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“Du, du, du.”

This soft knocking with a special pattern rang out in the Candra Empires royal palace.

Emperor Alphonse Candra put down the document in his hand and gave a sigh.

“Come in.”

The door was softly pushed open and a middle aged man who looked normal came in.

Emperor Candra watched him give a respectful bow before casually asking, “What are the results”

The middle aged man looked up at the desk in front of the emperor and didnt dare look at the emperor as he said in a respectful voice, “Your majesty, after the broadcast of the «Weekly News Report», weve checked with twenty people who have watched this broadcast. They have all said that they trust the news in the «Weekly News Report» very much and are no longer as doubtful that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce acted alone before.”

“Oh Then that means…...this «Weekly News Report» really is quite powerful. They werent even willing to believe the two official documents that we released and now this «Weekly News Report» that doesnt have any authority has made them believe it so easily” Emperor Candra said with a trace of self ridicule in his voice.

“Your majesty, I think that the main reason for this was because before talking about this news, the «Weekly News Report» had shown some images related to this piece of news. According to our investigations, many people chose to believe this because they saw the image of marshal Sudman.” The middle aged man explained.

“It isnt important why they chose to believe it.” Emperor Candra waved his hand, “The most important thing was that they chose to believe it.”

Speaking of this, Emperor Candra fell silent for a bit before continuing in a deep voice, “Tell me…..If this «Weekly News Report» were to report something that wouldnt be beneficial to our empire or to me, do you think that these people would choose to believe it”

The middle aged man was surprised before saying with a serious look, “Your majesty, please be assured! Every program the New Moon Chamber of Commerce broadcast each day has been examined by this lowly one ahead of time, so there wouldnt be anything that would be detrimental to your majesty or the empire shown!”

“You can guarantee that it would be shown here, but if there were these Magic Illusion Projectors installed in other parts of the empire, can you guarantee there wouldnt be a problem in other places” Emperor Candra looked at him with a teasing look.

“This……” The middle aged man was silent for a bit before slowly shaking his head, “This little one wouldnt dare guarantee this, but your majesty can simply give the order to not allow these Magic Illusion Projectors to be installed, or just chase out the New Moon Chamber of Commerce to solve this problem.”

“No, these thoughts are too shortsighted.” Emperor Candra shook his head, “I learned a lesson from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. You mustnt think that since we are the largest empire on the continent, we should refuse to accept changes. Our response should be more positive and active, otherwise it might be like Xu Yi had said before, we will be eliminated by the era.”

The middle aged man couldnt help looking at Emperor Candra with a surprised look before quickly lowering his head.

He was a bit confused, why would the honourable emperor seem a bit…..like he was swayed by personal gains

Could it be that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had really made his majesty a bit nervous

Thinking of the reports on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in the «Weekly News Report», especially how the Frestech Chamber of Commerces fleet had fought against twenty High Grade Magicians and a Great Magician on the sea and won, the middle aged man suddenly had some understanding of the emperors thoughts.

“Murdoch, you and your subordinates are responsible for controlling the empires public sentiment and now that this thing has shown this strong ability to control public sentiment, I want you to learn how to control it as soon as possible. If we can use this, I feel…..that it will save you quite a bit of effort in the future.”

The middle aged man named Murdoch silently thought for a bit before giving a heavy nod.

“I understand.”

“Good, then you can go. Remember, no matter what method you use, I want this thing to cover all of the empires land and you must be able to control it.”


Murdoch replied before turning to leave.

Watching Murdoch head out the door, Emperor Candra hesitated a bit.

He had authorized the New Moon Chamber of Commerce to install this Magic Illusion Projector back then first, because he was curious and second, it was out of consideration of the relationship between the New Moon Chamber of Commerces chairman Still and the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu Yi, so it was giving Xu Yi face.

He never thought that after some time, while this Magic Illusion Projector itself wasnt anything, the shows that it broadcast had an influence that people didnt expect.

As the emperor of the Candra Empire, Alphonse Candra who had been strictly guided since he was young knew the terrifying influence this thing had on the hearts of the people.

But he also knew that it was very simple to ban it, but it wouldnt have any meaning.

