe.” He then sneaked in on his toes and stuck his face up the gap in the doors.

Ming Feizhen opened Luo Mings cell and sat down behind the latter. Instead of speaking, Ming Feizhen yawned and that was it for a while.

“… That broadsword really isnt all that.”

Luo Mings eyes flew open: “Its a sword!”


Yuying (Flying Eagle) - Theres a chance that this title will transform according to usage because the “flying” character can mean a plethora of other things, all of which would make sense for him. For instance, it could also mean “guardian eagle”, “dominant eagle” and more.-

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