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Su Xiao and Tie Hanyi broke off from the group to escape, while Yu Feiyuan led them on a chase for over two hours thus far, avoiding leaping since it would throw off those she was tasked with stalling. The reason Evil Spirits pursued her and let the others go was due to the two being unknown faces.

The hundred men on Yu Feiyuan barely had any morale left as they didnt even have a chance to fire an arrow at Yu Feiyuan, let alone close the gap. If they stopped to fire an arrow, their cohorts behind them would crash into them, self-sabotaging their formation. She tested them to find their top sped and purposely maintained the same pace so that they wouldnt ever catch up. To add, she didnt even breathe hard unlike them. All they could do was curse and lament their limited tanks while showering in their perspiration.

Yu Feiyuans qinggong derived from Wutong Jin Yuxuans All-Encompassing Snow Technique, blending in with the environment, thereby making it an effective means of shaking off pursuers.

Prior to the commencement of the mission, Ming Feizhen instructed, “Lead them on a chase. Dont go too fast or too slow. Just keep them running at top speed so that everyone is safe. Once theyre enervated, you…”

Standing up for justice ran in the blood of Wutong Jin Yuxuans disciples, even if it came at the cost of their lives, and today was no different, except Yu Feiyuan couldnt understand why her heart raced when she had only run dozens of metres - nowhere near the distance covered in her morning sessions. The cause of her joy whenever she could help Ming Feizhen, hear or see him eluded her.

Suddenly, Yu Feiyuan came to a halt, resulting in the huffing and blowing men at the back rear ending their comrades in the front. She faced back to the horde and, in a robotic manner, asserted, “Its time for me to smash you now.”

They didnt have a chance against Yu Feiyuan if they were fresh, let alone in their fatigued state. Even so, she put them down faster than they couldve imagined; she didnt need any complicated skills to drop them and then seal their meridians.

“Is she a woman or a monster” Never had they seen anyone, besides Abels, who could fight as well as Yu Feiyuan, not even Evil Spirits sub-leaders.

Yu Feiyuan dusted herself off after she finished sealing the last individuals meridians out of habit as her tailor and sisters always scolded her for not taking care of her clothing, yet she resembled a child. “Youve lost.”

We lost to a girl who cant even come up with a decent victory catchphrase How we have fallen…

“So you ought to listen to me.” Delivering her child-like lines in an emotionless tone, Yu Feiyuan continued, “I was told to tell you: your lives are still useful, so you cant die yet.”


Poison King rested for an hour before his qi and blood circulation were back to normal, though he would need three days to be back to his old self, a bitter pill that he perceived as vexing to swallow. The fact that he lost so quickly and suffered an internal injury without figuring out what moves he was caught with was irrefutable proof that his combat skills paled in comparison to his opponents.

“Leafhopper, Dugu Ye… That tyrant was prepared. He may be an errand boy, but he can save that tyrants life when it counts. Seventeen Hidden Dragons… I need to give you more credit.” Hearing footsteps outside the cavern while he was mulling over how to defeat Dugu, Poison King voiced, “Whos there”

Poison King had an appointment with a certain individual in the cavern and wasnt expecting any guests. The blazing and tall individual sped inside then performed a knife hand. Had it been anyone else, theyd have jerked their hand back upon denying the chop with their body, but Poison Kings constitution was different to the average man, allowing him to easily stop the hand chop in its tracks.


Poison King felt torrid energy on him, compelling him to stop blocking the chop head on and slithering around the young mans arm to grab it, a style the elder used to stick to opponents. Once Poison King stuck to his opponent, he would keep sticking and following no matter how his opponent moved their limbs.

Instead of retracting his arm, the young man used Eagle Claw to seize Poison Kings arm - the best counter to Snake Style. Yet, Poison King scoffed and imbued energy into his hand, turning it red and releasing a rancid smell that impelled the young man to let go, affording Poison King the chance to stick to the young man again.

“Tang Ye, its going to take more than that to kill this old man.”

Tang Ye brought his hands together, spawning a fire in them - the exact same move he used against Yi Wangyou, albeit without holding back since he didnt need to hide his background - and then glued on to Poison King. Not shying away from the blazing true qi emanating from Tang Ye, Poison grabbed on to Tang Ye. Poison King fought the heat close to an actual fire with the poison in his hands. Alas, Tang Yes heat energy would disperse his poison.

“Tough kid, you are.”

Poison King removed his hands from Tang Ye, and Tang Ye went along with the moment, extending an arm aggressively forward with fire power hotter than ever before. Poison King, having no choice despite his injuries, retaliated with his best shot, each staggering back five steps.

“Hahaha, good. Good. He was right about you. You have the physical traits and mental gifts of a prodigy. Nobody this one knows of can withstand his two treasures, yet you can endure. You should be satisfied to have fought to a draw with Patriarch Yi and this old one today.”

Tang Ye took a soothing breath then replied, “I didnt fight Yi Wangyou to a draw. Had we continued, I most likely wouldve suffered defeat.”

“You were crushed in your first fight without even forcing him to resort to the moves in Desolate Sword Dance. You two were fairly evenly matched today not to mention you forced him to push himself. You wouldve been demolished if he went as hard as he did today had you not improved. Cant you tell when youve improved Its not that difficult to beat Yi Wangyou.

“You might not surpass Yi Wangyou on the technique side. Nonetheless, you possess potent, pure Yang Realm power, so its not hard for you to win. He and I invented this internal style. While its unconventional, its the express route to procuring a large volume of vital spirit. Your internal strength has shown marked improvement after only learning two levels. If you can master the third level, it will be the equivalent of ten years of an internal style users training… and allow you to master Scorching Sun Spirit.”-

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