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Unlike the famous Yang Realm style that was a star among the power styles, Scorching Sun Spirit Scripture - which was attributed to the fame of its practitioners in the pugilistic world - its yin counterpart, Freezing Scripture was relatively unknown. The details surrounding Freezing Scripture were fairly unknown to even Luo Clans members since few of them learnt it.

Freezing Scripture was considered the master manual, while Scorching Sun Spirit Scripture was the “servant” manual, which was why Freezing Scripture was able to negate Scorching Sun Spirit Scripture using Three Silver Reflections.

In order to master Freezing Scripture and Scorching Sun Spirit Scripture simultaneously, one must learn the former first in order to develop a body capable of withstanding yang qi. Do that and one can expect their strength to upgrade each time they master a level in Scorching Sun Scripture. Once one could balance heat and cold energy, they could draw out the full potential of the styles. Trying to learn the two in reverse would most probably kill the soul attempting it - if not erase their skills. Thus, only those preparing to inherit leadership of Luo Clan were permitted to start practicing Freezing Scripture from a young age, while learning Scorching Sun Spirit Scripture first was tantamount to forfeiting hopes of taking over Luo Clan.

The prerequisite to learning Luo Clans supreme swordplay - Repository Swordplay - was mastering both Scorching Sun Spirit Scripture and Freezing Scripture.

The gap between Luo Ming and Luo Yans internal energies was too minute to be noticeable until Luo Ming moved on to learning Scorching Sun Spirit Scripture after learning Freezing Scripture. Luo Yan, nonetheless, improved, albeit not to the same degree, through assiduously practicing Scorching Sun Spirit Scripture.

“How do you know Freezing Scripture when only Luo Clans patriarch is allowed to learn it” Abels looked down to the wound on his chest and noted, “To develop this sort of power, youd need more than ten years. You mastered Freezing Scripture long ago, didnt you”

“Correct. I was forced to learn Freezing Scripture when heat toxins in the smithing workshop troubled me. My brother doesnt know about it. I never practiced it again until my brother sequestered because Im not Luo Clans patriarch, but I foresaw this day coming. Its been ten years since Ive had to resort to it. Ive dignified your question with an answer, so you can rest in peace now.”

Abels took the risk of qi deviation to force out forty percent of his full power, running Enlightenment again, and expanded his blue ball to block the two attacks coming from either side. Even though Abels decelerated his swings, Luo Yan scoffed, “Divine Realm is supposed to be might that drives opponents off with a wave of the hand, isnt it All your Divine Realm does is prolong your pathetic life.”

Abels had to switch his original plan, striving for a short victory owing to his pain, thereby elevating his power to sixty percent and uncorking a punch at Luo Yans head.


Luo Yan produced over five thousand kilograms of force to accelerate through Abels barricade, forcing Abels to change the direction of his output to a horizontal path, yet Luo Yan grunted and then mowed down Abels shields, propelling Abels backwards until a wall stopped him.

“The… ultimate… weapons…” Abels uttered weakly while gasping blood.

Luo Yan didnt win from a technique perspective. Abels skills werent the reason he lost. Golden Crow Moon Eater wasnt a strong weapon, but it had the ability to absorb peoples true qi for the wielder to perform Gold and Silver Sects secret technique. Flame Emperor and Siming Sword possessed the power of yin and yang, doubling their wielders power when wielded in conjunction with each other - provided their wielder had mastered a yin style and yang style. Luo Yans key to victory and his source of confidence wasnt himself but the two swords.

“Time for you to die.”-

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