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Luo Yan lodged his two swords into Abels shoulders, piercing through the latters Enlightenment to reach his targets thanks to their sharp edges that were renowned for their ability to penetrate potent internal energy. That being said, Luo Yan did feel as though he had to plunge his swords through a thick iron wall when he stabbed Abels. Staring down at the man now glowing red and with his head hanging down, Luo Yan remarked, “You shouldve expected this outcome.”

A red glow emerged on Abels arm, replacing his blue energy, rather, devouring his energy, while his eyes were an act of violence. The true qi he used poison to temper finally broke free of his shackles, relieving him of consciously manipulating it. After a howl, Abels poisonous internal energy restored his full power - even exceeding it.

A trail of red petals splattered on the ground as the shockwave blast Abels generated knocked Luo Yan back, although the latter didnt take any damage in the process. Every exhale, Abels would expel blood from his mouth. Despite being the strongest hed even been and forcing Luo Yan to retreat, Abels also suffered serious internal injuries.

“Why do you refuse to submit You know you cant kill me, so why are you so stubborn! You think I cant kill you because I have severe injuries!”

“I know.”

“Argh!” Abels, now suffering qi deviation, bombed a stone column with his fist, shattering a chunk in the shape of a crescent moon. “I am one of the Supreme Ten Saints, a man pugilists look up to. Your tricks cant stop me!”

While Abels wouldnt fall there, he would die if he couldnt pull himself out of madness state. By the same account, he still had a chance of killing Luo Yan before he died.

Luo Yan was ready for Abels radical reaction because he didnt plan on leaving Luo Sword Manor vulnerable before he thwarted Abels plans.

Abels relied purely on might and Enlightenment as he lost mobility in his current state, splintering everything that his limbs hit into dust particles. Luo Yan kept his distance without too much effort as Abels didnt move his feet, but the former couldnt capitalise due to Abels strength rising with each strike even after a hundred strikes.

“Come here and fight if youre a man!”

Luo Yan finally advanced, performing a slip whilst advancing.

“R-Repository Swordplay”

“This style bereft of any technique is the skill of the Supreme Ten Saints Who couldnt dodge these attacks after seeing them twice” Luo Yan already bridged the gap by the time he was done speaking, slashing Abels left lower back and right shoulder simultaneously. “Since our ancestors time, we have forged swords and took it upon ourselves to rid the world of evil. Weve gone through countless catastrophes, including national crises. One of the Supreme Ten Saints is nothing compared to any of that.”

Blood kept spilling from Abels mouth as Luo Yans qi invaded Abels body, and Luo Yan wasnt going to give his opponent a chance to recover. Soon enough, white strands of hair fell from Luo Yans skull to his shoulders. Luo Yan knew better than anyone that all his hair turning white was a sign that he was fading as a consequence of overexertion, yet he pressed on, inwardly praying, “Ancestors, please help me last through this. Once I have eliminated this cur, I will search for my brother… to commit suicide for my wrongs.”

Suddenly, Luo Yan couldnt dig his swords in any deeper, galvanising Luo Yan to exert himself even further. Luo Yans swords went in much smoother than before, leading to him assuming that Abels had lost the ability to resist.

Wait, Im not just siphoning my internal energy in faster. Abels is also somehow drawing it out from me.

Luo Yan checked to find Abels countenance to see the latter relaxing: “What have you done!”-

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