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Thinking of how in the last year and a half, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had gone from being doubtful to understanding and supporting Xu Yis proposed magic data analysis method before the magicians all began wildly investing in this process, Arch Magus Camilla couldnt help feeling emotional.

When he met this kid Xu Yi, he had only caught the attention of Arch Magus Camilla because of the strange piano model that he made.

Now after more than ten years, this kld had not only built the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he had developed the magic machine industry on the Sines Continent, even becoming strong enough to influence the entire continent. Now he even created this magic data analysis method which had already caused the magic research method that had lasted ten thousand years on the continent to go in a new direction.

Although this theory was only in its initial state, Arch Magus Camilla expected that as time passed, this new magic research method would definitely create waves in the magicians circle before creating a new revolution.

It would take long before the mysterious and aloof magicians in the hearts of people wouldnt be as mysterious and aloof anymore.

In other words, magic would become more popular and understood by normal people, so it would be grasped by even more people.

Because a long time ago, there was an Arch Magus who said.

There isnt anything like talent for magic in this world. Every person can grasp magic, the only difference in the depth of the magic grasped.

The reason why there were so few magicians was completely because magic research wasnt developed enough. The people who didnt have as much talent with magic couldnt truly grasp magic.

Arch Magus Camilla had disdained this view before, but after seeing Xu Yis experiments and letting those one hundred First Grade Magicians grasp what could be considered the worlds strongest Fireball Spell, he now had the same view.

If this was true, wouldnt it mean that everyone on the continent would have a chance to become a magician

That way, magicians wouldnt be such a rare occupation.

Thinking of this, Arch Magus Camilla looked at Xu Yi again.

This kid Xu Yi, he had always tried to bring magic closer to normal people and integrate it into the lives of normal people.

If the magic machines that he developed before were to let magic become a tool that made peoples lives better, then this magic data analysis method was taking it a step further, letting magic become something that even normal people could grasp.

Arch Magus Camilla always hoped that more people would want to study magic, but he never thought that something he couldnt do as an Arch Magus was something that Xu Yi could do.

Once it was finished, Xu Yi would definitely be able to be the one that represented magicians the most on the continent.

However…...what made Arch Magus Camilla unsure whether to cry or not was that he understood that for this kid Xu Yi, whether it was the magic machines or the magic data analysis, he never had these ideas at all.

Magic in the eyes of this kid was purely a tool that was easy to use.

When Arch Magus Camilla was lost in thought, the thirty Magic Airships had already landed. Hart, Omar, and Furio who led the attack on the Mana Magic Kingdom and the first batch of Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards came out.

Xu Yi as the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman came forth to meet them.

After the short talk, Xu Yi collected the information from Meiken and the others in charge of collecting data before heading back to the magic research facility with them and Arch Magus Camilla.

“Sir chairman, this is the data from the battle between us and the five Great Magicians, please take a look.”

After entering the data analysis department that was just created in the magic research facility, Meikens group gave Xu Yi a bunch of thick data reports, as well as some Magic Illusion Discs.

Xu Yi waved his hand for them to set it down.

“Leave this data for the others to study. Tell me first, was there a lot of pressure fighting five Great Magicians at once”

Meikens group looked at each other before revealing relaxed smiles.

“Of course there was pressure, but it really wasnt as dangerous as we thought.” Meiken said, “Those five Great Magicians were weaker than Great Magician Juna and weve already had combat training with Great Magician Juna, so there wasnt much pressure when we faced them.”

Xu Yi nodded before turning to Arch Magus Camilla.

Arch Magus Camilla touched the thin beard on his chin before shaking his head with a bitter smile.

Even if he as an Arch Magus faced five Great Magicians at once, he would feel some pressure, but the fellows from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards said that there wasnt much pressure…...

If this was known, perhaps the other magicians on the continent would find it hard to believe.

Although in the rumours, there were four Great Magicians that fell in the battle between the Mana Magic Kingdoms Glorious Regiment and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, all five Great Magicians had fallen in reality. The reason why it was four was because Xu Yi had released false information.

However, whether it was four or five, the fact that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards had taken down a Great Magician was already surprising enough.

