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Up until now, Ming Feizhen never considered the man to be worth remembering. The most defining trait of the man was his lack of vigilance. In the presence of another martial arts adept, it was perfectly normal for people to be vigilant. Ming Feizhen didnt hide his power, yet the smiling gentleman was completely relaxed.

“I heard Liu Shan Mens leader is Yan Shisan. Since when did that change Xin Buyi is courteous and respectful to you; does that mean… Liu Shan Mens number two”

The gentleman who had grown past the years of impulsiveness answered, “Indeed.”

He understands English! This man cant be underestimated.

“You dont know me, but I know you and why youre here.”

“You do”

Fighting his urge to laugh, the man replied, “Youre finding a daughter-in-law for your shifu, right Its concerning that he wants you to inherit his philandering habits at such a young age.”

If he can say that, he must be close to Shifu.

Ming Feizhen wagged his hand. “And a hundred thousand silver taels.”

“My condolences.” The man went to scrub for Ming Feizhens head, but the latter recoiled out of the way, so the former sadly pulled his arm back.

Ming Feizhen, cheeks puffed, glared at the gentleman he designated a paedophile or man with a white-hair fetish.

“Ive heard about the Fengpeng from your shifu. Youre impressive. Incomplete Tai Chi isnt something anyone can lay their eyes on or learn.”

“You know about that, too My shifu must owe you a lot of money.”

“Hahaha, youre a fun kid. Hows your search for a wife Need me to introduce someone”

“Lets not stand around to talk when were friends. Here, take a seat, Mister. No need to stand on ceremony.” Ming Feizhen pulled a bench over and gestured for the gentleman to join him.

The man was stupefied for a moment before bursting into laughter. “Your shifu is right.”

“Huh What did he say”

The man accepted the offer to sit. “He said youre perfect.”

“Thats a given.”

“Save for the missing brain cells.”

“Can you adults not wrap what youre trying to say in layers upon layers Instead, try being more forthright. Anyhow, did you say youd introduce someone to me”


“Ill be candid, then.” Ming Feizhen poured the man a cup of tea. “You have a daughter or niece”

The mans eyes batted rapidly as the corners of his lips rose a tad. “Even my family is a candidate for you”

“Of course. Judging from your clothing, you cant be poor. As for status, if youre close to Yan Shisans level, then its acceptable. You have the exemplary appearance of a competent man, so your daughter cant be bad. Theres no loss for me.”

“Youre smart, but…”


“I do have a daughter. Needless to say, shes the most adorable in the world. Problem is, shes only five this year. I dont think your shifu can wait that long. How about we have you two engaged Both families would be happy, right”

Ming Feizhen enlarged his eyes, not expecting the man to take his joke serious. “Mister, you really are a weirdo.”

“I met your shifu prior to making my way here and heard a lot of stories about you on the way. You did well. You dont act like your shifu; youre a hero in the making.”

Elated to hear he was different to his shifu, Ming Feizhen wagged his hand whilst grinning. “You sure know how to flatter people, Mister. Truth be told, helping people never crossed my mind. I just help those in need. What do you mean byyou shouldnt be here, though”

“Miguo Branch is a disease that has been responsible for numerous major cases in recent years. Its been difficult to locate them as they do a competent job of hiding their traces and colluding with other unorthodox factions. As such, we have a special unit dedicated to monitoring inexplicable events at Three Gorges Dam, not just the group from the Western Regions. We found that the people hiding them involves far more than just victims.”

The man started folding finger by finger as he elaborated, “League of Assassins Master Le, Shaolins Venerable Kongcang, Zhuo Fengru and, more recently, Sky Palace.”

“Sky Palace”

Word was Sky Palace is everywhere, yet it was impossible to find them.

“Rumour is that its time for their tests once every few decades, so one of their sacred maidens will be commencing her training in the world soon. Nobody can corroborate the claim; however, its the most trustworthy sign of activity from them in decades.”

“… What does that have to do with me again”

“Its not normal for so many unorthodox sects to convene as they have now. While we dont know what their motivations are, we have identified two incidents at Three Gorges Dam that are most likely to thrust the martial world into turmoil. The first case is the whereabouts of Hua Feihua.”

Ming Feizhen folded his arms and acknowledged he heard loud and clear with his head. “Theres no doubt this means Miguo Branch is up to no good. Their appearances are telling. I bet theyre colluding with unorthodox groups of some sort. The solution is simple: lock them all up. Theyll spill everything once you treat them to some chilli water or whatever. Frame them for another dozen of crimes, and then execute them. Next.”

The man heaved a big breath. “That would be Mount Daluos successor entering the pugilistic world.” He locked eyes with Ming Feizhen and shook his head. “Who should I arrest”


Liu Shan Mens number two - Ming Feizhen actually says “number two” in English here, a product of his visits to the Western Regions. Thats the other reason behind him thinking, “This man cant be underestimated.”-

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