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The people in the rear lit up firecrackers, as well as applauded, the second subsequent to His Majesty wrapping up his announcement. Meanwhile, everyone in the palace couldnt decide if they should congratulate me or not.

Dugu was first to approach me with a palm-fist salute. “Congratulations, Brother Ming. You have taken care of me in many days from day one. Please never forget to dig a hole for my radish when you dig a hole for your radish.”

Thats not your original line, is it! Youre fronting, but your head is filled with radishes, isnt it!

Long Zaitian draped his arm over my shoulder. “You‘re the youngest earl in our dynastys history. Your future is boundless now. Dont forget about me once youre rich. My mother loves pickled radish; send my family two jugs at New Year.”

I knew I couldnt trust you! Go buy some for her yourself! Just because Im Daluo Earl, Im not selling radishes, you nimrod!

Sixth flicked up a thumb. “First Brother, youve truly accomplished yourself. Shifu will be overjoyed to hear this. From now on, whenever someone mentions Beipings Daluo Earl, youll the first one who comes to mind.”

Tell them not to! Why are you making it sound like I represent Beipings radishes! I dont even sell them. When Shifu catches wind of this, not only will he be mad, but hell even come down the mountain to smash my head in for embarrassing him!

Second wiped his hears. “Leader… Shifu is going to knock your socks off.”

Dont emphasise it! Wheres my consolation! Are the only things I can do start up a radish stall and eat a knuckle cake!

“Bahaha, sucked in, sucked in, ahaha!” Mountain Monster relentlessly mocked me.

All I could do was regret not stopping His Majesty in time. Had he announced it in private, I mightve had some wiggle room, but I couldnt imagine him changing his mind after announcing it in public.

Are you telling me you waited over one month just to crown me Daluo Earl! You do realise youre also embarrassing yourself with your lame naming!

When Mountain Monster laughed hysterically, Emperor Yuanshengs cheek twinged because he realised his folly. Nonetheless, sweeping things under the rug wasnt a tall order for an Emperor. “Hahahaha, ohahahaha, uhahaha.” He inhaled and then continued, “Hehe.”

Say something! You dont know how to clean up your own mess, do you! Stop coming up with names that dig your own grave, then!

“Mm… When the water is still, the mind shall find peace.”

A what A what A what

Young Shiyi whispered, “It means, one will only be happy when he is no lingered bothered by losses and gains.”

In other words, you want me to just put up with the hand Im dealt How dare you tell me to put up with it after you imposed on me!

“Young Ming, do you know why you received this jug of pickles” questioned Emperor Yuansheng.

I shook my head.

“A grain planted in spring begets ten thousand in autumn. In Nanjiangs language, radish ismobula, which is pronounced the same asabundance in Mandarin. In Nanjiang, the radish is extremely popular for it symbolises wealth, bountiful harvests, healthy crops, passionate maidens…” Emperor Yuansheng eventually got to his feet to speak as his energy spurred him on. “A grain planted in spring begets innumerable rad…ishes in spring. I conferred you the title of Daluo Earl as I hope you will bring prosperity to this land. Heisina Tribe has suffered for too long, and Nieyao has lost its shine for too long. Ming Feizhen, develop Nieyao into a flourishing city. Plant a shining star here in Nanjiang for the Central Plain!”

… How enlightening… Is that what you thought Id say! You want to fool me when I witnessed the whole event!

Am I really going to be stuck with this title You naming an earl or an ingredient! Do we need you of all people to name a seed!

“Ahem, ah, as I said, Constable Ming is now Nieyaos master - Daluo Earl. Dont laugh. Show Earl Ming some respect. Now, Earl Ming shall not be staying here, but he will receive the benefits while residing in the capital.”

I can literally hear them withholding their laughter. I dont think theres any means of salvaging our reputation, Your Majesty.

Wait, doesnt that mean Im not employed as an official

“Although Earl Ming played a pivotal role, contributed innumerable times and planned all of Nieyaos campaign on his own, experience in the pugilistic world doesnt compare to experience in the political arena. Earl Mings experience in the political arena is shallow. Therefore, demanding him to manage such a large city will likely be too tall of an order. Moreover, Nieyaos situation is rather complex and is in its infant stages of rebuilding; there is no room for error. Besides, he is Yirens left-hand and right-hand man. If I leave him here, I will never hear the end of it from her, hohoho.

“As such, Earl Ming shall receive his remuneration as earl whilst he is in the capital. In the meantime, Beussent and Shaman Faiths new Great Spirit Shaman shall manage Nieyao together. Both of them are familiar with Nanjiang. The majority of Nieyaos current residents are members of Heisina Tribe, not to mention believers of Shaman Faith. Accordingly, those two individuals are the best choice for overseeing the city.”-

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