Once this kind of attractive thing was invented, it would become popular and it would be impossible to completely ban it.

So he had to guarantee that he could control this thing completely and then use it to influence the ignorant people of the empire.

If he used it well, it would be hard to quantify the uses that this normal looking thing could have.

After thinking about the function of the Magic Illusion Projector for a while, Emperor Candra focused on something else

This matter was also related to the Magic Illusion Projector, or rather the «Weekly News Report» that was just shown. It was the matter of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces fleets battle on the sea.

There were many parts of the «Weekly News Report» that had been vague, letting people know the main points, but not much else.

But Emperor Candra had received news from other channels, so he knew much more about this matter than normal people.

He knew that the Great Magician named Groven wasnt killed by that terrifying giant beam of light, but rather another Great Magician from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce who had been hidden.

But this didnt make him feel more relaxed at all.

First, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had another Great Magician that people didnt know about, which made the Frestech Chamber of Commerces hidden power even more terrifying.

Next, even if that Great Magician wasnt killed by that beam of white light, there was no need to demonstrate that power hidden in that beam of white light since it was clear to all.

A single attack could destroy a giant ship and not leave a single trace behind, that was enough to show how terrifying that attack was.

The problem was that this kind of terrifying attack, how could a large transport Magic Ship release it And how many rounds could it fire

Although based on the report, there was only a single attack that was launched by the large transport Magic Ship, Emperor Candra didnt believe that they could only fire it once.

If he wasnt mistaken, this should be a new kind of military magic machine developed by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Since it was a military magic machine, that meant it could be mass produced.

If such a terrifying weapon could be mass produced, this kind of terrifying attack would become the norm. What kind of terrifying scene would that be

Emperor Candra rubbed his head before shaking it.

Although the Candra Empires royal palace had spent close to a thousand years accumulating this large defensive barrier, with this kind of terrifying light beam attack that didnt lose out to a Forbidden Spell, it definitely wouldnt last.

Moreover, since this military magic machine could be installed on a large transport Magic Ship, it could also be installed on a Magic Airship.

If the Frestech Chamber of Commerce sent a Magic Airship with this military magic machine equipped to attack the royal palace, who could stop them

Emperor Candra thought for a while and found that unless an Arch Magus came to help, there was no other way.

Thinking of this, he couldnt help revealing a bitter smile.

As the honourable emperor of the Candra Empire, he found that relying on the protection of an Arch Magus to survive was an unpleasant feeling.

“Du, du.”

There was a knock on the door again.

Emperor Candra put aside his thoughts and took a deep breath to regain the calm on his face.

“Come in.”

A person who looked to be a servant came in.

“Your majesty, the Magicians Guilds president Great Magician Gryffindor and Master Great Magician Nador of the Mana Magic Kingdom are here to see you.”

Emperor Candra couldnt help giving a laugh.

“Those two fellows came quickly. Let them come in then.”

The servant left after receiving this order and after a while, there were two old men in black robes with the badge of a Great Magician on their chest that followed him in.

“Your majesty, I hope the power of magic is always with you.” The Candar Empires Magicians Guild branchs president Great Magician Gryffindor on the left gave a respectful bow to Emperor Candra.

The Mana Magic Kingdoms Great Magician Nador who was the ambassador as well also gave a respectful bow, but his bow was only a formality unlike the bow that Great Magician Gryffindor gave.

Seeing this difference, Emperor Candra narrowed his eyes before asking with a smile, “Ambassador Nador, are you here on behalf of the Mana Magic Kingdom this time”

Great Magician Nador immediately said with a smile, “Your majesty truly is wise. Yes, I came as the Mana Magic Kingdoms ambassador to meet your majesty. There are some things between our countries that I need to ask your majesty about.”

Emperor Candra took a deep look at him before raising his hand to wave it.

“If its about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, then lets not talk.”

Great Magician Gryffindor and Greata Magician Nador were both stunned. They looked at each other with looks filled with doubt.

The emperor had already guessed that Great Magician Nador was here because of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, this wasnt the strange thing.

But why did he stop Great Magician Nador from talking about this

Thinking of one possibility, Great Magician Nadors expression became uglier.-

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