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Arafat Town was a normal town in the Falk Kingdom. It was situated in the kingdoms southeast region and no matter how one looked at it on the map, it was a very normal place.

If one went three hundred kilometers southwest of this town, they would be able to reach the Drake Duchy that bordered the Falk Kingdom.

If one went five hundred kilometers north or six hundred kilometers northeast, one would be able to enter one of the two empires of the continent, the Marlow Empire.

If one went directly south, they would be able to enter the Anzu Church Duchy that was between the Lampuri Kingdom and the Falk Kingdom.

With this kind of geographical location, naturally it wasnt that special and one couldnt see anything important about it.

So although Arafat Towns history was even double that of the Falk Kingdom, it had been obscure on the Sines Continent for several thousand years and the people of the town had lived peaceful lives.

However, this peaceful life had changed five years ago.

Since the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Falk Kingdom signed a cooperation agreement five years ago, in these five years, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had led many magic machine companies into the Falk Kingdom to invest, building all kinds of factories all over the Falk Kingdom.

Although Arafat Town didnt have any geographic advantages and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt take a liking to this place, as the Falk Kingdom started investing in roads and finally built a road through Arafat Town, a magic machine company from the Lampuri Kingdom noticed this town. They then invested in a household magic machine factory in this town.

This factory only produced two products, one was the Magic Fan and the other was the Magic Stove. They could be considered low end products when it came to household magic machines, but this suited the needs of Arafat Town and the surrounding area.

So this year, this factorys income was quite good.

Moreover, although this factory wasnt big, it still recruited three hundred workers from Arafat Town which had solved the worker issue in Arafat Town, so it was greatly welcomed by the people of Arafat Town and the surrounding area.

When they talked amongst themselves, the people of the town were very grateful to the Lampuri Kigndoms Santis Chamber of Commerce.

If it wasnt for this company choosing to build this factory in Arafat Town, the people of Arafat Town could only live the same poor lives as before and wouldnt see any hope of change.

Kompany was one of those people.

He was a very normal citizen of Arafat Town and normally would rely on working labour in some places, while also being a servant to the nobles to make a living.

Although he wouldnt starve to death each year, he could only maintain the most basic lifestyle and couldnt improve his living standard at all.

But after this factory was built, Kompany responded to the recruitment and now earned at least ten gold coins a month, as well as some benefits that couldnt be considered good, but also couldnt be ignored. It had caused the lives of him and his family to greatly change.

Although Kompanys family wasnt as luxurious as the nobles and merchants, at least they didn't need to care about their basic necessities and could even eat meat from time to time.

Adding in the magic machine that he bought with the money he saved, he felt like his current life was just like living in a dream.

What he hoped was that the company could keep smoothly operating, letting him and his family to always live a comfortable life like this.

So Kompany had gone all out in working at the factory.

Not only did he receive the praise of his manager, which made his job even more stable, he had also received a bonus of two gold coins whenever he was paid his monthly wage.

Today was the day the factory paid their wages and based on tradition, they would work the morning shift and then after lunch, they would give the workers their pay and they could have the rest of the day off.

After eating lunch, the workers all excitedly took their wages and they gathered in groups to head off to the taverns.

However, when the co-workers that he had gotten close to invited Kompany, he had rejected their invitation.

“Theres a guest coming to my house today, so I have to go and receive them.” Seeing the disappointed looks around him, Kompany revealed a smile and took out a gold coin from his wages, giving it to the person that he was the closest to, “Although I cant come today, the same rules. Ill take out a gold coin from my bonus and you can call it my treat.”

Everyone looked at that gold coin and curled their lips, not saying anything else.

Kompany waved his hand to bid them farewell before leaving the factory in the suburbs and quickly walking back to his house in the town.

Because the factory was set up in a suburb, it was five kilometers away from the town. Just by walking, it would take him twenty minutes to get back.

Normally Kompany didnt care about this distance and would even leisurely walk home after work.

But today because there was a guest coming, he was in a bit of a rush. He had run along the way and had come home as soon as possible.

