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"If you're not undressing, I'll undress first," stated Young Shiyi.

'Don't **ing undress! Who's the son of the bitch who sneaked into Young Shiyi's room! And why is she undressing for him!!'

I only ever saw Young Shiyi nude… It's none of your business. In short, no looking!


I stormed into the room. It felt as if it wasn't even locked. I felt steam hit me in the face. It was warm unlike outside. There was steam whisking up. I saw a pool of hot water resembling those found in bathhouses down allies.

"Young Shyi, what are you doing!" I exclaimed, crushing into the innermost section of the room without checking my surroundings.

The floor was wet, but there wasn't much water. Imagine abrupt rain coming to an abrupt stop. I couldn't see the situation inside too well through the steam, but there was no time to think. I blasted the steam away using a palm strike and imposingly exclaimed, "No undressing! I shall protect Young Shiyi's underwear!"

The scene before me rendered me dumbstruck for a moment. I was in a bath hall. I didn't notice that fact when I stormed in. There was a rack for hanging clothes as soon as one entered, and there were two sets of clothes hung up there. There were two females, I mean, one girl and one young girl…

Young Shiyi sat against the edge of the pool, arms rested on the edge. The majority of her long legs were submerged. There was a pink tinge on her white skin. She stretched her calves and wore a relaxed expression. She gently brushed her wet hair on her collarbone. The droplets of water coursed down her body. Good god that sight was…

I then realised Young Shiyi didn't mean undress her clothes but a thin robe worn exclusively when bathing. As the robe was slightly undone, I could see her supple skin. She probably never realised the thin robe added a sensual element to her beauty, since it subtly revealed her cleavage. Her white, energetic and firm mountains forced the robe apart. How could one not feel grateful for the view

Young Shiyi's hips and lower body proportions were impeccable and weapons of mass seduction. She cheerfully kicked her feet and wiggled her toes underneath the water; they were naturally adorable. I was grateful from the bottom of my heart to just get a glimpse of her beauty.

I almost gave in to my urges. Hence, I moulded energy and entered Divine Realm to replay the scene to myself ten more times. I didn't stop myself because my conscience triumphed; I just couldn't stop blood pouring out of my nose…

Next to Young Shiyi was the young girl roughly seven to eight. The girl wrapped herself in a cute towel. My abrupt entrance startled her. Eyes bulging, she exclaimed, "Junior Sister, a baddie stormed in! You, get out! No peeping on girls bathing!"

Young Shiyi pursed her thin lips and, sounding "surprised", replied, "Feizhen, what brings you here Did you come here to see me"

"I-I-I…" Mouth dry, I gulped: "I came in to see, I meant, take a walk."

Young Shiyi bit down on her lip and narrowed her eyes: "Take a walk In a female bathroom"

'I feel so retarded right now…'

Young Shiyi looked as if she was smiling, yet not, in silence. I could tell she was enjoying herself, nonetheless.

'Wait a second. When I was outside, Young Shiyi mentioned she was undressing. She was fully dressed and only had her feet in the water when I entered, though… She wasn't undressing, was she Don't tell me… she set me up.'

Unsurprisingly, tears welled up in the young girl's eyes: "Baddie! I'm telling my senior sisters! They'll arrest you! They'll arrest you! They'll arrest you!"

Since the young girl saw me clearly, there was nothing I could do to clear my name. I put on an act, nodding and bowing: "I'm not a baddie. This is a misunderstanding. I mistook you for a vulgar man holding a green hat when I was outside…"

"Stop! Creep! Protect me, Junior Sister!"

The young girl clung to Young Shiyi's waist, making her narrow waist narrower, highlighting her thighs and making her mountains jump jovially. The droplets of water above her mountains coursed all the way down to her fingers.

Seeing Young Shiyi's mountains bounce, I couldn't help comparing them to Boss Shen's. Boss Shen's mountains were soft, while Young Shiyi's were firmer, so the latter were probably the best to t-, cough, cough! I didn't say anything!

