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Martial King s Retired Life Volume 11.5 Chapter 28

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“Tell me the truth: what were you two doing” Right butt cheek facing the ceiling of Liu Shan Mens office, Xin Buyi kept shooting glares at Ming Feizhen and Hua Qing. “First youre all buddy-buddy with League of Assassins, and now youre buddy-buddy with Demon Cult. I never knew you two were VIPs of unorthodox factions.”

Finally losing it with Xin Buyi, Hua Qing questioned, “If youre going to interrogate us, go ahead, but why must you adopt that posture”

“You picking a fight! If you didnt stab me, would I be suffering, like this! Id be out in the field if it wasnt because of you!”

“I spoke without thinking that time. It was act-”

“Ol Xin, wheres the mister” Ming Feizhen cut in.

“Dont call me Ol Xin. Im not your buddy. Who do you think he is He has important jobs to take care of. Hes off to apprehend those demon cretins. You two are young and dont look like mean people, so stop hanging around their kind. Else, youll be behind bars sooner or later.”

Owing to what Shen Wuzheng told him, Xin Buyi treated Ming Feizhen and Hua Qing more akin as his juniors rather than suspects or criminals.

“Ol Xin, are they really bad people” Hua Qing only saw a hero in Wen Wudao - from the way he spoke to the way he carried himself.

“Dont call me Ol Xin. Of course theyre bad people. Look how unbridled they are. They literally ran around butt naked. Theyre a bad influence on culture, customs and people.”

Ming Feizhen voiced, “A group of butt-naked people running around in broad daylight must stand out, yet you still havent caught them You guys suck.”

“Oh, you think its easy to catch butt-naked people One of their three Great Guardians, Zhuxing Wuchang, is in the group. Not only is he strong, but he also loves seeking opponents for fights. In fact, hes already pummelled disciples from most orthodox sects. Hes a cold-blooded murderer in the Western Regions; were just lucky he hasnt had the chance to start a massacre in the Central Plains yet. Sir Shen rushed over precisely because of him.

“We didnt expect even Dark Moon Factions leader, Bai Tianbin, to be here. The leaders of Dark Moon and Bright God factions may not be strong, but Bai Tianbin possesses martial prowess on par with Great Guardians on top of military strategy knowledge, which is why his specialty is training troops. He has a hundred and forty thousand followers under his faction, making him a threat to the imperial court and country. Had it not been for Sir Shens astuteness, we wouldnt have realised he was here.”

Ming Feizhen and Hua Fei gave each other a shrug, not buying Xin Buyis story.

Xin Buyi scratched his head as he whinged, “I wonder how they got the balls to come out in droves recently. If even Valley of Villains and Sky Palace come out, its going to be one hell of a debacle.”

Ming Feizhen opined, “Big deal. Doesnt the imperial court have three law enforcement offices Even if one is incompetent, there are two left.”

“Its more complicated than you think. The Qilin Guards are praying for our downfall so that they can take over. As soon as theres trouble in the martial world, theyll pull out as fast as if their hand was in a fire. Wang Muren is skilled, yes, but hes unbearably haughty, so hes constantly bickering with our Captain Yan.

“Emperors Entourage only cares for whoever is ruling. You see Qilin Guards and Liu Shan Men constables out and about, right When have you ever seen a few Emperors Entourage agents around Thats why its on us to solve any major issues in the martial world.

“Anyhow, since I wont get anything out of you, you two should bugger off.”

“We can go now”

“I couldnt just let you go when there were so many witnesses. If you know how serious the situation is, stay at home for a few years, thanks.”

Ming Feizhen flashed a corner of his white pearls. “Ol Xin, Mister Shen asked you to take care of us, didnt he”

“Uh… Man, you…”

“Ol Xin, you should follow orders.”

“Yeah, exactly, Ol Xin. My brother and your superior are friends. Come on, buddy.”

“Dont call me Ol Xin!” Xin Buyi slammed his table. “You going to leave, or do I have to make you”

Ming Feizhen faked an exaggerated flinch. “Ooh, so scary. My legs are so weak that I wont be able to leave the house for a few years.”

Hua Qing: “Oh, no! We could just be excessively concerned, but leg weakness could turn out to be a major problem. There should be eighteen doctors available in the city, right Lets ask all healthy men from the capital to Luoyang to search. Surely we can find eighteen doctors if we use the imperial courts resources. Ol Xin, Liu Shan Men better report the medical costs.”

Xin Buyi took three deep breaths to curb his anger. “If there is anything I can do for you two, please let me know.”

“Youre finally enlightened.” Counting off his fingers, Ming Feizhen demanded, “Id like Liu Shan Men to escort us to the neighbouring city in a horse carriage. The coach needs to be familiar with the roads and how to avoid tailers. We need two sets of clean clothes, a big chest of dry rations, uh… and three thousand silver taels.”


Hours later, Ming Feizhen and Hua Qing had successfully sneaked into the neighbouring city.

“Ol Xin sure is a miser. Nothing I said could make him budge on his final offer of two thousand and eight hundred silver taels.”

“Bro, you literally managed to take three thousand off him in the end, though,” responded Hua Qing. “By the way, I have a question.”

“Fire away.”

“Well… what are we doing here again”

“Digging for information on Miguo Branch. Oh, and letting you experience the magic of the pugilistic world.”

“Putting aside the experience, Miguo Branch is a faction of monks, right”


“Right, right… Arent we in the wrong place, then”

“No.” Ming Feizhen looked as though Hua Qing asked the stupidest question known to man. “Did the men at the bathhouse scare your nuts off There are always exceptions to things. Relax.”

From the pillars, the artwork, the statues, to the decoration, the place felt so welcoming that it was easy to relax.

“No, Im pretty sure were in the wrong place. This doesnt seem right no matter how I look at it.”

“How It looks perfectly right to me.”

Immediately following Ming Feizhens response, a woman notified, “Gentlemen in Heaven room, your girls are coming.”


Bai Tianbin - Youve probably forgotten him since hes only been mentioned in passing. In volume 6 chapter 57, we learnt hes Ximen Chuidengs teacher. Kong Duan blackmailed Long Cheng into doing his bidding using Bai Tianbins tablet, which infuriated Ming Feizhen enough to threaten hed harm the imperial court if they ever defiled his grave.

When Ming Feizhen and Ming Suwen conversed, subsequent to Ming Feizhens rampage on Mount Lu Sword Sanctuary in Hangzhou (vol. 7.5 ch. 20), she mentioned that he was still beating himself up for failing to save Bai Tianbin. Bai Tianbins wife and child are separated, and we dont know their fate at the moment.-

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