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Magic Industry Empire Volume 1 Chapter 99

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The lives of noble young masters arent good either

When the word “programming” passed in his mind, Xu Yis gaze looking at the crystal ball became even more passionate.

This fellow that looked like a beggar clearly didnt know what kind of value was in the Magic Array he designed, but Xu Yi was very clear on this. If his guess was right, this fellow designed Magic Arrays like programming to set them ahead of time, allowing the Magic Arrays to change function in between use. This would very likely change the entire magic industry and greatly pull together the disparity in terms of industrialization between earth and the Sines Continent.

“Youre the one who set the Magic Array on this” Xu Yi asked this person to confirm it.

That person nodded as an expectant look appeared in his eyes.

“You…...What do you think of this thing”

Xu Yi pushed down the excitement in his heart and gave a slight nod, “Not bad. But since you can draw Magic Arrays, that means you should be a magician. How did you end up like this”

That persons eyes dimmed again and he shook his head, not saying anything.

Seeing that he didnt want to answer, Xu Yi didnt force him. He raised the crystal ball and asked, “If I had you draw the Magic Array on this again, can you do it”

“Of course theres no problem.” That person heard another meaning in Xu Yis words and he couldnt help revealing a trace of excitement in his voice.

“Thats good. Ill introduce myself again. I am Xu Yi from Banta City and Im the chairman of a company in Banta City. Right now I want to invite you to do some research for me in terms of Magic Arrays and the wage will be set at ten gold coins per month. Will you accept these terms” Xu Yi looked at him and spoke in an honest voice.

“Ten gold coins per month That much” The person looked at Xu Yi like he couldnt believe it, “Youre this young, are you really the chairman of a company Youre not lying to me, right”

Xu Yi said with a smile, “What value is there in me lying to you If it was just buying this crystal ball, I think ten gold coins would be enough, right”

That person was silent for a bit as he lowered his head to think before slowly giving a nod.

“Alright, I promise you. But…...But I dont even have a copper coin right now, this……”

“This is not a problem, since you are a worker for my company now, Ill take care of your basic living expenses.” Xu Yi looked around before saying, “Based on your appearance, you shouldnt have a dwelling or family in Anvilmar City, right How about you come with me now and Ill take care of your food and board. When I finish my work here in a few days, you can come back to Banta City with me.”

The person nodded.

Actually he already had no other paths, he was almost about to starve to death. Xu Yi had suddenly appeared to hire him and gave him a salary of ten gold coins per month, this was a chance that he couldnt let go.

“Alright, lets go.” Xu Yi stood up and reached out to pull that person up, “Thats right, I dont even know your name yet.”

“Santo…...Sancheli, I am called Sancheli.”

Xu Yi looked at him and thought that since this persons response was so hesitant and he even changed his words, it meant that this was probably a fake name.

But he didnt care that much right now. Anyway, his reason for hiring this person was just to obtain the method of setting the functions of a Magic Array beforehand, it didnt matter if he hid his identity or not.

Xu Yi was about to leave the small alley and head back to the office to clean him up when several figures appeared at the end of the alley. One of them pointed at Sancheli and said in a loud voice, “Its him! Young master, is that right”

Xu Yi looked up in a daze and saw three familiar figures.

Victor, Cell, and Urgot. It was actually the three young master who had violently beaten Sancheli in front of the horse carriage yesterday.

After looking at Sancheli, Victor gave a cold laugh before saying in a sharp voice, “Its this fellow! He actually dared to make this young master lose such a great deal of face in front of a crowd. If we dont take care of him, this young master cant swallow this offense! Cell, Urgot, watch from the side for now. When I finish venting my anger, itll be your turn!”

Cell and Urgot on the side couldnt help complaining, “Hey, Victor, dont beat him to death or we wont be able to vent our anger.”

Victor spat into his palm and rubbed his hands, as he said with a cold laugh, “Relax, how could I let him die this quickly If I dont properly torture him, how could I vent the anger in my heart! Hey, that fool over there, what are you standing in a daze for Why arent you scramming yet You want to also be beaten by this young master”

The final words brought Xu Yi back to his senses.

Xu Yi knit his brows. He never thought that after obtaining this pleasant surprise with great difficulty, this kind of accident would appear.

He turned to look at Sancheli and noticed that he was trembling slightly. It was clear that he was a bit afraid.

Xu Yi couldnt help feeling angry and finding this funny.

This Sancheli was beaten miserably yesterday by Victors group, but he didnt show any trace of fear then. Now that he hadnt even been beaten yet, he was already afraid like this. The difference in reactions was just too big.