Seeing the new and improved scene, I had an urge to slap myself for thinking the previous scene was good enough. I, therefore, recorded a merit for Young Shiyi in my books. It was a toss-up between noting it as "The five blessings descended" or "Your greatness has made me a new man".

Young Shiyi allowed me to feast my eyes and giggled: "Feizhen, why did you rush in here"

'You think I don't know that question is a trap!'

"I came to pay my respects to you, but when I was outside the door, I heard something about undressing, so I thought…"

"You thought" Young Shiyi stroked her cheek with her left hand, looking as if she was resisting a grin: "What did you think was going on This is my senior martial sister. We're close sisters; what's so strange about us bathing together"

Guilty, I gazed at the ceiling: "N-Nothing at all."

'I thought someone was dying my hair green! What else would I have rushed in for!'

Young Shiyi giggled: "Of course we need to undress if we're going to bath. Why did you come in if you heard I was undressing"

"I-I thought…"

"I don't see you for a few days, and you're trying to watch me bathe as soon as you're back. You naughty boy."

'Hey, hey, hey! Why are you making it sound as if I normally watch you taking baths!'

Judging from the fact Young Shiyi emphasised "a few days," I think surmised she was grumpy.

"I-I came to see you straight away precisely because I had not seen you in days."


Young Shiyi silently scooped a handful of clear water and poured it onto her leg. She ignored me and massaged her legs gently. I knew that was her way of hiding her embarrassment. Since the atmosphere was cosier, I took a step forward: "Young Shiyi, I…"

"Baddie! Stay back! Get out, Baddie! Junior Sister, beat him!" exclaimed the young girl, pointing at me.

"Pfft." Young Shiyi found it so hilarious she was in tears. She shot me a glance that read, "Let's see if you dare to run off without reporting to me first again."

I shook my head vigorously.

"Junior Sister, beat him up!"

"I can't. I can't beat the big baddie." Young Shiyi wore on a pitiful expression, but I could tell she was enjoying herself: "I'm sure he'll come in to watch us bathe."

'Who's that he! Who's that he who won't even spare a seven year old girl! I want to see you bathing, but it never even crossed my mind to watch a young girl bathe with you!'

"You want to see us so badly" asked Young Shiyi.

Young Shiyi bit down on her lip and glanced at me out of her peripherals. My mouth seemed awfully dry. Her question told me she didn't have anything underneath her thin robe. The longer I stayed in there, the more I could sense my thoughts swirl into a vortex of stupidity. Her scent and the flowers' scent gradually whisked into my nose.

"Well, you've seen me. I'm going to start my bath now," said Young Shiyi, smiling. "You not going to leave" You want to join us"

Now that snapped me out of it. I fell for it! The loli was so scared she started wailing.

'Fuck! Super Fuck! Mega Fuck! Storming into the Female Constable's quarters is enough to land me in hot water. The loli has also seen me! If she calls the other female constables over, they'll skin me! Running is the wisest strategy!'

An hour later, Young Shiyi returned to her room after finishing her bath. Her room was as elegant and tidy as she was. I would also add refined in there. She didn't have much in terms of furniture, but the colours were well-thought-out. She hadn't moved in long ago and only set up the room casually, but it had a nice ambience. I hadn't been there many times before, so I went to the wrong place before I found her room.

Young Shiyi came back attired in new clothes and a radiant glow. Smiling brightly, she said, "Kiddo, you're lucky to have left the bath hall after storming it."

"That's rich! You were the one who fooled me, yet you're saying I stormed into the bath hall! I've barely been here a few times. It wouldn't even be surprising if I knocked on the wrong door at night!"

I suddenly there was something wrong with my last statement. Even Young Shiyi didn't miss it. Knocking on the wrong door… sounded as if we were having a tryst. I don't know what she associated the statement with, that being said.

Young Shiyi calmly sat down and groomed herself in the mirror. Her calm demeanour was a cover for her shyness. She gently cleared her throat gently and, in a demure tone for once, authoritatively asked, "What are you waiting for Aren't you going to report where you wandered off to for the last few days"

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