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Why has the fight escalated from a match to a life-and-death match! We were told to subdue her without hurting her How are we supposed to do that when shes coming out with haymakers! Shes on the young side, but shes pretty. I guess thats why he was willing to take a hit in her presence.

Su Xiao repelled the metal broadsword swung at him. Another swing came through the defence line to go for Su Xiaos neck.

“What are you doing! Help!”

How! Whatever, its do or die now. Ill kill this chick and then get the hell out of here!

Su Xiao wasnt supposed to be able to dodge the slash; even his hairs wanted to eject from his skin. Only he, however, could see the metal broadsword inching closer in slow motion. To speak more correctly, everything within his field of vision moved so slow that he could even had time to count the number of wrinkles on his adversarys forehead. While everything and everyone moved at a crawl, he felt himself moving at a sprint.

Su Xiao ducked under the blade and, catching the blade in his teeth, retreated seven steps prior to twisting his body to terminate the force of the swing. He couldnt even conjure a counterattack strategy, yet he could see the follow up punch in slow motion.

Strange… Why is he…

Su Xiao spotted innumerable openings on his opponent to the point that he had trouble choosing where to hit until determining a strike to his opponents rib would end the fight.

It must be my breathing. Big Brother Ming did say this breathing style is most apt for combat.

Su Xiao drew Ancient Cold, whacking his foe to the ground on an angle: “I… used the reverse side of my blade.” Su Xiao couldnt explain the feeling, but it was as though he was holding something else.

As Su Xiao stared down one man, the man stared back, confident his broadsword skills were superior. Little did he expect Su Xiao to shoot over as fast as an arrow. Three metres away from each other, the man blustered, “You wont catch me!”

Su Xiao had shot past his target and drew his weapon before the latter realised it. In an arc, Su Xiao slammed his hilt into his opponents head, sleeping the latter. Even though he wasnt the brightest tool in the shed, even Su Xiao could discern he had grown stronger.

The spear wielder, Ma Liang, clapped: “Splendid, Miss.”

Su Xiao blew air into his cheeks and yelled, “Im a man!” spoiling the rest of Ma Liangs praise speech.

At this point, Ma Liang realised that Ming Feizhen wasnt going to give them a second order after subduing Su Xiao for the point of the mission was to help refine Su Xiaos skills.

Arrogant prick. She may be fast, but shes no much for me alone, let alone with help.

Ma Liang provoked, “If we dont do anything, shes going to drop both of us.”

The broadsword wielder responded, “Though shes half decent, shes still got a long way to go before she reaches my level. Anyone can mop the floor with her. To show gratitude for not hurting my brothers, lets get her together but not hurt her.”

“Miss, I dont have anything against you. Im somewhat known in Nanjings martial w-”

“You are Ma Liang from the ministry of justice What is a rank seven government official doing here” Su Xiao questioned upon recalling where he heard the name Ma Liang before.

If Su Xiao reported Ma Liang for allying with unorthodox sects, the latter would be in trouble.

“I dont know what youre talking about.”

While Su Xiao managed to guard against the spear thrust in time, he lost the initiative.

Im still superior to her even if she is superb.

Su Xiao tried his hand at gaining ground but was denied until he reached the cavern entrance.

“Have you lost it! What are you doing!” The broadsword wielder saw through Ma Liangs intent to take Su Xiaos life.

Ma Liang bore fangs in his smile: “This is a lesson to remember. Remember to tell King of Hell you died because you talk too much.”

Losing his balance, Su Xiao cried, “B-Big Brother Ming, Im being bullied!” Alas, he didnt receive an answer. Ming Feizhen, on the other hand, almost laughed.


Something knocked Ma Liangs spear off its trajectory, granting Su Xiao a brief moment to roll out of range. As much as he was anxious, Ma Liang knew better than to press the attack when he wouldnt have been able to avoid the attack if it was aimed at his face.

“Who is it Ma Liang requests an audience.”

“Youre not qualified to carry our shoes, let alone be greeted an audience with us,” a maiden replied. “Ill give you the opportunity to scram.”

“What makes you think I should scram just because you demand so”

“Three words: Yu Feiyuan.”


Yu Feiyuan is three words - In Chinese, each character is only one syllable. For syntax reasons, “Fei” and “yuan” are attached, but theyre technically considered two words.-

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