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Arch Magus Camilla watched the thirty Magic Airships land from the sky and narrowed his eyes as he revealed a complicated look.

Xu Yi standing beside him was exceptionally silent. He turned to look at him and saw the strange expression on his face. After thinking for a bit, he asked, “Grandfather, do you think that this military action on the Mana Magic Kingdom is wrong”

Arch Magus Camilla gave a sigh and shook his head, “No, this one time is when I supported you the most, there is nothing wrong about it. Only…..when I think about how five Great Magicians fell because of our companys attack, this really is a bit surprising…..and hard to accept for me.”

“Hard to accept” Xu Yi looked at the sad look in Arch Magus Camillas eyes and had a thought. After being silent for a bit, he asked, “Grandfather, “Do you think that…..people like Great Magicians shouldnt fall that easily”

Arch Magus Camilla gave a bitter laugh, “The term fall isnt used to describe the death of a normal person.” After giving another sigh, he said, “You have to know that just a few years ago, I was only a Great Magician.”

Xu Yi couldnt help revealing a smile, “Grandfather, are you sympathizing with their fate Relax, theres no way that the companys guards would move against you, not to mention that you are now an Arch Magus and much stronger than a normal Great Magician. Then again, Ive never felt that a Great Magician is that great. Look, arent I a Great Magician as well”

Arch Magus Camilla rolled his eyes and gave a cold snort, “Kid, youve never treated yourself as a magician, so what if youre a Great Magician Speaking of this, I really feel like worthless for the other magicians of the continent. Kid, you clearly dont care about magicians, but there are countless magicians who chase after the mystery of magic, spreading their entire lives on magic and still being unable to become a Great Magician. This really does make one feel that destiny isnt fair.”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “You cant blame me. Things like talent aren't fair to begin with. Then again, compared to talent, I feel that the magicians of the Sines Continent have a misunderstanding of magic. I always felt that everything in this world could be analyzed in a concrete method and nothing should be described asmysterious andprofound. Although magic is indeed amazing, as long as you properly study it, it is nothing more than a useful tool in my eyes.”

Arch Magus Camilla fell silent.

As someone who started studying magic before he was ten and had been in the magic world for fifty years, who had become a powerful Arch Magus in the end, he was very unwilling to admit that he had been on the wrong path, even having made some mistake with his magic research.

He also wasnt willing to admit that magic was something that one could simply analyze with data because that was equal to admitting that everything he said about the mysteriousness and profoundness of magic was useless.

However, he did have to admit that Xu Yis words were a bit right.

When Xu Yi proposed that all magic could be analyzed with data, he and all the magicians in the company had thought that Xu Yi was joking.

But when Xu Yi used the data analysis method to explain most of the First to Third Grade Spells, all the magicians of the company had to acknowledge Xu Yis idea.

Once they acknowledged it, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce that had already been influenced by Xu Yi started collecting a large amount of magic research data. These magicians had the same rigorous spirit as the scientists one earth, which opened a new world into the magic that they knew.

However, they found that Xu Yis method and concept really was too easy to use!

With this detailed data, any kind of magic would turn into a pile of data and wouldnt be as mysterious as before.

Even the most simple First Grade Fire Spell, the Magic Fireball which was considered the most basic spell on the continent.

Before this, when magicians came in contact with magic and learned this Fireball Spell, their teachers would just tell them to use their magic power to induce the fire magic elemental energy around them. Then they should gather that fire magic elemental energy and congeal it into a sphere.

When you gathered enough fire magic elemental energy and there was enough concentration, the Fireball Spell would form.

Of course, if you couldnt accomplish this, it meant that you didnt have enough talent and wasnt suited to being a magician.

Or to put it more accurately, you werent talented in fire magic and wasnt suited for being a fire attributed magician. Just to be safe, you could try the other kinds of magic.

With this kind of study method, most of the time one had to depend on themselves to figure things out.

The teacher would just tell you how to move your magic power, but they wouldnt tell you how to gather fire magic elemental energy, how to congeal this fire magic elemental energy into a sphere, what kind of sphere it should be, or what the density of the fire magic elemental energy inside should be…..

In short, one had to figure everything out themselves.

So like this, it was very important for one to have talent when studying magic.

The magicians with greater talent found it very simple to grasp this and the magicians without talent had to spend a lot of time in hopes of grasping this magic.

Even like this, even when it came to the simplest Fireball Spell, the effects were different based on the different magicians who used them.

When Xu Yi saw this, it made him criticize the study of magic on the Sines Continent as not being rigorous and scientific.

Xu Yi felt that this vague method of studying magic simply didnt bring out the tremendous use that this amazing tool like magic had.

Arch Magus Camilla and the other magicians of the company didnt understand what Xu Yi meant by “unscientific”, but they did agree to Xu Yis appraisal of “not rigorous”.

Because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had been focusing on magic machines since the beginning, these magicians in their years of development had suffered from quite a bit of unrigorous magic research.

For example, when they were developing the Magic Airships. Although everyone knew that by putting a flying array on the Magic Airship, it would allow the giant Magic Airship to easily fly in the sky.

During their research, no one knew what kind of flying array to use and what the size of the array should be. They also didnt know how to make it so that the flying array would only have a floating effect…...

In short, because they didnt have accurate data on the flying arrays, when they were developing the Magic Airship, just to determine which flying array to use, the magicians of the magic research facility had spent quite a bit of effort.

Moreover, this wasnt just when they were developing the Magic Airship. When they were deciding which Magic Arrays to use for the other magic machines, they also faced many similar problems.

When Xu Yi first proposed using data analysis to study magic, the magicians of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt understand it at first, but once he explained it to them and they accepted it faster than anyone, while also supporting it.

If you went to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic research facility now, you would find that what the magicians were most passionate about wasnt magic research. Rather they were all studying the Intermediate Mathematics that Xu Yi personally wrote.

It was to improve their foundation in data based magic research. According to what Xu Yi said, once they had reached a certain level, he would teach them the higher level Advanced Mathematics.

With this knowledge, they would be able to understand and grasp the fine points of data based magic research.

But even if they hadnt grasped these fine points yet, just based on them analyzing the low grade spells with data, they had already understood the benefits brought from using this method.

Take the same Fireball Spell.

After analyzing the Fireball Spell, Xu Yi had created a model for the Fireball Spell. It proved that there was a best ratio for the shape and size of the fireball based on the amount of fire magic elemental energy gathered.

As long as there was the best ratio, the Fireball Spell would release the most stable explosive power.

It wasnt the strongest it could be because to make it the strongest, one had to increase the ratio, but that didnt help with the stability of the Fireball Spell, which made it easy to fail in using it.

Or going a grade higher than the Fireball Spell, jumping to the Second Grade Flame Spell, the Scorching Flames Spell.

Other than this, through his own research, Xu Yi had decided the best shape for the First Grade Fireball Spell.

This shape wasnt a circle like all magicians had thought, but rather it was a bit of an oval shape.

Because if it was like this, it would ensure that the fire magic elemental energy inside the Fireball Spell as it flew was in the most stable condition, which would create the strongest power.

In order to prove his research, Xu Yi had found a hundred First Grade Magicians from the Frestech Academy, letting them train in the Fireball Spell based on Xu Yis theory.

In less than a week, the First Grade Magicians had already fully mastered this Fireball Spell.

Although there was a difference in strength in their Fireball Spells, the difference was very small.

The weakest Fireball Spell that they used was already far stronger than the Fireball Spells that they had used before.

Compared to the introduction of the Fireball Spell in the books that Low Grade Magicians used, their Fireball Spell was several times stronger.

This proved that Xu Yis research was a great success.-

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