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Martial King s Retired Life Volume 8 Chapter 90 Guardian of Rabbit Cult

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“Grope yourself!” I swear I heard Boss Shen scream.

No wonder why I could smell hostility the moment I strolled in… Why do I have to grope her, though

Since I turned my face into a big question mark, River Monster snapped, “Your superiors have to expound their orders to you now”

How would I have argued that How was I supposed to answer to the voice in my head telling me, “Ill take both of your hands if you touch me!”

“Tch, what are you dallying for Grope her.”

I regret setting foot in here.

“I-I, y-your subject is long past the age for this. That is a job better reserved for a young man. Your subject does not have it in him anymore.”

“To be more direct, youre impotent”

Do you need to be that direct Youre the one who turned Mountain Monster into a snobby brat, arent you

“Yes or no”

W-wait, you want me to admit it to you What sort of humiliation fetish is this!

“Yes…” I uttered in a muffled voice.

Whether it was my imagination or not, I could hear Boss mocking, “Sucked in, hahahahaha.”

Keep taunting me, and Ill use Subduing Dragon Eighteen Gropes on you!


“Yes! I, Zhong Ning, am impotent!”

To my confusion, River Monster grinned: “Perfect. You may be old, but youre still quite solid. I was worried you might not be able to contain yourself. Since youre impotent, this is perfect.”

“I do not understand.”

“Youre not supposed to. Quit babbling, and come over here.”

River Monster placed my hand onto Boss mountain that was too big for my wide hand span. Even though Boss bosom looked smoking when she sat upright, I only realised how tightly pressed up against her clothing it was when I finally had my hands on them. My brain stopped processing anything else to relish the warm sensation in my hand.

“What use is there if you just leave your hand there Squeeze them.”

River Monster took control of my fingers to play with Boss assets, which sucked my fingers in. Their sacred touch gave me an epiphany; they showed me just how meaningless everything else Id done in life was. Only then did I discover what I had been missing out on for years.

Guardian of Rabbit Cult hereby swears fealty to you two rabbits!

“Wipe your bloody nose.”

I did as I was told.

“Consider yourself blessed. Shes an important person to the imperial court. Tell me: what do you think”

“… Theyre soft.”

Wait, why did I answer honestly when Boss is listening in

“Thats not enough. Do it yourself this time. Indulge yourself until I tell you to stop.”

I dont remember ever doing anything to you, River Monster… Why are you being so nice to me This bliss is bestowed so suddenly that I cant distinguish if its real or not! That said, if I purposely touch Boss without River Monster forcing my hand, I wont have any justification to save my life.

“If you wont do it, Ill do it. Ive had my break. I refuse to believe I cant win against a virgin.”

You intend to sully my rabbit gods in my presence! Hell no am I letting you desecrate them!

I grabbed the two gods with both hands: “Your subject shall oblige!”

“Move as-, wait, wait, hahaha! She reacted!” River Monster shoved me aside upon seeing the anger, maybe embarrassment, sear Boss cheeks and lock her brows. “Hah, its working. Its working. A man is needed, indeed. Men are animals, after all.”

I couldnt agree more.

“Hey, keep fondling her.”

“Yes, Maam.”

Am I guilty of incitement More importantly, if I violate Boss now, when were in private…

Even though my mind was apprehensive, my hands made their way over impetuously.

Suddenly, Poison King came in when my hands didnt even have a centimetre left to their targets and asked, “What are you doing”

“What took you so long You done packing up your vials How do you expect to keep a low profile when you walk around with so much poison on you Are you trying to announce youre Nanjiangs Poison King” admonished River Monster.

“Says the one with a big bear that she has no means of hiding. I know what Im doing,busker.” Poison King sneered as he took a jab at River Monsters fake identity as a busker.

Receiving the message Poison King communicated with his eyes, River Monster nodded and then instructed, “You continue.”

Youre joking!

“Only play, though. If you dare to take her virginity, Ill take your life!”

What other reaction besides nodding profusely could I give

Boss Precision Scout was slower than my senses, but she eventually opened her eyes: “I never knew. Quite soft, are they”-

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