Then again, he is also a magician, so why was he afraid of these three noble young master who had nothing other than strong bodies

Xu Yi looked over at Victor and took a step forward to move in front of Sancheli.

Seeing Xu Yis action, Victor was surprised before flying into a rage.

“What This young master wants to teach this beggar a lesson and a kid like you wants to butt in Are you tired of living”

Xu Yi revealed a smile as he bowed to Victor and said, “Young master Victor, this person is my friend, can you give me some face and let him go”

Victor was stunned, “You know me” Then he angrily said, “What kind of thing are you Why should I give you face”

Xu Yi was silent for a bit before raising his hand and slowly approaching Victor.

When he was less than two meters away from Victor, he saw Victor tighten his foot and Xu Yi knew that he couldnt approach anymore. He stopped and said in a low voice, “Young master Victor, I was in the same carriage as Viscount Leslie yesterday.”

Although Victor was domineering, he wasnt a fool. After being surprised for a bit, he understood Xu Yis meaning.

He looked at Xu Yi before looking at Sancheli behind Xu Yi and saying with a dark look, “You are big brother Leslies friend, so I can give you face and not care about you standing in front of me. But this fellow has caused us three brothers to lose face in front of everyone, we cant let him go. Move aside!”

Xu Yi revealed a difficult expression and took another step forward towards Victor as he said in a low voice, “Young master Victor, I wont hide the truth, he is now a worker for our company. As his boss, I cant just watch him being beaten by someone, that wouldnt be proper, dont you think If you think that he has made you lose face, I can have him apologize to you and I can give you some compensation, what do you think”

“Worker Boss” Victor looked at Xu Yi in a daze with a confused look on his face, “Hey, are you mistaken This fellow is just a poor beggar, when did he become your worker What can he even do for you Sweep your floors”

Xu Yi revealed a smile and didnt reply to this question. Seeing that Victor was much less angry, he directly reached into his chest and took out a pouch before leaning over, blocking everyones sight and secretly handing it over to Victor.

“Just a small gift, I ask young master Victor to accept it. If youre still not satisfied, we can still discuss this, what do you think”

Victor hesitated a bit before he looked at the bulging purse in Xu Yis hand. He gritted his teeth as he reached out to take it. He carefully opened it and was instantly stunned.

Golden light flowed out of the purse, it was actually filled with gold coins!

Although he couldnt tell exactly how many there were, but with a rough estimate, he could tell that there were at least fifty gold coins in the purse!

Victors breathing instantly became rushed.

Although he was a noble young master of Anvilmar City, there were many noble families in Anvilmar and there were all kinds of noble young masters like him.

Not to mention that he didnt have the right to inherit the family. For an unimportant junior like him, he only received an allowance of twenty gold coins each month and didnt have any other sources of income.

Now that this large amount had suddenly appeared in front of him, it made him a bit excited.

Seeing his reaction, Xu Yi couldnt help finding it a bit funny.

It seemed like the lives of the noble young masters of Anvilmar wasnt good. If it was the officials of Beijing back on earth, not to mention this bit of money, it wouldnt enter their eyes even if they were offered ten times this amount.

“Young master Victor, this is only a little gift, of course it cant be considered a full compensation. How about we find a place to sit down and talk” Xu Yi reminded him.

Victor quickly came back to his senses and gave a soft cough. He didnt reveal anything as he put this purse away before pointing at Sancheli behind Xu Yi and shouting, “Consider yourself lucky. This young master on account of this……”

Xu Yi quickly said, “I am Xu Yi, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman.”

Victor nodded before continuing, “On account of chairman Xus face, Ill let you go. But its best if you never appear in front of this young master again, otherwise this young master cannot promise youll leave in one piece, understand”

Hearing Victors words, not only was Sancheli a bit confused, Cell, Urgot, and their two servants were all confused.

Didnt they say that after finding this beggar that made them lose face, they would properly beat him up to vent their anger Why did Victor suddenly change his mind

Victor was too lazy to explain. He patted Xu Yis shoulder and loudly said, “Chairman Xu, since you are big brother Leslies friend, then you are our friend. If you ever meet any trouble in Anvilmar City, you can just give the names of us brothers. No matter what…..Ke, not mentioning any big troubles, there shouldnt be any problems with small troubles and we promise to take care of it for you!”

Cell and Urgot suddenly revealed looks of understanding. So this Xu Yi person who appeared out of nowhere was actually Viscount Leslies friend. It was no wonder suddenly gave him face and changed his mind.

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Young master Victor is too polite. I havent encountered any problems yet, but I was looking for someone to do a bit of business with. I wonder, is young master Victor interested”-

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