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Ming Suwen's love, intimacy and devotion gradually became a source of torment for the two. She didn't like there being girls who were friendly with him. It frustrated and annoyed her. At the same time, though, she knew that she was harming him by stopping him and other women from getting cloes. Her feelings for him gradually became a restraint. If she forbade him from getting married - not to mention that she was sure he'd obey her - he'd end up in solitude until death. That wasn't what she wanted. She cared about him more than any other. She just didn't know what to do, unfortunately.

Ming Feizhen definitely had his own reasons for desiring to retire. She didn't know why entirely, but she did know some things. He wanted a completely new life; he didn't want to have anything to do with those from his past, one that he had no affinity for.

While Ming Suwen was wrestling, unsure of what to do, he had begun to move on. By the time she realised it, she had almost become part of the past he was throwing away. The discovery was very unsettling to her. It left her feeling defeated and ground her heart with bitterness. Therefore, she had to take action; else, he and she would forever remain in the past.

Since Ming Feizhen was going to get married, she wanted to use the opportunity to cut the string of fate connecting them. As for becoming a courtesan, that wasn't a big deal to her. That was just Ming Suwen's nature. There was nothing or nobody that she feared. She didn't care what others thought. Good or bad, she did whatever she pleased. Plus, how was offering herself up as an auction item any different to having a matchmaker find a lover for her She just wanted someone in name. At the end of the day, she hated those men.

As for coincidentally choosing the same date as Ming Feizhen's fuma selection for her auction date, she felt annoyed and heartbroken when she looked at the date that the procuress circled on the almanac calendar. Even if Ming Feizhen wanted to come, he wouldn't make it.

Sitting on front of the mirror, Ming Suwen couldn't help but reveal a heartbroken bitter smile.

"I didn't cherish him in the past, yet now want to win him back," she thought.

Suddenly, hasty footsteps approached from outside. It was the messenger maid who came. Ming Suwen had been in a foul mood as of recent, and consequently disliked being disturbed by anybody. Everything was reported to her by the particular maid.

The maid shouted from outside, "Miss! This is unbelievable! A man has come for you! He looks very mad. Also, he knows martial arts."

"Oh" responded Ming Suwen. Her heart swayed, leading to her getting to her feet before she knew it. "H-He's here"

Upon asking that, she finally realised that she still deeply loved Ming Feizhen. It was as though the man who occupied her heart was standing there in front of her with a smile for her and silently waving his hand. She then would immediately rise and go to his side with complete disregard for anything and everyone else.

Ming Suwen shook her head to throw out the fantasy.

'But even if I want to go to him… what does he think Shen Yiren, Li Hongzhuang, Li Jingan… He is surrounded by beauties, all of whom are younger than me. Feizhen may not want to be with me.'

The bitter thought caused Ming Suwen to stammer when she went to speak.

"Not seeing him."

Anxious, the maid notified Ming Suwen that she was going to come in, and then entered the room. She was almost knocked out by the stunning sight of Miss Juese sitting at the table.

"Miss! He is very hostile. He has been standing in the main hall all this time. He said that if you do not grant him an audience, then he will vandalise our boat."

"Then, let him vandalise the place. Big deal… Put it on my tab."

"B-But he brought a sabre with him. Miss Dai tried to speak nicely with him to no avail. Once he got angry, he poured a cup of wine on Miss Dai's head."

"Feizhen wouldn't do that. Moreover, he's now Liu Shan Men's head constable, so he can't act that out of line. Could it be someone else Could it just be another thirsty bugger" wondered a bewildered Ming Suwen, after hearing the story.

"So, not just arguing He's started fighting'

"Yes, he has. He is frightening."

"You said he knows martial arts How are his skills'

What would a low-ranking maid know about martial arts It was immediately clear that she was the type to be so scared when a fight broke out that she'd take cover right away. When the fight broke out, she hid behind a flower vase shelf. She was so worried that she only dared to peek out of a small gap. The bloody fight almost led to the maid passing out. The fact that she managed to come and report to Ming Suwen was deserving of commendation for exhibiting praiseworthy courage.

"He started fighting with a few older men. As soon as he struck, he hit hard enough to make them cough blood. He was very violent. Miss, if you do not go see him, countless people may wound up hurt."

