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Seeing as Zhuo Fengru refused to speak, Ming Feizhen threatened, “If you dont talk. Ill be forced to drag Zhuo Yupin in to corroborate my guesses with the facts. I bet theres a lot to look into.”

“Brother Ming, I think you might be going overboard.”

“I thought youre the one who wanted me to get to the bottom of this” Ming Feizhen shut his eyes.

Hua Qing mustered up all his courage to walk up to Zhuo Fengru. “Hero Zhuo, please heed my advice.”

Zhuo Fengru refused to raise his head.

Hua Qing filled his chest with air, then, in a loud voice, said, “In snowy winter nine years ago, a homeless kid was starving and freezing. Desperate, he hurled a rock by the curb at a man with a backpack. It turned out the man was trained; not only did he dodge the rock, but he also subdued the boy and shouted,Throwing a rock at someones blind spot on this cold day is the equivalent of murder. Why are you so vicious at such a young age

“Breathing heavily, the boy weakly exclaimed,Why cant I kill Ill starve to death, otherwise! Ill kill you!

“The man slapped the boy mercilessly. When the boy woke up, he found himself under a thick blanket, sheltered by the walls and ceiling of an abandoned shrine. The man sitting by the fire extended his hand behind him, passing the boy a cake. Needless to say, the boy ate so fast that he choked.

“The man said,Youre still just a kid. Youre not yet able to comprehend the consequences of your impulsive actions. If you kill me, my wife and children will be sad. With nobody to take care of them, your current state may be their future. You wont remember in the spur of the moment, but youll come to regret it in the future. No matter where you go henceforward, the regret will always nag at you for the rest of your life. Never forget: humans make mistakes. Just remember to learn from your mistakes.

“The beggar never forgot the warmth he felt that night. He didnt have much to eat that night; however, he learnt a lot of lessons he wouldnt forget from that man. That beggars name is Hua Qing, now known as Hua Feihua. That mans name is Zhuo Fengru, the man before me.”

Zhuo Fengru finally raised his head to meet Hua Qings, eyes moist.

“I learnt three lessons that night. First, winter can be that cold. I honestly wonder if I could survive that sort of cold that hurts my insides when I breathe again. Secondly, I discovered such a tasty cake existed. I havent been able to find that taste again anywhere. Thirdly, I learn that desperation can become the impetus that leads people astray. Humans make mistakes. Just remember to learn from your mistakes.”

Zhuo Fengru lost control over his tears. “… I sinned gravely when I learnt my brothers skills without permission. Thinking about how nice he was to me makes me feel even worse. Its true I was inebriated in Xu Clans cellar. When I reflected on it, I couldnt figure out how I managed to enter the heavily-guarded cellar. Later on, I learnt Brother Xu deliberately moved me to the cellar when I passed out and opened the secret door for me. How else could I have entered without a hitch”

Ming Feizhen: “I dont get what youre trying to say.”

“Brother Xu deliberately let me learn his clans discipline because he knew I couldnt achieve my dreams with two missing fingers. That was the reason I insisted on exchanging children with him; I wanted to raise Yupin into an upstanding and outstanding hero so that he could inherit his clans teachings, thereby returning my knowledge to their rightful owner. I never expected… it would cost Brother Xu his family. I failed as Yupins teacher.” Zhuo Fengru was sobbing too much to put together another coherent sentence.

“Hua Gezi, call Liu Shan Mens constables for an arrest.”


“Brother Mieba!” Xu Yanran also had waterfalls for eyes.

“But he… But he…”

“I doubt hes lying. However, his crim-”

“Miss Xu is right. Theres no need to go.”

Ming Feizhen looked over to Kongcang with his brows knitted. “What are you on about”

Kongcang shook his head。 “Please do not misunderstand. This one is grateful to you. Had it not been for you, this one would have never known that pricks plans. No wonder why you could force him to get violent with Miss Xus engagement. Hahaha, what a joke.”

“What are say-” Ming Feizhen fell to the ground when he moulded qi at his feet, losing strength in his body.

“I know youre strong and not afraid of poison. Howbeit, you are a disciple of Shaolin Temple, and I am your opponent, hahaha. There is no antidote for the poison. This one formulated the poison to counter Shaolins disciplines. This one was able to immobilise someone ten times stronger than you back then, let alone an infant like you.” Kongcang looked to Zhuo Fengru out the corner of his eyes. “Never predicted this ending, did you”

“You knave,” responded Zhuo Fengru.

“Im a knave. Youre a hero, yet you lost to a knave. What does that make you” Kongcang subsequently turned back to Ming Feizhen. “Which Shaolin mental cultivation did you learn to develop your internal energy so much Who is your teacher You can be honest, or you can suffer.” Kongcang cracked his knuckles.

“Whats your issue Why have you switched characters all of a sudden”

“This is this ones true form. Its your fault for not recognising it. Dont blame others for your own incompetence. Speak now or Ill have to get physical. Ask Old Zhuo if you want to know what sort of person I am and what I do.”

“As an insurance policy, I had Liu Shan Men investigate two things. The first was Zhuo Clan. The second was Shaolin Temple.” Ming Feizhen simpered. “No Shaolin disciples have been killed in the last three years.” Ming Feizhen rose to his feet and stomped.


“Y-your skills…”-

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