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Martial King s Retired Life Volume 9 Chapter 52 For Freedom

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How many days has it been Where are we, even If I could call Dad or Second Brother here… Id already be out of this crap hole. Can Hong Jius rat really bring help How is he even sleeping so soundly in this situation Hes tried to break out seven times already, catching them off guard each time. Is he overconfident, or does he not have any confidence to begin with Props to him for being ballsy, though.

That said, how the hell do you fail to finish the warden and let him call for reinforcements Never mind. I forgot you managed to dig your way into the loo while the man was doing his business… How the heck can you be so tough, yet trip over a banana peel and be brought back

Thanks to Hong Jius failed attempts, Song Ou and he put on a diet of hay. On a brighter note, a fat rat came through a hole, moving the hay they had stacked up.

“Ar-arent you Wugufengdeng”

Hong Jiu sprung up from his sleep as though as if he was trying to do a kip up in his sleep, true qi roiling as though it had been waiting for its moment to shine.

“Do you need to wake up with so much style and so abruptly You trying to give me a heart attack”

Hong Jiu inhaled similarly to a man out of water and beamed: “Its Leader!”


“I smell Leader!”

“Does he not wash or something”

“Want to get hit! Gods would pay to smell his fart. They call him man among men. Youre not even qualified to lay eyes on him.”

“Please never introduce me to him. More pertinently… what do you mean Is help really coming”

After conversing with Wugufengdeng, Hong Jiu burst out in laughter: “It really is Leader! Finally! At long last.”

The hell is he on about

“Heya, Warden Li, its me, Jiujiu, buddy.”

“I havent repaid you for knocking me out this month yet! What the hell do you want now!” Warden Li walked over and slammed on the iron rails: “What the hell do you want, you wanker!”

“What else, bro” Hong Jiu flashed the pearly whites in the corner of his mouth: “Prison break, bro.”

Hong Jiu broke free of the iron ball weighing him down and then extended his arm outside the iron rails, slamming his palm into the wardens head. Hong Jiu had done the same thing on previous occasions, luring them to the iron rails and then knocking them out to escape.


Wugufengdeng slipped outside to search the warden.

“Is help really coming Can we finally escape this time” queried Song Ou.

“Hahaha, with Leader coming, who could possibly stop me Song Ou, weve put up with enough. Its time to get out of here.”

Wugufengdeng came back empty mouthed and squeaked, “No key.”

Even if Warden Li wasnt the brightest tool in the shed, surely hed be smarter than to keep his keys on him after Hong Jiu pulled the same stunt multiple times already.

“Whats the matter Why arent you opening up” questioned Song Ou.

In a deep voice, Hong Jiu ordered, “Step back.”

“Huh What”

“I said step back. Im not taking any blame if you get caught.”

Hong Jiu pulled his hands back to his hips. Song Ou started gasping for air as all the air in the room concentrated around Hong Jius hands.

“The. Dragon. Fights. In. The. Wilderness!” Hong Jiu thrust both arms forward at full throttle, sending their iron rails into the iron rails of the prison opposite them, though their rails were completely contorted by the time of impact.

The strategy worked, though the drawback was that they successfully alerted every guard without the enemy needing to call for backup.

“Its him again!”

“Ill get him for breaking my nose!”

“Bring it on! My hands versus your heads!” Hong Jiu smashed and pummelled his way through the narrow path, crying, “For freedom! Here I come, Leader!”-

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