"Are you serious"

Ming Suwen was convinced that it wasn't Ming Feizhen based on the description. Ming Feizhen strictly controlled himself when he fought. Further, he could subdue and control his opponent with a single technique. There was no need for him to hit some brutally enough for them to cough blood.

With a frown, Miss Juese brushed her dress and got up to head to the main hall.

After crossing through a myriad of furniture and items, she found a handsome man, dressed in white, standing in the centre of the hall. He had his hands behind his back in a manner that displayed his arrogance.

Ming Suwen recognised him.

'He's Jin Wangsun. Isn't he under house arrest'

As she ascended the stairs with graceful steps and quietly asked, "Would it be you who is looking for me, Master"

Jin Wangsun turned his head upon hearing the voice. The instant he saw Ming Suwen, a hideous grin surfaced on his face."

"You're Miss Juese. Good. Very good," commented Jin Wangsun, with a furious expression. Voice imposing, he said, "My Qing'er entered this filthy Heavenly Fragrance Garden after listening to your provocations, correct"

Ming Suwen's heart skipped a beat. She realised that Jin Wangsun had come to give her grief. Demoness Ming Suwen had never been afraid of anything or a man's challenge. In response, she snickered, "Yes, it was me."

Aside from the procuress that allowed Ming Suwen to be a courtesan on the day of her request, very few others knew Miss Juese knew martial arts. She resembled a frail beauty who would be knocked over with a gentle breeze. Thus, it was presumed that if she was to fight with the young man with a broadsword at his belt and profound martial arts, not to mention his aggression, she was bound to suffer.

Several guards charged over, but Ming Suwen raised her soft and white arm, glanced at them with her charming eyes and said, "You're hurt. Rest up. We will need to rely on you for business tonight."

The large men blushed and responded in a flustered fashion when the cold beauty, who usually spoke bluntly, expressed concern for them. They were coughing blood just before, but her concern restored their energy. They were revitalised with enough energy to bounce off walls. Three hundred more rounds of fighting Not an issue. They exchanged eye contact and signalled their unified agreement, "We must ensure Miss Juese's safety even at the cost of our lives."

"Young Master Jin, let us not beat around the bush. True, Qing'er is your fiancée, but you abused her, then abandoned her to attempt to soar to greater heights. You cannot blame her for moving on to someone else."

Ming Suwen only had an inkling of knowledge pertaining to Tang Ye and Huo Qing'er's manner. She wasn't too informed. She, after all, had been busy with her courtesan promotion as of recent. Regardless, she still retorted Jin Wangsun.

"Are you claiming that my Qing'er is an easy and fickle woman as you sluts are!" cursed Jin Wangsun, in a harsh voice. "Had you not fooled her, would she have done such a thing, you whore"

It wasn't the first time Ming Suwen had been called a whore, slut or even worse derogatory terms. The young demoness clasped her hands before her chest. She brushed off all of his insults. She reversed it by shooting him a provoking gaze as if to say, "That's all you have to say"

"You asked for it, you bitch! I'll show you why my Jin Clan is not to be trifled with!"

Ming Suwen giggled with her gaze on him. She didn't fear what move he'd utilise, for given her skills, there was no need to fear a Jin Wangsun without an impressive weapon on him. But nonetheless, Jin Wangsun didn't advance, mould energy or poise himself even. Instead, he reached into his shirt.

Ming Suwen wondered to herself, "Hidden weapon"

His astonishing footwork, namely his Not Nail Not Eight Stance, with his front foot pointed forward, but turned slightly inward, rear foot rotated out , but slightly forward, was the stance from Mount Daluo's Five Divine Styles, which was designed to counter the usage of hidden weapons.

Instead of attacking, however, Jin Wangsun wore an aggressive expression, pointed with his large hand and demanded, "I'm offering one hundred thousand taels to redeem you! Leave with me now."

With his other hand, Jin Wangsun pulled out a stack of cheques from his shirt and threw them to the floor, where it emitted a clear sound when it hit the floor.


* Not Nail Not Eight Stance – I've filmed a demonstration of how it looks, provided an explanation of its origins and the logic for you =>

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