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Hearing this response, the magicians created a stir.

One that seemed to be around forty years old quickly said in a loud voice, “I clearly heard others say that you can get at least twenty gold coins a month, that was why I came all the way here. Now youre telling me that its not like this, is your Frestech Chamber of Commerce lying to people”

“Right! If it wasnt for twenty gold coins a month, why would I come this far”

“I say…...if its not twenty gold coins a month, its at least fifteen gold coins a month, right I heard that the costs in this place are quite high, so if the wages arent high, I might not be able to live here……”


Logan had the same smile as he silently listened to their complaints. Once they calmed down, he said in a clear voice, “Everyone, I think that youre mistaken, I never said that it isnt like this, I just said that the wage might not be twenty gold coins a month. Rather, if you work for our company and do your work for the month properly, youll easily earn more than twenty gold coins. Of course, if the work isnt good…..Im very sorry, you might only get the most basic wage of ten gold coins.”

“Its like this……”

The magicians let out a sigh of relief.

“Hei, its at least ten gold coins, then I dont need to worry.”

“Right, ten gold coins. It might be good if I were able to earn that much in a year back home…..”

“Hey, isnt that too bad I do some work for those lords back home and I can get at least twenty or thirty gold coins a year……”


Sarah standing beside Logan who never spoke couldnt help giving a laugh.

Before doing this work, she always felt that magicians who studied magic were mysterious and powerful people. Now that she had done this for a few days and met more magicians, she found that magicians werent that different from normal people. Other than knowing some magic, they also cared about their livelihoods.

Seeing these magicians talking about only earning several dozen gold coins back home and complaining how hard life was, she never would have imagined this before. Now that she had seen it quite a bit during this time, the image of magicians in her mind had long collapsed.

However, every time she saw this, she still found it a bit funny.

Hearing Sarahs laugh, Logan quickly glared at her before turning back to the magicians with the same smile on his face.

“Other than basic wages, our company will also provide some benefits for our staff. The treatment for magicians is better than that of normal people. For example, the magicians that come from afar will have a living area arranged for them, as well as guaranteeing their daily necessities. We will make sure that any magician that joins our company will be able to live a stable life.”

“Yi You actually even take care of living arrangements”

“Really Its that good”

“Wa, this Frestech Chamber of Commerce really is good. Its no wonder than fellow Ikeman kept boasting in front of us……”


Logan silently listened for a bit. When everyone calmed down again, he asked in a loud voice, “Then everyone…..if youre willing to work for our company, please follow Sarah to the car that weve prepared ahead of time. When the car is filled, we will immediately set off to our companys headquarters.”

The magicians looked at each other before the fifty year old magician from before led several companies to where Sarah was.

The other magicians hesitated a bit before also following along.

These magicians had come all this way, naturally it wasnt just for a vacation. Rather they heard of the high class treatment the Frestech Chamber of Commerce gave magicians and came here to join the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Now that they had more details from Logan who worked from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, naturally they were even more moved.

Of course, not all the magicians chose to listen to Logan and followed them.

There were a total of twenty seven magicians that came out of the large passenger Magic Car. Nineteen of them had walked over to where Sarah was and there were still eight that stood there without moving.

Logan wasnt surprised by this because not all magicians believed what he said and many magicians were introduced by other magicians working for the company, so they would find their acquaintances first.

Logan asked one more time and seeing that these eight magicians didnt move, he turned around and gave the order for Sarah to bring the nineteen magicians to the reception area.

At this time, one of the eight remaining magicians suddenly asked, “Young man, you just said that the monthly wage will be at least ten gold coins after joining the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and it can be up to twenty gold coins, but this isnt correct, right”

Logan was surprised, “Why isnt it correct”

The magician who seemed quite old shook his head, “It should be the wage for magicians that only do basic work, right But you still havent talked about the wage for the magicians in the magic research facility.”

“Magic research facility” Logan was surprised again as he finally seriously looked over this magician.

He didnt pay that much attention early, but looking seriously now, he found that although this magician didnt have a badge on his chest, his aura was different from the other magicians.

Moreover, there was another magician standing close to him which seemed to be his companion who had the same aura. He could tell with a single look that they werent normal people.

He never thought that someone would ask him about the wage for the magic research facility. Logan had a thought and understood that he might have met two rare High Grade Magicians today.

Compared to the hundreds of low Grade Magicians that swarmed here, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce did care more about were the High Grade Magicians.

Because the magicians with a higher level of magic were rare, so it was one more for them if they could lure one in.

Logan revealed an even friendlier smile as he seriously explained to that magician, “The companys magic research facility naturally welcomes powerful magicians. But the recruitment for the magic research facility is handled by chief Evita, so if you…..and your companion are interested in joining, how about you come back to the headquarters with us and then well find someone to bring you to see chief Evita. What do you think”

“You still havent told me the wage for a magician in the magic research facility.” That magician said.

“This……” Logan gave a dry laugh. After hesitating a bit, he replied, “The magicians of the magic research facility naturally earn more, bu8t Im not certain of the actual amount. According to what chief Evita has told us, Im certain that the members of the magic research facility earn no less than thirty gold coins a month. If you add in the various bonuses from the research projects, it should be a conservative annual revenue of over five hundred thousand. It isnt even hard to earn a thousand gold coins.”

Hearing this response, whether it was the nineteen magicians by Sarah or the nine magicians who stood still, they were all surprised.

Five hundred gold coins a year!

This was a high income that countless people dreamed of.

If they could reach a thousand gold coins, they would suddenly be living the rich life!

It had to be known, the Magicians Guild only gave One Star Great Magicians a trivial one hundred gold coins per year!

The magician who asked this and his companion were also a bit surprised by this. After being surprised, that magician couldnt help nodding and saying with a sigh, “Its no wonder the Frestech Chamber of Commerce can attract so many magicians to join them and they dont even care about the Magicians Guilds ban.”

A magician who was wearing the badge of a Fourth Grade Magician standing not far away looked at him and gave a cold snort, “Nonsense. If the Magicians Guild could give me several hundred gold coins a month, of course I would listen to them.”

“Is that so” That magician revealed a smile and didnt refute it. He went towards Logan and said with a smile, “My companion and I are interested in your companys magic research facility. If you dont mind, can you take us to have a look”

Logan was filled with joy and quickly nodded, “Of course, of course! Please!”

Watching these magicians follow Sarah to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces car waiting outside the Magic Car Station, Logan turned to look at the remaining six magicians. He found that all of them had their own plans and didnt force them.

After giving these six magicians a pamphlet for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, Logan thought about it before going back to the gathering point. He found two of his subordinates to take over and went to the receiving car.

Seeing him come over, Sarah who was introducing the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to the magicians was surprised.

“Why are you here”

Logan nodded to the magicians in the car with a smile before replying in a low voice, “The next bus will take some time, so I think that its better if I personally lead them.”

After saying this, he said to the driver, “Start driving. The car is filled anyway, theres no need to wait for the next batch.”

The driver looked at Sarah and seeing that she had no opinions, he started this large transport Magic Car that was used to receive magicians and quickly headed towards the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base to the west of Frestech City.

Although these magicians had come on the Magic Cars of the Fersen Chamber of Commerce, riding this large transport Magic Car was still a very novel experience to them. Not to mention that there were many new scenes that passed by the window in Frestech City, so they were very interested in looking out the window the entire way, asking a few questions from time to time.

Those two High Grade Magicians also couldnt help looking out the window, but they were always quiet.

When the large transport Magic Car reached the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base, all kinds of factories appeared around the car and the two High Grade Magicians revealed interested looks.-

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