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Tang Ye's appearance led to everyone, who was present, freezing in place. Next, they burst into laughter in unison. To my surprise, they completely brushed off my act of breaking the door down just now.

Several of them laughed and said, "So it's the Patriarch of Gold and Silver Sect. That sure is a flashy way of entering. Come, come."

"My, why are you only here now, Patriarch Jin You must be punished with one drink no matter what."

News of Big Golden Vat beating up the Emperor's in-laws, the prime minister and the Emperor, himself, was forbidden from being leaked. As such, despite the nobles and wealthy having heard that Gold and Silver Sect's patriarch had arrived, they never had the chance to meet him. They were also oblivious to the fact that Jin Wangsun was under house arrest. That's why today was Jin Wangsun's first time making an appearance in the capital's social circle, albeit being a fake Jin Wangsun.

A few men dressed in resplendent clothing passionately stated, "I waited ages for you. Everyone here is a friend. Come in and chat Patriarch Jin."

"Patriarch Jin is always looking after me, yet I never had many opportunities to get to know you better. I have finally had the privilege of meeting you today."

"I have finally managed to meet you. Please sit, Patriarch Jin!"

As soon as he appeared, Tang Ye immediately became the topic of attention inside. We were only at the front hall, where the majority of people gathered were merchants in the capital. Sure, there were genuinely wealthy people inside, but they were far from the level of the truly influential. Being able to sit in this place was a great privilege already. Nevertheless, Gold and Silver Sect does big business. Consequently, the more business oriented merchants were, the more they wanted to ingratiate themselves with Jin Wangsun. That was why the ruckus from me kicking down the door immediately died down.

I exclaimed, "My young master has his own plans. Attendant! Does no one at Heavenly Fragrance Garden greet guests"

I established our status before we could be asked. Frankly, what I said was against regulations and extremely rude. Fortunately, Jin Wangsun's underlings had already made a name for themselves with their arrogant behaviour in the capital, which was why the merchants weren't surprised. I wanted to use this as an opportunity to start trouble, but all the merchants did was brown nose!!

An attendant immediately came over to lead us to a table.

Before Tang Ye took a seat, he glanced at me with a frown and mumbled, "Jin Wangsun He's the wealthy foreign young master you were referring to"

"Correct. Not only are there merchants here, but also major figures in the martial world in the capital. In fact, there are even officials of the Imperial Court. Others shouldn't be affected, however. Stir up trouble here. The more embarrassing you make them, the better."

Tang Ye pursed his lips together, "Why didn't you say so sooner"

"Would you have come if I told you sooner"

"… No."

As I conversed with Tang Ye, a few girls flocked over to us on both sides. The girls were young. The older ones were sixteen or seventeen, while the younger ones were thirteen or fourteen. They were all in their youth. The rare aspect of the group was that they all had different physiques from lean to round and different unique traits. Their clothes were selected specifically according to their unique traits.

The girls wore thin clothing with their pretty backs revealed. They had beautiful body lines while their clothing was hot and bold. Underneath their necks was skin as white as snow and voluptuous, supple and soft breasts. The guests, who witnessed their beauty, forgot where they were.

At first glance, the girls didn't possess appearances worthy of being praised as 'very' beautiful. But nonetheless, it was evident that they had been professionally trained which, in turn, allowed them to display themselves as highly attractive. Those who they approach are mostly wealthy young men who look suave and handsome, similar to Jin Wangsun.

In saying that, their gazes kept drifting over to our Su Xiao. There were eyes on him left, right, front and rear; they all scanned him. Su Xiao was dressed in casual attire today, yet kept his handsome face. The girls, who came specifically to fawn over Tang Ye, literally had all of their attention on Su Xiao. Tang Ye is handsome, no questions about that, but he's far inferior to Su Xiao when it comes to picking up girls.

Su Xiao struggled to resist their hot gazes. He, therefore, lowered his head with his face burning and bright red.

I was the only one who was as cool as a cucumber. I quietly said, "Don't panic. Hurry and practice on these girls. They just look after guests here. Their seduction skills are still far inferior. If you can't even withstand these girls, by the time you get inside, you'll be screwed."

Befuddled, Tang Ye asked, "Practice How"

"Didn't I already tell you Practice on your own."

After I said that, I took a few steps back and headed into the crowds, far away. Bodyguards and the sort have to keep watch on their masters from far away in these sorts of places. There are no bodyguards who stick to their masters here. Since I left, Su Xiao was left alone for the girls to tease while Tang Ye was left speechless against the girls around him.

Tang Ye appeared to desperately try and recall my lecture, "Pamper them with a line or two then grab their butt and done."

Tang Ye then revealed a perplexed expression.

I gave him a nod to signal, "You have to do it."

Hopeless, Tang Ye asked one of the girls, "Miss, what is your name"

The thirteen-year-old girl blushed. She covered her face with her sleeve, "M-My name is Sisi."

"Oh, I see."

Handsome Tang Ye then used his divine hand skills to touch the girl's buttocks faster than lightning. Miss Sisi vaguely felt as though something grazed her buttocks, but didn't say anything. However, the faint feeling caused her cheeks to turn red with shyness. She just didn't realise that it was the handsome lad with a face as cold as ice who touch her. Instead, she revealed a look of concern, for she wondered if it was a bug of some sort.

Seeing her cheeks turn red, Tang Ye thought that he succeeded; hence, he looked at me with a gaze, asking for praise.

'You're not getting any praise!! You clearly failed!!'

