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Levin Hasko looked at the patch of bright red on the ground and couldnt help being stunned.

How long had it been since he had been injured to this extent

If he remembered correctly, since he became a Two Star Great Magician, he had never been injured once.

After becoming an Arch Magus, not to mention being injured, there was no one that had dared to challenge him who had been able to leave a trace on him.

Being injured, even to the point of spitting out blood, it was something that hadnt happened in several decades, so he had already forgotten what kind of feeling this was.

Now that it happened this time, it was very strange for him and he even panicked a bit.

However, what he felt the most was anger.

“This little scoundrel, you actually dare to injure me with a trap!”

Levin Hasko slowly stood up and looked at the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base in the distance with anger in his eyes, but his face was very calm.

Although his heart was filled with rage, after that investigation just now, he knew that he was in a very awkward state.

All around him, perfectly covering all the directions around him was a space formed from the chaotic elemental magic energy.

If he entered this chaotic space, even with his power as an Arch Magus, he wouldnt be able to maintain control over the elemental magic power and wouldnt be able to use spells. So if he wanted to go through this barrier, he couldnt just rely on magic, he also had to rely on physical strength.

But this attack that had caused him to be hurt made him understand that Xu Yi had carefully set this trap, so he definitely wouldnt let him leave that easily.

Once he entered the chaotic magic space, the other side would attack him when he couldnt use his magic.

If his reaction hadnt been good enough just now, that powerful attack might have destroyed his barrier. Just with the powerful explosion of the attack, it would have been enough for him to be blown to pieces.

In the end, his magical abilities as a Arch Magus was powerful, but his body was still just that of a normal person.

If the elemental magic energy in this chaotic space was a bit stronger, if he was hit with another attack, just the elemental magic energy in this space would have been enough to tear him to pieces.

So he didnt dare enter this space again.

“This fellow clearly has the ability to put down this strange space, so why doesnt he put this space around me and then attack me with the attacks that arent affected by the chaotic magic space”

Levin Hasko had this thought, but then he received his answer.

Xu Yi clearly had scruples because of his ability as an Arch Magus, so if he had forcefully changed the stability of the elemental magic energy around him, he would immediately notice it and react.

But this chaotic magic space was formed from five kilometers away, just out of the range of his magic senses.

This made Levin Hasko doubtful.

How did Xu Yi know that the limits of his magic senses was this range

It had to be known that even if Xu Yi used Arch Magus Camilla as a reference, the magic sense range of each Arch Magus was different because they had different understanding of magic, so there were some with wider magic senses.

Levin Hasko excelled in spatial magic and was always excelled in magic senses, surpassing even other Arch Magi.

If Xu Yi wanted to calculate his strength from Camilla who had just become an Arch Magus in the past few years, it would be impossible.

After knitting his brows to think for a bit, Levin Hasko shook his head. He no longed considered this and narrowed his eyes to look at the chaotic magic space that looked no different from normal space, but was much more dangerous and gave a cold laugh.

“You want to use this small trap to keep me here Xu Yi, youre underestimating an Arch Magus too much!”

Levin Hasko released all his magic and it was like the space around him had suddenly collapsed, as all the space around him twisted, creating a very strange scene around him. With him as a center, it gathered all the power around him.

This was the spatial magic that Levin Hasko was the best at, Spatial Collapse.

There was no need to discuss the might of this spatial spell. Once it was activated, all the elemental magic inside Levin Hasko would start turning with him as the core.

Relying on the powerful magic power and powerful control of elemental magic energy that he had as an Arch Magus, as long as he continued increasing the range of this Spatial Collapse, Levin Hasko was confident that the elemental magic energy in the chaotic space would fall under his control and he would take care of the blockade that it had created.

Although this method would consume quite a bit of magic power, this was without a doubt the safest method.

Because Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would keep attacking, not letting him have a chance to stabilize himself.

This Spatial Collapse would integrate the elemental magic energy around him into his control, which was equal to creating an alternative magic barrier that could resist all powerful attacks.

As expected, when the space around Levin Hasko started to collapse, several balls of flames lit up in the distance. It went over a thousand meters, passing through the chaotic magic space to fly right at him.

“Humph! The toys of kids!”

Levin Hasko gave a cold snort and didnt care about it.

When the several dozen balls of flames entered his Spatial Collapse, they couldnt help exploding one by one before turning into ashes, which didnt pose any threat to him at all.

“Hei, hei, Xu Yi, when I get out of here, I will destroy your Frestech Chamber of Commerce bit by bit. I will let you see the slow destruction of your precious company and let you suffer the deepest pain!”

Levin Hasko gave two wild laughs before continuing to send out more magic power, speeding up the spread of the Spatial Collapse.

At this time, there were several dozen strange magic fluctuations that came from all around him.

Levin Hasko was stunned.

He was clearly surrounded by the chaotic magic space, so there shouldnt be any magic fluctuations that could penetrate through.

Moreover, this space was five kilometers wide and he was at the edge, so there should be a distance of ten kilometers between them.

But with such a long distance, he could still feel the magic fluctuations and could feel them clearly.

His magic senses werent that good, so there was only one explanation which was that they were just too strong. Even the chaotic magic space wasnt able to block it and Levin Hasko could sense it even though it was out of his magic sense range.

But this powerful magic fluctuation wasnt something that even a normal Forbidden Spell could match.

To release this kind of terrifying magic fluctuation, there wasnt a single magician that could control it, even an Arch Magus couldnt do it. Only natural power could be this powerful.

However, there were several of them that came from all around him, which was just too strange.

“Could it be some trick that Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce is using”

Levin Hasko had this thought, but then he immediately rejected it.


This kind of terrifying magic fluctuation was not something that humans could control.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces strongest magician was Arch Magus Camilla and even if he used all his power, it was impossible to release this kind of terrifying magic fluctuation, not to mention several dozen of them.

Thinking of this, Levin Hasko no longer cared about it and continued focusing on his spell, speeding up the collapse of the space around him.

Seeing that the Spatial Collapse was about to meet the chaotic magic space, Levin Hasko also suddenly felt that the several dozen strange magic fluctuations around him were getting stronger.

“What is that kid Xu Yi up to” Feeling the terrifying power held within those magic fluctuations, even Levin Hasko couldnt help feeling a bit surprised.

If these magic fluctuations continued to develop, it might cause all the elemental magic energy in the surrounding several kilometers to explode at the same time. It would be like causing an incomparably large space made of magic to collapse, which would create an effect that was hard to predict.

With optimistic estimates, the chaotic elemental energy in the surrounding several kilometers would turn this place to nothing and there would be no humans, or any living beings that could exist in this space.

Compared to this, the Spatial Collapse that he was using was just like a kids toy!

“Is this fellow crazy” Levin Hasko was anxious and angry, “To kill me, this kid would make the Frestech Chamber of Commerce perish with me”

While thinking about this, Levin Hasko was fully focused on gathering his magic power.

His Spatial Collapse was able to link up to the chaotic magic space and as he had expected, the chaotic magic spaces elemental magic energy was affected by his powerful magic power, as it started turning bit by bit.

Based on this, if he had some more time, he could easily pierce through this barrier with the Spatial Collapse and escape from this place.

But when there was a bit of pleasant surprise in Levin Haskos heart, there were several dozen bright white beams that came from all around him.

The speed of the light beams didnt given Levin Hasko any time to react and as soon as they appeared, they were all aimed in the direction that Levin Hasko was in.

Levin Hasko only had time to feel how terrifying the beams of light were and didnt even have time to resist. The Spatial Collapse around him was instantly burned away by the power of the white beams of light.

Then what was burned away was his body.-

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