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Martial King s Retired Life Book 12: Chapter 62

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Book 12: Chapter 62

No eatery would just casually have customers switch tables. Problem was, the customer who demanded the best table in the house wasnt the type to give up and would get rough if he didnt have his way. Predictably, the waiter approached Hong Jiu and Master Qi to apologetically ask them to switch to another table.

The three window tables were occupied, most likely because the customers wanted to enjoy the magnificent view on offer. Of the three, Master Qi and Hong Jiu had the table with the best view.

The customer downstairs grew tired of waiting, so he came up with his cohorts. Three of the four boys carried the same model broadsword, indicating they hailed from the same sect. The tall man leading the three, who was also the man yelling downstairs prior, said to Hong Jiu and Master Qi, “Oi, we want your table, so run along!” He then turned to the polite young man and maiden he accompanied. “Young Master Yan, Mistress Yan, please do not let these ignorant bumpkins get to you. Please give me a moment.”

The maiden around twenty years old dimpled. “Its okay.”

The polite young man “woo”-ed of nowhere, drawing all eyes onto him, only to then force a smile. “Its nothing. Its nothing.” Young Master Yans façade crumbled when he caught a glimpse of Master Qis face.

Master Qi naturally noticed the lecherous gaze on her and certainly didnt welcome it.

“Why are you still sitting there Move or Ill make you move.”

Hong Jiu wagged his hand. “Easy. Relax.” He moved over to the least noticeable table on the second floor.

Master Qi followed Hong Jiu, although somewhat clumsily since she didnt expect it.

The waiter apologised to the duo and offered to put their drinks on the house as an apology. Hong Jiu just smiled and left it there.

“Never knew you were so affable.”

Hong Jiu didnt impress with his skills when he came to Master Qis rescue. In saying that, he didnt disappoint, either. As the current fourth rank on Seventeen Wyrms, she was curious how big the gap between her and the former long-time first rank was.

Master Qi didnt feel Hong Jiu was at the age to take the unreasonable demand lying down. It didnt seem as though he was waiting for them to throw first so that he could stomp them. It didnt seem as if he was worried Fiends Genesis would catch wind and follow up. Neither did it seem as though he was trying to make them drop their guard.

Hong Jiu knocked back a bowl of wine, then casually replied, “Youve never worked as a waiter, so you have no idea how tough the job is.”

Putting aside the unexpected answer, Master Qi couldnt fathom what was being implied.

Master Qi took small bites, while Hong Jiu knocked back six bowls of wine before he started digging in. Master Qi wasnt a big eater; she only ate a few vegetables, then stopped. Hong Jiu had the remainder. Master Qi was waiting for Hong Jiu to wolf down food so that she could make fun of him, but he only ate mantous.

“Why arent you eating”

Hong Jiu nodded. “I will. I will.” He subsequently smashed a bowl into two, then grabbed his chopsticks to begin picking food from dishes.

“W-wait. What are you doing”

“… Oh, Im used to it… It feels weird to eat from an intact bowl.”


He must have a sad past.

“Eat up. Here, have some lamb.” Master Qi picked up a piece of lamb for Hong Jiu.

“Mm O-oh, thanks.”

Young Master Yan, who kept watching the duo, felt disappointed. From his point of view, Hong Jiu wasnt worthy of Master Qi, and she didnt seem interested in him, so that was relieving. At least, that was until she passed him the piece of lamb with emotions in her eyes – the sign of a couple that just started dating.

“Young Master Yan. Young Master Yan.”

Young Master Yan finally responded, “Hmm”

The tall man smiled. “You must be tired from your long journey. Competent people from across the land have convened here in the capital, and we cannot lose to them. If nothing else, we must make a name for ourselves at the imperial examinations. You have your familysUnbroken Thirteen Windcatching Swordplay, an outstanding swordplay among swordplays. A true man must make a name for himself.”

“You give us more praise than we deserve, Brother Zhao. Your familysSilver Horse Great Slash has been the talk of the pugilistic world in recent years. I cannot hold a candle to you.”

Yinma Manor and Yan Clan were both local neutral clans in Jiangnan. Though not friends to start off with, Zhao met the Yan siblings on the way to the capital for the special imperial exams and befriended them. He waited on the siblings as if he was the friendly-neighbourhood uncle because he developed a crush on Yan Fulis younger sister.

Noticing Yan Fuli being atypically slow to respond, Zhao Da looked up and followed the formers line of sight. Once he understood the reason Yan Fuli was distracted, he whispered orders to his junior, who then went over to Hong Jius table and said to Master Qi, “Miss, my young master wishes to treat you to a drink.”


Silver Horse – This is the translation of the clan name “Yinma”. Im leaving the clan name as pinyin for now in case it also turns out to be someones name.-

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