'Not only did she not realise that it was you, but you also went and made it even more perverted! Swiftly touching her ass is even more perverted than perverts!!'

I mouthed, "Try on another girl now. This time, pinch her."

Tang Ye mouthed back, "That's not a good idea, is it"

"What's the big deal If you don't tease girls at brothels, their boss will scold them."

"That… all right, I'll try my best."

And so, Su Xiao was forced to down drinks while Tang Ye kept on training to grab butts. Later on, Tang Ye instinctively made a dragon claw gesture with his hand whenever he saw a girl. Unfortunately, he showed no improvement. Not only did the girls complain that he was too cold, but also unenergetic. As a consequence, he never touched more than a few butts.

Hopeless, Tang Ye searched for his next target. For some reason, though, he locked on to a somewhat older girl. His gaze locked onto her behind without him realising. He then looked up to her breasts, which had a magnificent shape to them. Her beautiful long legs held up her two buns comparable to pears. She walked up to Tang Ye with disordered steps. Tang Ye's gaze zoned in on her hips swaying side to side without him being aware. It didn't take long for her to arrive before him. She bowed to him, "So it is Patriarch Jin of Gold and Silver Sect from Zhenjiang that has arrived. Please forgive Qing'er for being late to welcome you."

A beautiful girl, who was roughly twenty years old and exuded a captivating aura, came up to Tang Ye. Her breasts were curvaceous and ample; she was dressed in a lake-green shirt. She seemed to have a thin undershirt inside. Her dress floated behind her. While she revealed a bit of her snow-white skin, she emitted the aura of an honest and upright girl. With it, she also exuded a graceful demeanour, thereby giving her the aura of a daughter from a reputable family. She showed no signs of a lowly background.

'She seems as if she's a boss at Heavenly Fragrance Garden or something.'

Miss Qing'er's reproaching tone seeped into her speech, "It is just that ever since Qing'er has been here since Heavenly Fragrance Garden opened, nobody has caused such a scene. Patriarch Jin, you attacked people without reason; would you agree that it was unreasonable of you"

"Qing'er has revered Patriarch Jin's heroism for a long time. With that said, Qing'ers Heavenly Fragrance Garden is not Zhenjiang's Jin Riverbank or the capital's martial arts hall. If you wish to swing your blade, I am afraid that you have come to the wrong place. Men, see our guests out."

It was surprising that she showed no respect for Gold and Silver Sect when she spoke. Immediately after, a few men came up to drag Tang Ye away.

'Oh wow! I can't believe there are people who do business this way! Luckily for you, my shifu isn't here; else, he'd teach you a lesson, lass.'

Just as I was about to scold her with the intent of intimidating her, I suddenly heard a voice in my ear.

"Her identity is special. She is with me."

I immediately identified the owner of the voice.

'That's Shiyi's voice!'

It was clear that Shiyi, too, wanted me to find her, which was evident by the fact that she left me a clue when using Voice Transmission. Hence, I was able to locate her. I traced down her voice and responded through the same medium, "Miss Juese Long-time no see."

"It hasn't been long. I see that you're smart enough to come searching for me at Heavenly Fragrance Garden. How did you know that I was here"

'I didn't know! I thought you'd be having your beauty sleep at some inn.'

'And what's the fuss about coming here It's just Heavenly Fragrance Garden. Isn't it Big deal. Normally, I'd definitely visit once a month.'

Obviously, I didn't actually say that.

As Shiyi wanted to pretend that she just got to know me, I had no choice but to play along and pretend that I didn't know her, either.

"Miss Juese, Miss Qing'er is with you"


As soon as Tang Ye unleashed his strength, the fighters, who were no match for him, were sent flying aside.

I watched Tang Ye clumsily say to Miss Qing'er, "Miss, your… head looks really good."

I concur. Miss Qing'er's head is slightly on the big side. It slightly resembles the ball used in sepak takraw.

Miss Qing'er, on the other hand, was bewildered by the remark.

'So that's the compliment. Next must be the grab…'

"Miss Qing'er's name is Huo Qing'er. She's Jin Wansun's fiancée from Jiangnan. I specifically brought her to the capital to meet Jin Wangsun. She will now proceed to give you a scolding then take you to the secret room to converse. I will also be waiting for you. What is your colleague trying to d- Ming Feizhen! What is your colleague doing!!!!"

'Oh, **, he's going in for it!!!'

Following my command, Tang Ye went to grab her butt!

'Wait! Don't touch iiiitt! She's Big Golden Vat's wife!!'

'Don't let anyone catch you!'

Alas, Tang Ye had absorbed my previous teachings, and therefore didn't spare Miss Qing'er. He bravely reached his hand behind her then proceeded to rub, pinch, pull and tug! He left his five fingerprints on that luscious skin before letting go. He repeated the sequence for a total of three times. Miss Qing'er was so shocked that she couldn't hold back her consecutive sensual moans. The anger and shame that she simultaneously felt led to her nearly passing out.

Tang Ye looked in my direction to ask for praise again…

‘Fuck your praise!! Did you have to be so fast! Its fine for you to master martial arts quickly, but do you need to learn this sort of stuff so quickly!!

'Oh, **, Bro!! Not even Brother Big Vat has touched that spot yet!'

'Brother Big Vat! Hurry here! Youve been cucked!!'


*Sisi is pronounced "sss, sss" similarly to a hissing snake.

**Sepak takraw is volleyball using your legs instead of hands. It's native to Southeast Asia.


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