When he came to the edge of the town where his home was, he was surprised to find that there was a black and slender Magic Sedan that was sparkling under the sun, which looked quite high end parked in the space in front of his house.

A group of children, including his youngest son Sai were going around this Magic Sedan with curious looks on their faces.

When he saw Sai reaching out his dirty little hand to touch the Magic Sedan, Kompany immediately called out.

“You little brat! Put your hand down!” Kompany came over to pick up Sai and slapped his butt, “Dont you see what this even is What if you break it”

Sai pursed his lips and looked like he wanted to cry, but he didnt dare.

The other children scattered, but they didnt go far as they looked at the Magic Sedan with curious gazes.

It wasnt like the people of Arafat Town hadnt seen Magic Sedans before. The mayor Viscount Razor had one and the Santis Chamber of Commerces chairman who Kompany worked for also had one, which he drove here for inspections from time to time.

But Viscount Razors Magic Sedan was rarely driven out and it was even rarer to see it parked outside. The Santis Chamber of Commerces chairman rarely came to Arafat Town was well, so these people rarely had a chance to see a Magic Sedan.

Now that there was a Magic Sedan that was parked in front of a normal familys house in the residential area, it naturally attracted the attention of countless people.

Not only the kids, even many of the adult neighbours of Kompany were looking at this Magic Sedan from a distance while pointing at it, with many of them having looks of admiration.

Kompany looked at the surrounding people. Thinking that there was still guests at home, he didnt go talk to them and brought Sai into the house.

When he came in, there was someone who walked out.

“Brother in law, you should just let the kids play with it if they want. The Magic Sedan wont break that easily.”

Kompany looked closely and found that this person was a young man who seemed to be in his early thirties.

He was wearing a set of light blue clothes that were perfectly tailored for him that looked quite expensive, with a pair of leather boots that looked simple, but were very finely made. Based on his clothes, this fellow looked even more high class compared to Viscount Razor who was a noble.

Kompany was surprised to see this middle aged man who had a gentle smile who didnt seem like a commoner and his heart was filled with doubt.

What did he call him Brother in law

When he was surprised, there was a young woman who came out and revealed a sweet smile to Kompany.

“Brother in law, youre back.”

After seeing this girl, Kompany finally reacted.

This girl was his wifes little sister Winnie. Kompany had known her for over ten years, so he was very familiar with her.

Since it was like this, then this young man was…...

Seeing Kompany turn back to look at the young man, Winnie held his arm with a smile.

“Brother in law, let me introduce you. This is my husband, Joshua. Joshua, this is my brother in law. Brother in law and big sister have always been good to me, so you have to treat them well.”

The young man named Joshua revealed a faint smile and gave a slight bow to Kompany, “Brother in law, hello, this is our first time meeting. I am Winnies husband Joshua, Im from the Lampuri Kingdoms Banta City. Winnie has often mentioned you and big sister, saying that youve taken care of her since she was younger and she has never forgotten it.”

Kompany quickly waved his hand, “No, no, no, what are you saying Winnie is Millies little sister, of course we would take care of her.”

When he said this, Sai, who had been held by Kompany, complained to Winnie, “Little aunt, dad hit me!”

Kompany glared at him and wanted to teach him another lesson, but Winnie took Sai from his hand and patted Sais shoulder as she said in a gentle voice, “Alright, your dad is afraid that you would cause trouble. Be good and go inside, I took out some candied fruit just now.”

Hearing the words “candied fruit”, Sais eyes lit up. After giving a cheer, he charged inside.

Kompany helplessly shook his head, “Winnie, youll spoil that child.”

“I only have him and Harvat as my nephew, its natural if I spoil them a bit.” Winnie giggled before suddenly asking, “Right, brother in law, wheres Harvat Isnt he already ten years old What do you plan on doing with him”

Kompanys heart skipped a beat and he looked at Joshua who had been smiling the entire time on the side before pointing at the door, “Lets go in and talk.”-

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