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“Come on. Sell me some good will. Shut down the formation for a while. Rounding up, Im a hundred and two years old. Surely youve had enough. If you need to explain to your boss, dont worry. Ill go talk to him. Everyone is a family under this sky; we can talk it out. Alternatively, let me out for a while. Ill be back in two hours, promise. You know what they say: first meeting, were strangers. Second time, were acquaintances. Third time, were long-time partners. Fourth time, were partners for life. Since youre all so pretty, Ill give you a 50% discount. You can lock me up eight times, deal”

Sky Palace reassigned all of their forces at Wugous formation to Ming Feizhens formation as it was the day that Ming Feizhen was most likely to start something, only for him to constantly flap his gums.

“L-like hell Ill believe you!”

“Ill sign. I can swear an oath The moon represents my heart, deal I love you all, uh, till the end of time.”

Seven maidens: “Shut up!”

To break the Ice Heart training of seven disciples was something one could proudly boast about.

Ruisi: Men really are nothing but liars! He lies without batting an eye. He didnt even take his eyes off that sheet of paper, yet hes trying to sound sincere. Who is teaching a kid his age to lie like this!

Ruisi: “Hey, that thing in your hand…”

Ming Feizhen pulled out a bunch of stuff from his shirt to hold up, specifically a piece of agate, jade, a big bag, a calligraphy scroll, a go board and a porno. “Which one”

When did he get his hands on those things! He cant leave the formation!

Ming Feizhen laughed under his breath, ignoring Ruisi. “Hahaha, that guy did it in the end, huh”


“Nothing. Miss Ruisi, its only been a few days since we last met, yet youre looking prettier already.”

Ruisi didnt answer or get closer as she was afraid shed spring Ming Feizhens trap. Howbeit, it became the reason that she didnt see his eyes behind the sheet of paper were gradually turning red.


Nobody conducted a background check or recommended Leng Jingliu when he first joined. In fact, they started off as foes. Miguo didnt go out to recruit him; he was out to put away Leng Jingliu when the latter beat everybody he sent. Once he saw what Leng Jingliu was capable of, Miguo desired Leng Jinglius services.

There wasnt anything that could be traced back from Leng Jinglius swordplay that surpassed Zhuo Fengrus or his jet-black sword. Though Miguo might give the impression that he was bold in planning, he wasnt actually a fan of taking risks, but he made an exception for Leng Jingliu.

Adepts never just fell from the sky; Leng Jingliu had to have quite the backstory. Nonetheless, Miguo saw beyond Leng Jinglius skill. Miguo believed that someone who didnt trust anyone and coveted nothing but improvement in his swordplay was an individual he could make use of. Leng Jingliu was practically a clone of Miguo. That was why he still couldnt believe Leng Jingliu betrayed him. Never did Miguo imagine someone who could kill without batting an eye would be an employee of the imperial court.

“All right. All right, then.” Miguo chortled in a low voice. “Everything has been smooth sailing in recent years. So the reason we never clashed head on with Liu Shan Men was because they already planted a spy. Young Master Wuzheng truly took everything into consideration. Thats theMan Who Can Do It All for you. Why didnt you take this ones head”

Leng Jingliu, gaze against Miguos, whipped the blood off his sword. “Two reasons. First, I cant cut through your armour to behead you.”

“… And the second”

“My task was to stab you once. What comes after isnt my concern. Im not interested in fighting you as you are now, either. Thats all there is to it.”

Even if a foreign entity penetrated a Vajra Realm practitioners armour, if it didnt inflict fatal damage, it was second only to damaging meridians. Thus, Miguo sat down to recover on the spot, except his grin never went away.

Regardless of what Miguo had planned, Zhuo Fengru wanted to deal the finishing blow due to his own circumstances. He looked over to Hua Qing, his only hope of finishing of Miguo. While getting rocked did disrupt Hua Qings flow of true qi, he wasnt injured, and he regained mobility. Therefore, as soon as he met with Zhuo Fengrus gaze, Hua Qing glued his left fingers together and thrust toward Miguo.

Triumph was but one thrust away, yet something outside of Hua Qings body took his balance from.

“Are you still going to keep playing around” Yungu swept Hua Qing off his feet - literally - with a single wave of hand, then ascended the platform. Facing the audience below, she sternly questioned, “Venerated leaders of Divine Moon Cult and League of Assassins, have you forgotten why we are here and why we are supporting the establishment of New Lotus Cult Should he be allowed to continue running amok”

Bai Tianbin: “Hey, if you keep talking about sharing a common enemy, this old man is going to mistake himself as one of you. What Your leader fall for ours Sadly, our virtuous leader isnt interested.”

“We may not share the same goal, but our goal is common for the most part, not to mention it all hinges on one person. Else, who could mobilise all three unorthodox sects This one fails to understand your actions, so she would like a clear answer now.” Sounding as cold as ice, Yungu asked, “Are you going to ignore the blood of God of Battle that has finally appeared”


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