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The battle between Great Magicians was different from a battle between normal magicians.

Normal magicians would throw all kinds of elemental magic to attack with, but when they hit the barriers of the Magic Airships and the Armoured Magic Vehicles, they couldnt do a thing. Rather they were completely routed by the attacks of the military magic machines.

However, the biggest difference between Great Magicians and them was that Great Magicians could control spatial magic.

So the Great Magicians didnt need to be like those normal magicians, foolishly floating in the sky and throwing magic at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards. Rather they could use their advantage with spatial magic to easily avoid these normal attacks, even using the powerful spatial magic to directly attack them.

When the five Great Magicians started attacking, there were different sized spatial fluctuations that appeared all over the battlefield.

This was the normal characteristic of spatial magic. It wasnt using elemental magic energy to influence space, but rather directly using magic to influence space and twist it to attack enemies.

Spatial magic was fundamentally different from normal elemental magic. Great Magicians with spatial magic when facing normal magicians, with the strength of their spatial magic, they could completely suppress the normal magicians who wouldnt even have a chance to fight back.

So even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had surprisingly easily defeated the magicians of the Glorious Regiment, the five Great Magicians were still very confident.

It should be said that sending out five Great Magicians to deal with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards was already treating them seriously, which was on account of Great Magician Grovens death before.

However…..when the real fight began, the five Great Magicians of the Glorious Regiment were surprised to find that their spatial magic that had gone smoothly in the past, actually didnt have the effect that they expected on the Magic Airships and the Armoured Magic Vehicles.

The spatial magic that was terrifying for normal people, whether it was the large Magic Air or the many small Armoured Magic Vehicles, they were covered in the bright glow of this strange magic. When they were wrapped up in this, it even resisted the trembles of the spatial magic.

Although it seemed like these Magic Airships and Armoured Magic Vehicles were being swallowed by the spatial magic, with the protection of this strange magical glow, they were the same as before, not showing any signs of damage at all.

From the five Great Magicians of the Glorious Regiment to the normal magicians who had already escaped, they were all stunned as they watched these strange changes with the battlefield.

This had already gone past the common senses of these magicians!

When facing spatial magic, for normal magicians, they should try all they could to escape. If it was a Great Magician of the same rank, they would be able to use their own spatial magic to fight back.

But no matter what, they had never heard of spatial magic being resisted and not having any effect at all.

This was simply too unbelievable.

“Hei, those idiots, dont they know about the profoundness of the Magic Space Stabilizer” The dwarf leader Omar pointed at the five stunned Great Magicians in the sky above them and gave a cold laugh filled with ridicule.

Hart also looked over and gave a cold snort.

“These magicians always boast of how mysterious their magic is, only a few talented people can grasp it and theyve always remained aloof. They never thought that in front of the magic data analysis sir chairman came up with, it isnt mysterious at all. All magic…..is just a bunch of data.”

The elf leader Furio gave a helpless look at the two of them and shook his head before giving a sigh, “I know that you two are warriors and cant stand how the magicians always look down on you, but the magic data analysis was proposed by sir chairman who is a Great Magician. As for the research, it was mainly done by the magicians of the magic research facility, so can you not have such a look of schadenfreude”

Omar and Hart looked at each other before breaking out in laughter.

Hart slapped Furio on the shoulder and said with a wide smile, “Of course I know that this thing was developed by sir chairman and the magicians of the company, but this doesnt stop me from feeling schadenfreude over these idiots. Furio, to be honest, youre close to becoming a Great Magician, what do you think of the magic data analysis that sir chairman came up with”

Furio couldnt hide the look of admiration on his face as he said in an emotional voice, “I can say for certain that in the history of magic research, this is the most innovative and significant idea. Before sir chairman proposed this idea, there had never been a magician who had thought that we could use concrete data to measure magic with.”

“All the magicians thought that magic was a very mysterious and special thing, one can only grasp magic based on continuous practice and comprehension. If you can grasp it, it means youre talented enough and if you cant, it means you dont have the talent.”

“But now…...the ideas that sir chairman proposed can break this tradition. The mysterious magic has been analyzed with data, so it is no longer as mysterious. I even feel that….if there were enough conditions, with this magic data analysis, we could even mass produce magicians.”

