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Martial King s Retired Life Volume 9 Chapter 145 Past

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“My, my, what brings you here This one apologies for not welcoming you earlier.” Mr. Ans black mask gave the impression he was wearing seven emotions on at once.

Ming Feizhen let Mr. An have his fun: “You sound like you know me.”

Mr. An flicked up a thumb: “Who does not know of Night Fortress master This one has been busy and still is. He would have offered you a drink when you arrived, otherwise.”

Ming Feizhen folded his arms and leaned back on the wall, fully aware he was watching a charade. The longer he left the man of the darkness to his devices, the more threatening Ming Feizhen felt him grow. Ming Feizhen yawned and said, “Take your time speaking. If one hour isnt enough, you can have two. If one day isnt enough, you can have two. The celestial prisons food is pretty good, I hear. Ill be happy to have three drinks with you when youre there.”

“… Guess well cut to the chase, then.”

Although Ming Feizhen didnt budge, it took Hong Jiu and Tang Ye everything they had to not suffocate themselves from shock when Mr. An discharged his cold, diabolic qi.

“Master Ming really is Master Ming. This one has something he would like you to enlighten him to.”

Ming Feizhen pinched his nose: “Go ahead.”

“Dont be like that. The imperial courts reinforcements have only just arrived when you already beat Luo Ming, so you should be busy. Why are you here”

“Are you telling me you cant figure that out for yourself” Ming Feizhen joined the game of farces and wore on a disillusioned look.

“Im a stupid man and cant stand it when I dont have a clear-cut answer to my queries. Please indulge me.”

“… There seemed to be more than what met the eye, so I had Second watch for anyone present trying to reap the fruits of someone elses labour. If there was, then he was to notify me.”

“It is an honour for a minor character, such as myself, to catch your attention.” Mr. An scratched his head as though he was embarrassed until he heard, “I wasnt referring to this event but further back.” He responded, “… Oh”

“If this minor character you speak of is A-Ji, then, no, I didnt pay much attention to him. You did well to conceal yourself. I never wouldve suspected a young man with Luo Ming; I just drew conjectures based on the bigger events.

“Since my fight with Jin Wangsun in the imperial city, Ive had this suspicion that someone has ensnared me in their trap. Theres no chance somebody can spy on me without my awareness, but Jin Wangsun was a different case. All they had to do was instate him as the spy, and use him to predict my moves. After he went missing, Ive been trying to figure out what was really going on. No matter how I tried to reverse engineer it, there were always two conditions that had to be fulfilled regardless of what the truth was. First, there had to be something enormous to gain from the risky operation. Second, the one who pulled it off… had to be an extremely skilled adept working behind the scenes.

“In Luo Mings underground secret chamber, I learnt about his revenge plan, and it was surprisingly simple. Forge a Nine States Enervating Blade and then go to Nanjiang. Theres nothing surprising about his motive. The important question was, who supplied him with the blueprints He nearly dies in Nanjiang, and then not only does he suddenly possess the blueprints, but he also colludes with Abels, frames people and a whole series of other things. The inherent high risk of the plan reminded me of my match with Jin Wangsun. Coincidentally, the plan also required the exact same two prerequisites to work.

“When I was still questioning if it was pure coincidence, Luo Ming swiped all my doubt away and gave me the confidence to conclude I was onto something with his sword. A-Hu took something from Zhaixing Hall, though I dont know what it is. The cold qi” - Ming Feizhen fixed his gaze on Purple Forbidden Enclosure Dragon Slayer, making it vibrate as though his gaze rustled its feathers - “is identical to the one coming from the sword. When I saw the sword, I realised that defeating Luo Ming was only the beginning of the real show.”

“… You mean to say you purposely sent the sword flying No wonder why it happened to land in such a convenient spot, yet well out of sight.”

“Are you… stupid…” Ming Feizhen asked with a sigh. Slowly but surely, his eyes glinted red. “Given I could beat Luo Ming when he had the sword, a clear mind and polished skills, why didnt I just finish him when he was injured Was there any point in waiting for him to finish his sword”

“… Why, then”

“I was luring you out, Mastermind.”

Ive been dancing to his tune all this time How amusing. So Im still human, huh

“Hahaha.” As he laughed, Mr. Ans appearance contorted along with the flames flickering on the candles. “Ming Huayu must be proud to have raised such a competent disciple. Now this is entertaining, hahaha.”

“Sounds like you still dont get it.”

Mr. An fossilised.

By the time Ming Feizhen raised his head again, his red eyes were drilling a hole their targets heart. “Let me repeat myself.” Ming Feizhens fingers cracked as they curled up. “The reason Ive had to endanger people I care about and helplessly pray they will be fine, as well as resist the torment to raze this manor to the ground, is to lure you out and capture you. Get it now, dimwit I dont care what your machinations are. It doesnt matter to me anymore. Walk your behind over here. Ill happily kick it for you, you snollygoster.”

H-hes making my brain stutter

“… Just putting it out there: I always felt wed meet face to face when we least expect it and say what you just did. Only, I didnt expect to meet so soon. My, my, Ming Zhen, you no nice. Why did you have to expose me already”

Ming Feizhen hiked up a corner of his lips: “How about you stop trying to sound friendly with me I dont know any slimeballs, like you.”

Its not time to fight him yet. If we fight, it wont end until one of us dies…

“You want to party, huh … Hahaha, all right, lets make this an even bigger party.”

Mr. An zoomed back into the room, reaching the end in no time, thereby cornering himself.

Hong Jiu: “Is he really going to charge into a wall!”

Boom! Mr. An crashed through the thick wall and made a beeline to the ring, landing fifteen metres away from Emperor Yuansheng, who had Qilin Guards all around him.

“Hahaha.” Mr. An spread his arms and bowed in an exaggerated motion once again. “Reigning Emperor, this ones name is… Mr. An.”


Pinching nose - When youre trying to be rude (whether as a joke or not), you might use the phrase thats used when saying, “Fart” in Chinese, implying whatever someone says is utter bullcrap. Yes, you literally substitute the word “fart” for “speak”. Ming Feizhen is implying the same thing when he pinches his nose. I changed Mr. Ans response, which was, “Please smell it,” to “Dont be like that,” since theres no way it can make any sense to you unless you know that fact.-

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