This made all the other magicians on the continent become wary.

Even Great Magicians couldnt escape the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards and were killed, then ordinary magicians wouldnt be wild enough to fight the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards.

Arch Magus Camilla was one of the strongest Arch Magi and had been in the magician circle for several decades, but he knew that magicians all cared about their own lives and wouldnt easily send themselves to their deaths.

So through the battle with the Mana Magic Kingdom, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had shocked all the magicians on the continent, which would guarantee that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had obtained some defense against the Magicians Guild.

And this would help the Frestech Chamber of Commerce promote their magic machines and magic data analysis method in the future, so it could be considered a strategic move.

It was because of this reason that Arch Magus Camilla had surprised everyone by supporting Xu Yis suggestion to attack the Mana Magic Kingdom.

Of course, he was clear that was on the premise that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards were strong enough to defeat the Mana Magic Kingdom.

“Alright, put down the data and let this kid Xu Yi take care of it. You all come with me, Im free today, so Ill play with you kids from the guards today.” Arch Magus Camilla suddenly said.

Meikens group was stunned before revealing bitter looks.

“Lord Camilla, we just came back from the battlefield, cant you let us rest a bit”

Arch Magus Camilla glared at them, “It is because you just came back that the training effect would be better! Stop wasting words and come with me.”

Watching Meikens group following Arch Magus Camilla in a depressed manner, Xu Yi couldnt help smiling.

It was clear that Arch Magus Camilla wanted to spar with those fellows from the guards.

This had happened many times before and the guards had been thrashed by Arch Magus Camilla each time, which had left a trauma in the hearts of Meikens group.

But Arch Magus Camilla wanted to spar again and although Meikens group seemed depressed on the surface, there was an excited feeling that was in their hearts.

Being able to train with an Arch Magus, this was a high class treatment that not any army on the continent could have.

Of course, other than the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards, there wasnt another group that could resist an Arch Magus.

Actually, when Xu Yi proposed to Arch Magus Camilla to train with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards, he had rejected this.

But as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards became stronger, Great Magician Juna was already unable to gain any advantages against them, so Arch Magus Camilla suddenly agreed to train with them.

Xu Yi guessed that Arch Magus Camilla did this to maintain his prestige as a magician.

But the reason why he wanted to train today was most likely for another reason…...

Thinking of this reason, the smile on Xu Yis face gradually disappeared.

After thinking for a bit, he came to the magic research facilitys chiefs office.

“Hey, Evita, how are the preparations”

Evita was focused on something and hearing Xu Yis question, she didnt waste any words and pointed at the wall.

There was a giant map that was hanging on the wall.

Looking carefully, one would find that this map wasnt one of the continent that could be found in every part of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but rather a map of the lands surrounding the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base.

Compared to the map of the Sines Continent, this map was much more precise and one could see the label of each individual building.

The reason for this high precision was because they had surveyed it bit by bit with the Magic Airship from the air.

Before this, the people who made the map of the continent didnt have this to support their work.

“Sir chairman, look, weve already completed 80% of the nodes and we just need to add it here…..and here…...Theres still a total of thirteen nodes before we can connect them together.” Evita pointed at the map a few times, “Once its all connected, we can transfer the power stored in the High Concentration Magic Crystals in all the nodes into a single node. The power that can be gathered in five minutes would be over five hundred thousand Evs.”

“Five hundred thousand Evs” Xu Yi narrowed his eyes to look at the map before asking, “Then Evita, has your magic research facility run tests before How strong would the detonation of these five hundred thousand Evs be”

Evita had a surprised look in her eyes.

What was five hundred thousand Evs

It had to be known that when Arch Magus Camilla had used a Forbidden Spell, the data had shown that the magic contained within was just six to eight thousand Evs at most.

Five hundred thousand Evs, that was equal to casting sixty Forbidden Spells!

Thinking of this, Evita gave a light gulp before replying with a bit of difficulty, “If we instantly detonate five hundred thousand Evs, even with the most basic detonation method, it would…...completely wipe out the main base……”

Hearing this response, Xu Yi revealed a faint smile.

“Although I hope that we will never have to use this, but…..this is very good.”-

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