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Volume 12 Chapter 17 Imperial Family Relative

“Y-you mean him He, but…” Zhao Xin scrutinised Hong Jiu in detail one more time, then continued stuttering, “B-but it really isnt him. Who is this”

“I told you I didnt steal! All eight generations of our Hong Family have been righteous, honest beggars! Since when did we ever pinch from anyone! If we had the audacity to steal, would we still be poor”

“What the hell is going on” the seated student uttered through his teeth.

“I dont know myself, but he is not the person in question. The Hong Jiu I refer to is, uh, right, a guy with an annoying smile on his face.”

Hong Jiu: “Im an honest-to-a-fault man!”

“The Hong Jiu I speak of is a student at our academy.”

Hong Jiu: “Im just a cleaner!”

“There seems to have been a misunderstanding somewhere.” Shen Yiren returned to her chair. “You have the wrong person. Do you wish to continue with the persecution”

A student touched his swollen face. “H-he assaulted us!”

Hong Jiu: “Assault is assault. Theft is theft. Where is your common sense How did they let you enrol”

“As he said, if you wish to press charges for assault, then it is another case altogether and you will need to submit a persecution charge. Thats all for today,” Shen Yiren stated.

“Wait.” In a soft voice, Hong Jiu requested, “Sister-in-Law, shouldnt they be accountable for false accusations”

“Shut up. Ill speak to you later.” Shen Yiren emotionlessly stared at the seated youth.

The seated student hiked up a corner of his lips. “It appears there is a misunderstanding. That being the case, there is nothing left to say. Let us be on our way.”

“Wait,” voiced Tang Ye. “You cant leave yet.”

“Yeah, you cant leave yet.” Su Xiao elaborated, “Since we wrongly apprehended him, we owe it to him to clear his name. We would like you to elaborate on the accusation that you personally saw Hong Jiu steal.”

“I-I did witness a theft, but it wasnt him.”

“I see.” Su Xiao smiled. “Thats odd, then. You witnessed the thief in action, so why dont you know his name How did you meet him Where did you meet him And who did you meet Please provide us with answers.”

Bai Yeshuang added, “We have looked into your activities for the last three days and learnt you went to Yongheng Bank this morning, which happens to be right before the seal was stolen. Please explain your case.”

Tang Ye: “Until you have cleared yourself of all suspicion, you are not permitted to leave.”

Everything clicked for Hong Jiu at long last. His arrest was a trap for the students; they arrested him so that the students wouldnt follow them to the office without resistance. Maybe Bai Yeshuang was ignorant, but would Tang Ye and Su Xiao not know Hong Jius character

If the suspect was clean, then the next suspect had to be the person who reported the crime. Was it not dubious for someone to roll up at their door after the seal went missing and provide such a precise account If Liu Shan Men tried to bring Zhao Xin in, though, hed use his backing to give them grief. It wasnt worth risking themselves when he was still only a suspect. Therefore, Bai Yeshuang, Su Xiao and Tang Ye decided to pay Zhao Xin in his own coin, and Zhao Xin entered their turf as they planned.

“No, theres no need to question him. This ends here. Let them go.”

The trio looked to Shen Yiren in disbelief. Bai Yeshuangs performance met her usual standard as a veteran constable. Tang Ye and Su Xiao showed evident growth as constables in their calculated move. Therefore, the trio expected Shen Yiren to be pleased with their performance.

Shen Yiren shook her head. “Do as I say.”

“Youre finally learning the ways of the world.” The seated youth triumphantly stood up. “My mother often mentions you. If you wish to visit her, I wont stop you.” He then cast his unpleasant gaze at Hong Jiu. “Normally, Id have this dog beaten to death. Howbeit, on your account, I shall spare him. Lets go.”

Oxygen felt as if it left the courtroom with the condescending student.

“Dont spare me. Im right here. Come hit me.”

As he spoke, Hong Jiu reached for the young mans collar. For better or worse, a man caught Hong Jius hand as though he was reaching for a handshake and said, “Master Shiba, I shall find a dog and wait for you.” While Hong Jiu was spacing out, Master Qi had removed his hand and retreated to the rear of the cocky student. “Ill be waiting.”

“Dont wait for me!” Hong Jiu smiled as he patted his hands together, suggesting he was going to find an opportunity to raid their place.

Shen Yiren: “Hong Jiu.”

Hong Jiu: “Yes, Sister-in-Law.”

“Shut up.”

“Sorry.” The blushing maidens hand was ready to slap Hong Jiu. “Dont pick a fight with him. Hold back for my sake.”

“Why” Hong Jiu replayed Shen Yirens conversation with the guy, then asked, “Hes the son of an aristocrat”

Shen Yiren glanced over to the trio. “I know youre all confused as to why I let him go. Frankly, he and I have never been in agreement. If possible, Id love to teach him a lesson, as well. Problem is, not only is he aristocrat but an untouchable aristocrat. Hes a relative of the imperial family. His grandpa is the elder brother of His Majesty. His grandpa was a major contributor to quelling the borders insurgence, so the last Emperor conferred him the titleImperial Familys Greatest andNorthern Wondrous Warrior. People also know him asWondrous Warrior. You know the big garden near the Forbidden City Thats his familys estate. Because it was built early on, its ten times the size of Orange Prince and Red Princes manors.

“Although the war at the northern border was in his grandpas time, its only been thirty years since. Putting aside the fact that his deeds are still remembered, His Majesty is close to his brother. Thats why His Majesty has always taken extra care of his son.

“In addition, Wondrous Warriors former colleagues, as well as his students, are stationed in various posts in the military. Zhao Xins father, Zhao Tiankui, used to only be another soldier among Wondrous Warriors ranks, but hes now one of the most authoritative people in the military.”

Su Xiao queried, “But… that was thirty years ago. How much of that credit can still be remaining”

“… Are you aware that the Qilin Guards incumbent grand commander is Wondrous Warriors disciple” Shen Yirens question shut down all potential disputes. “The person in question is Wondrous Warriors only grandson and has been conferred the rank of Northern Wondrous Prince. Hes inherited his grandfathers rank, as well. I used to fight with him all the time as a kid because he rubs me the wrong way.”

Hong Jiu: “Did you get the short end of the stick”

“Hes just a punching bag. I was the puncher. The problem was that, when he dobbed on me, even Uncle would order someone to smack my hand despite his reluctance.”-

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