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If celebrity couples were in a thing in the martial arts community, then Luo Ming and his wife were the model couple fifteen years ago. The two childhood friends grew together and saw the rest of the world together until an unkind illness struck his wife by surprise. Unfortunately, it was too much for his martial prowess or doctors knowledge. Their worst challenge was suppressing it when it set in so fast.

Luo Ming wouldve exchanged Luo Sword Manor for his wifes life, so it was no surprise that he set his eyes on Beijiangs Sea Deer Hunter, a broadsword capable of loaning internal energy to suppress any ailment, which would provide them with more time to search for a cure. Sadly, she succumbed to her condition without a final goodbye on the very day he was scheduled to set out for Beijiang.

After Luo Ming mourned his late wife in his secret chamber for ten days straight, he emerged with a new thin, exquisite sword. He placed the sword in Sword Spirit House until he replaced it with his eldest sons sword. During his period of mourning, he spent his days with the new sword and seldom involved himself in the clans affairs again, let alone smithing. Had Green Prince not asked for his help, Luo Ming wouldve retired early as he lost his motivation ever since he lost his wife. As such, Shen Yiren taking Yujing could be considered removing Luo Mings seal.

“Give… Yujing back!”



Shen Yiren only realised Abels punched Luo Ming back, which took place when Luo Ming launched himself at her, after she saw Luo Ming tumble across the ground. Else, Luo Ming couldve decapitated her without her even being aware when or how.

Luo Ming bellowed as he got to his feet, elevating the dust around him. Huffing and puffing, he repeated, “Yujing… Yujing… Yujing!”

Abels locked on to Luo Ming as the latter took off toward them again.

Hes even stronger than before How can someones internal energy climb so rapidly Wait a minute. Dont tell me his primitively violent energy is coming from his sword.

Abels stopped Luo Ming once again; however, despite Abels holding down Luo Mings body, Luo Ming was still able to swing the sword in his right arm, the sound of it whizzing through space resembling a beasts howl.

Shen Yiren had limited options when Abels and Luo Ming were so far ahead of her; it was the same situation as fighting someone with an enormous weight and height difference. Regardless, she instinctively drew her sword and thrust at Luo Ming.

Purple Forbidden Enclosure Dragon Slayer hit Yujing harder than ever. Abels couldnt save Shen Yiren even if he could end Luo Ming in one punch because Purple Forbidden Enclosure Dragon Slayer possessed Enlightenment attributes.

“… Yujing… Stop!”

Luo Ming wrenched his sword off its path, hitting the ground instead of cleaving Shen Yiren, consequently suffering an internal injury. The world suddenly came to a pause once Shen Yirens sword came out the other side of Luo Mings chest.

“… You…” Luo Ming fell to the ground.

Shen Yiren stared at the blood on her sword, unable to believe she stung Luo Ming.

“He cant be spared after all the heinous deeds hes committed. Leave him to me. You go rescue him first,” Abels conveyed. “I only just woke up from his hypnotism, or rather, a nightmare he cast on me. Those inside it dont know theyre trapped inside an illusion. Seconds in real time are equivalent to years inside. I dont know when, if ever, Id have come to on my own. If Brother Ming is caught in the same spell, he wont be able to wake up without help.”

Shen Yiren couldnt resist looking back at Luo Ming, flabbergasted, and then made haste for the cauldron.

Abels figured Luo Ming was unlikely dead when he still had Sea Deer Hunter on him: “Luo Ming, you beat me once and spared me once. I cant call myself a fair man if I kill you in your current state. At the same time, given what you did to my brothers, you dont deserve mercy. Ill take an arm and a leg from you. Then, Ill kill your fourth son, destroy your cauldron and burn down your home. You kill a thousand of my people, and Ill kill two thousand of your people. If you want revenge, Ill take you on anytime.” Abels then detained Luo Ming in his blue energy, empowering him to take a limb if he willed so.


“Whats so funny Youre next.” Abels zipped over to Nanjiangs Poison King and apprehended the latter. “As Luo Mings strategist, Im sure you were involved in the massacre of my brothers. You think Ill let you go.”

“You have any idea what youre dealing with” Poison King queried with a sneer that convinced Abels to tune in. “We spent around two decades nurturing the sword core that was sealed for twenty years since its contaminated with sinister, frosty energy. Even the best martial artists arent immune to its influence. At the end of the day, though, its sinister qi was collected from external sources. Thats why theres a limit.”

It had been years since Abels had felt dominated. The last time he felt the adrenaline pump so distinctly was when a Divine Realm warrior shocked him, which was before the days he reached Divine Realm. The difference between this time and previous times was that he even he had a spark of doubt he could overcome it.

A faint golden glimmer coated Luo Ming, almost making his body appear transparent. Luo Mings Enlightenment was red, not golden. This was the golden glow of a sovereign.

“Finally.” A symbol of victory flourished on Poison Kings lips.

Abels blue prison on Luo Ming split in two, revealing the dragon on Purple Forbidden Enclosure Dragon Slayer had been completely dyed red.-

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