“Sir chairman said that, but Arch Magus Camilla also said that magicians that train in magic like this would have too rigid of an understanding, so they wouldnt have good combat power.” Hart said with a shrug.

“What combat power do you need” Omar waved his hand, “Look at the people we have, other than Furio, there are barely any magicians, but we can still fight those magicians in front of us. If I had to call it, what sir chairman is doing is pulling out the foundations of the damn Magicians Guild. Think about it, our company can even mass produce Low Grade Magicians, who would still care about the Magicians Guild”

Furio and Hart were silent for a bit before nodding along.

Based on this perspective, perhaps when sir chairman had proposed this, he had already considered this.

Otherwise, why would he insist on attacking the Mana Magic Kingdom

“Alright, we dont need to consider these questions and now isnt the time. The most important thing now is to tidy up these fellows.” Hart gave a strong clap and pulled their attentions back before turning to shout at Meiken, “Meiken, is there anything to report from the data analysis of the five Great Magicians”

“Wait a minute!” Meiken shouted out as he continued to stare at the illusion coming from the panel in front of him.

Hart didnt wait and directly came to the communication panel, pressing on the button.

“All teams pay attention, prepare to counter attack! All of you think about what we did in our usual training with Great Magician Juna and dont make a single mistake!”



“Leader Hart, relax. Those fellows cant compare to Great Magician Juan, we can casually take care of them.”


There were responses filled with morale that came back.

Hart gave a satisfied nod. He turned to Meiken and found that he was still looking at the screen in front of him, knowing that it would take some time for him to finish analyzing the data. After thinking about it, he gave the order, “All Magic Airships, first stop attacking and take evasive actions, dont use hard resistance. Our store of energy is the most important thing in this battle, it isnt that time now.”

There were responses of orders received from the communicator and the thirty Magic Airships in the air began to move, quickly flying around in the sky.

Because there was a new breakthrough in the Magic Engine, the Magic Airships max speed had already broken one hundred and fifty kilometers an hour.

Flying at full speed, if one looked up from the ground, they would see a bunch of black shadows dancing around the sky at full speed, which looked quite impressive.

Of course, even at this high speed, they couldnt evade all the attacks of the magicians. There would still be some spells that would hit the Magic Airships and would be blocked by the barriers.

After flying like this for a bit, the one who was in charge of the supplies on this command Magic Airship turned to look at Hart with a strange look.

“Leader Hart…...I feel…..that we should just stay there and take the hits.”

Hart was surprised, “Why”

“Because…...Ive found that…...with the current situation, our magic consumption rates are 20% higher compared to before……”

Hearing this response, not just Hart, Omar and Furio were both stunned.

“Why Cant we evade many spells by dodging like this Why would it consume more energy”

The person in charge of supplies had a helpless bitter smile as he replied, “To be honest…..when it comes to our Magic Airships energy consumption, the highest consumption is flying around which is around five hundred and seventy Evs per minute. When we use this kind of high speed, it consumes up to a thousand Evs per minute. If we only maintain the magic barriers, it would only consume two hundred and forty Evs per minute……”

Hart, Omar, and Furio all looked at each other.

Hart felt his face suddenly become warm.

He was the one who gave the order, he never thought that he would make this mistake.

But he felt that this wasnt right and asked in a curious voice, “This isnt right. When we were training with Great Magician Juna, we also used this high speed dodging method and there was no report that it had a higher consumption……”

The person in charge of supplies spread his hands and gave a more helpless look.

“That is because Great Magician Juna is a Fifth Grade Great Magician. If we resist his attacks, we have to coordinate with our Magic Space Stabilizers, which would increase the consumption needed. But the threat of these five Great Magicians…...their spatial magic isnt as strong as Great Magician Junas, so we dont need to use the Magic Space Stabilizers, which decreases the consumption.”

Harts group was speechless.

In the end, it was just that the five Great Magicians they faced were too weak…..

“Alright, this can be considered getting some real combat experience……” Hart had an awkward look as he unwillingly gave the order into the communicator, “Alright, all of you stop. You just need to avoid the spatial magic of the other side, you dont need to keep dodging around……”

When his order was sent, Meiken suddenly turned around.

“Leader, the data collection is complete!”

Harts eyes lit up, “Great! Immediately send the data to the other teams. Brothers! Take care of those five fellows for me!”-

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